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KU duo take second in National Debate Tournament championship

Outstanding! Congratulations for your success - a testament to the combination of inherent ability and hard work!

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Douglas County Commision approves Peaslee Center funding package

This project will provide a much needed service for Lawrence, Douglas County and beyond and I'm very excited about the potential benefits. Congratulations to the Chamber, the EDC, and the City and County governments for working together to make this project a reality. In particular, Hugh Carter should be congratulated for doing an excellent job on a complex funding request. And, Dr. Marvin Hunt is proving to be a very capable and enthusiastic Executive Director. The work those two have put in to get this project off the ground is remarkable. The pieces are in place for the Duane Peaslee Technical Training Center to benefit our region for many decades to come. Well done!

Rick Hird

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Brownback selects McCabria as district judge in Douglas County

Congratulations, Judge McCabria. I believe our judge selection system worked perfectly - again - and there is no need to change the process. Jim McCabria is a great choice and I'm sure he will work very hard and will do a great job. The other two nominees were also well qualified and I appreciate and respect the enormous effort they undertook to place their names in consideration.

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Editorial: Quality control

I wonder if Commissioner Farmer considers this to be "nitpicking and griping"?

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Column: Sixers had guts to draft Embiid third

When is the LJW going to permanently block Robert Rauktis?

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LHS pitcher Bryce Montes de Oca calmly awaits draft

Good kid from a great family. Congratulations, Bryce - we'll all be watching.

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Lawrence's Hank Booth and Beverly Smith Billings to be recognized for service at Chamber of Commerce annual meeting

Congratulations to Hank and Beverly, both very deserving of the thanks of the community they serve. Selfless public service is increasingly rare and these two are shining examples for the rest of us.

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Kobach urges passage of bill that would exclude Lesser Prairie Chicken from federal protection

Why is the Kansas Secretary of State even involved in this? We have thousands of voters hanging in limbo and Mr. Kobach has time for this?

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LHS qualifies four-speaker debate team to state tournament

Congratulations to these wonderfully gifted students! Good luck at State!

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Flory seeks moratorium on some agritourism permits

I hope the Commission will not impose a moratorium on agritourism registrations. The State of Kansas acrtively promotes agritourism because it provides economic benefits and jobs, without tax abatements or other governmental tax incentives. This can work in Douglas County if it is allowed to do so.

The pumpkin patch application resembled an amusement park more than an agritourism business and the trepidation expressed by neighbors was understandable. But the process worked exactly as it should: the Commission considered it and was empowered to impose reasonable conditions and in the end, the application was withdrawn.

Please don't let the pumpkin patch application taint the important progress we've made toward promoting agritourism in Douglas County. Many of those in the rural areas need the added income agritourism can provide in order to survive. We have wonderful examples of agritourism working in Douglas County and to stop now would be a mistake.

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