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Editorial: No excuse

No there are no excuses and Obama certainly can't be blamed for this one. The option the administration likes best is the privatization solution. Oh yes, that has been a godsend to KanCare (!) and the governor believes it would be of great benefit to all agencies of the government.
Or the failings at Osawatomie can just be swept under the rug and requirements can just not be followed. Who needs 7.2 million dollars in aid to some our most vulnerable citizens? Surely not Kansas.

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Editorial: Correct course

Should never have happened in the first place! Does the majority of this Legislature ever consider existing law before they jump in the deep end?

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Kansas to consider tightening limits on local property taxes

Does it seem that Luke Bell is a little arrogant and dismissive? Typical Brownbacker.

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Kansas medical board not taking action against Planned Parenthood

Well, Sam did you jump the gun? I imagine, given your inability to admit you could be wrong, that you will proceed with your plan to defund Planned Parenthood.

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Kansas budget director outlines Brownback's proposals for closing deficit

Somehow I don't really think that the Children's Initiatives Fund was intended to plug the holes in the General Fund caused by Sam's reckless policies. True also, for many of the funds getting robbed. Borrow money to shore up KDOT? No, just a pass through to pay other bills. Craziness!

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Brownback appeals to GOP base, slams Obama in State of the State address

Among the many sad, divisive, uncaring and blind statements the governor made last night, the funniest (in a depressing way) was the one that "KanCare is working, ObamaCare is failing." In what world? A terrible example of his delusional train of "thought." For a so called Christian he really displays a lot of malice.

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Kansas governor to outline agenda in State of State address

If he says one time "the sun is shining in Kansas" I may throw a brick at whatever device I am watching. After I vomit.

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Backstage at the Legislature: Staff of hundreds make sessions run on time

The public as well as the Legislators should greatly appreciate these staff members. They do a great job as liaisons between the legislature and their constituents.

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Editorial: Tax promise

Reducing sales tax on food has been a good idea every year it has been brought up and that has been many times. The decision by the majority of the 2015 legislature to postpone consideration of that reduction until an election year tells us exactly what that majority thinks of those it would benefit the most. The highest tax increase in the history of Kansas might have been a little easier to take if this reduction had been made. But, no, the working poor have to struggle even more to feed their families while the 300, 000+ corporations and LLCs continue to reap the benefits of the budget busting income tax decrease. Do it this year, Republican majority, but know that your motives have been exposed.

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Brownback broadens order against refugee resettlements

Made me sick. Let's just build a wall around Kansas. Not a bad idea, then we could keep those trying to escape the downfall of Kansas here.

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