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Does having more people with concealed carry gun permits make you feel safer

Statistics prove that people who CCW tend to adhere more strictly to the laws. There is a law on the books that increases the penalty for any law broken while in possession of a firearm, regardless of whether or not the firearm was used or is even relevant to the crime committed, as it should be. I once had a drunk guy in walmart say some very explicit things to my wife in my presence. Had I not been carrying, I would have laid him out cold. But because I was, I didn't want to even go through the trouble of getting the law involved when I had a pistol on my side.

Your "hotheads" and whatnot are subject to having their privilege revoked too, if they are deemed to be a danger to society by their actions, lawful or not. Look up James Yeager. He had is CCW revoked because of a youtube video that his local authorities got a hold of, and he is a former police chief with several years as a law enforcement officer, and some time as a security contractor.

So, my point is, give those idiots enough rope and they'll hang themselves. Meanwhile, those of us who wish to avoid trouble at all costs, will do just that, and retain our right to ccw and only use our tools at hand as a last resort to save ourselves, our families, or innocent children who are defenseless from whackos and nutjobs.

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