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Editorial: Governor must get on board

Yes, taxpayers have lost. What kind of human would do this to another? What kind of human would suck the life blood from the lower/middle classes, the disabled, children, seniors, infrastruture and so on, to spend on tax cuts for those who don’t have to struggle to survive and chastise those same people for more of their money?
Why DO these people act this way?

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Business illegally dumped thousands of gallons of grease into city sewer, necessitating massive cleanup

I hope the city finds out where this mess came from. The should be fined, at the least!

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Disabled school children caught in debate over repealing and replacing Obamacare

This hurts my heart. Those who support the BCRA and run on being pro-life need to rethink both positions. It’s the same issue, year in and year out. Whether you think life begins at conception or at birth, it is post birth survival that should fall into the “pro-life” scheme of things. How can this “health care” bill be considered anything but cruel and punitive.

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Kansas not sharing sensitive voter data Kobach seeks from others

“I know for a fact that this information would be secured and maintained confidentially,” he said. Oh, please! Just a ploy in his plan to compromise voters. All that information in one place would be a Russian hackers dream.

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Flags flying at half-staff in honor of Kansas Rep. Patsy Terrell

RIP Rep. Terrell. You fought the good fight and made a difference in the lives of people all over the state!

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Kansas Senate advances bill barring vendors who boycott Israel; businesswoman allowed on Senate floor during debate

Well, I certainly hope that she had a floor pass and was dressed appropriately! This sets a bad precedence. The gallery is where she should have been.

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Proposed tobacco settlement deal getting little support in Kansas House

Good to hear. It was a dumb idea last year and is dumb again this year,

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All 4 Kansans in U.S. House supported Obamacare repeal

Well, Lynn Jenkins, what about the countless Kansans who have called, emailed, written and met with you to beg you to vote NO on the AHCA? Selective hearing, some call it.

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Joyful House Republicans vote to repeal reviled 'Obamacare'

Steven, I can guess where "45" came from.

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Lawmakers end regular session with little progress and with major issues unsolved

All the noise about shortening the session, they end up with 100 scheduled days. And they still have everything on hold until veto session. Wasted time early on just to have more stressful decisions made, more than likely, in the wee hours of the morning when the majority of legislators are more addlepated (befuddled) than usual. Well we get what the Koch's pay for.

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