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Editorial: Few surprises at town hall

No I don't believe she listens. It goes in one ear and out the other. And Lawrence is not the only Democratic spot in the 2nd District. She tends to pick and choose her audiences. I respect her for having the forum in Lawrence but wish she would actually hear what people are saying and take that into consideration when she flies back to the smoke filled Capitol.

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Editorial: Few surprises at town hall

Rep. Jenkins' job is to listen to her constituents. Our job now is to find someone who will.

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Bernie Sanders fires up Kansas Democrats at Topeka rally

Think it was a liver transplant and he was bumped to the top of the list.

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Attempt to override tax veto falls 3 votes short in Senate; little consensus on what comes next

RJ Johnson “The Government need to make do with what they have like the rest of us!!” So the fire departments, police, courts, transportation, education and so on should just make do? Sounds good until it is your house burning down because the fire department can’t afford the equipment or manpower to save it; or it is you who is robbed; or you have to replace the tires on your car because the roads do not get repaired; or your grandchild with special needs does not get the attention they need, etc., etc., etc. Then the whining and blame game will begin!

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Teacher due process bill revived in Kansas House

Great news! See y'all can work together. Now pass it on final action.

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Trump aide pushes false story of vote fraud

Not to mention Tiffany Trump

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Kansas still studying fiscal impact of expanding Medicaid

We can't afford not to expand Medicaid. The opponents who presented at Thursday's hearing are all related to Koch so you know who and what they care about!

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For GOP, a dimmed zeal for investigations in Trump era

The majority resists the idea of investigations because they know they will find something wrong. Their zeal to investigate Clinton's email was fueled by the hope they would find something. Priorities.

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Kansas bill requires more details about abortion providers

What does black12 point New Times Roman font or white paper have to do with an abortion?

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Kansas Senate to move quickly on bill that would repeal Brownback tax cuts

Don't count on Sen. Tyson. She is a Brownback enabler.

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