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Legislature makes no progress; Brownback leaves state to tout tax cuts

If there is no place like home, why are you awol, Governor(?)? You could be home working on this crisis YOU have put this state in. Well on second thought, just stay away, far, far away.

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Kansas Action for Children files lawsuit against Attorney General Derek Schmidt over settlement records

Yes, Smileydog, the Hayride looks to be a really good source of fact, absolutely not biased at all. Beware of what you read on the internet. Bon Jour!

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Kansas House, Senate far apart on tax issue as legislative wrap-up starts

It is so interesting to see Wagle talk about promises. This is one promise the Legislature made to the people of Kansas and now she wants to break it. Had the income tax on corporations, LLC etc not been reduced or at least not as recklessly as it was, the state would not be in the situation it finds itself. This is Brownback's folly. As someone asked, how do we know the .6% will truly be used for the good of higher education or will it be thrown in with the general fund and used to cover the governor's ......? Just shows when you cut off a leg of a three legged stool, it is hard to balance. Budgets are in the same category

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Editorial: Ill-advised appeal

Not only do Kansans deserve better than Kobach, they deserve a better Legislature and governor. The ultra conservatives in this Legislature passed the laws that Brownback and his minions wanted. Now we all have to pay the price in more ways than appeals.

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Revenue secretary says tax cuts are working

And we are to believe figures that come from this administration? Anyone remember Steve Anderson, budget director, and his 2 billion dollar error?

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Brownback proposes using bioscience funds to pay for adult stem cell center at KU

I'm afraid that poor Sam is going to forget which Peter he robbed to pay which Paul. He will do anything to cover his @$$ in the inferior financial plan he has set in motion. Who will pay? With few exceptions, all of us. Remember this BS next November, you will have felt the brunt by then!

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Governor: Higher education deserves to avoid cuts

They will not because of Sam's terrible financial policies.

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Brownback says higher sales tax needed in case state loses school finance lawsuit

Exactly! It would all even out if he would roll back the income tax cuts to corporations, LLC's, his wealthy buddies. Desperation I think has overcome the King. Grabbing at anything to make his case and cover his @$$. Worst. Governor. Ever.

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Roberts, Moran vote against expanded background checks in gun sales

Liberty275, the Declaration of Independence, the precursor to the Constitution, talks about the inalienable rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, LIFE being first. The constitution is the means to ensure these rights to Americans.
Criminals will continue to have access to guns, that's a fact. The ones who would have been prevented from owning guns could have been the mentally ill, the ones who have committed the atrocities on our society like Newtown, Aurora, Columbine...........
I agree with Yeoman2--this another of the right wing's inability to accept Barack Obama as President. They would prefer not to work for the people they represent in order to make the President look ineffective. And, yes, I believe that much has to do with the color of his skin!

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Roberts, Moran vote against expanded background checks in gun sales

Look for BIG campaign contributions from the NRA & the tea partiers for Roberts & Moran. and the 52 other senators who voted against this bill. They can feather their nests on the graves of innocents.

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