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Poll: Kansas Legislature far to the right of most Kansans

Eileen Hawley, get your head out. In November, Brownback was elected, receiving less that 50% of the votes cast. Certainly not a mandate and certainly not because of his record. More because of massive amounts of ugly, distorted negative information sent out by his backers. People need to get in touch with the issues, get informed, be less accepting of what they see on the internet and entertainment news programs and VOTE.

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Brownback does not offer comprehensive plan to fix budget but says he will work with Legislature

So Brownback won't offer any plans of his own but will "work with the Legislature." Watch out boys and girls, you are getting set up to get thrown under the bus. The king needs a scapegoat, dontcha know. Some of you in the majority party have asked for it.

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Budget woes threaten highway program, group warns

Get your shades out! The sun is shining in Kansas! Only for those who look through rose colored glasses. May have to select a governor in 2016 by default. Who would want it!
Buncha Pinocchios up there.

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Kansas officials report fewer earthquakes, but can't yet say why

The Kochs won't let them connect the dots.

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Kansas revenue projections for next year contributing to even bigger budget hole

The fourth paragraph pretty much explains the cause of our situation and why it will continue. ."Smaller-than-expected growth in “consumption taxes,” including retail sales taxes, as well as a decline in corporate income tax" will definitely take revenue down. The proposal to raise tobacco and alcohol sales tax will drive buyers to the border where they will purchase those products as well as groceries (since Kansas refuses to consider a lesser food tax), gas and anything else they want or need. Not a good plan to grow consumption revenue. Then there is Brownback's refusal to admit his plan did not give us a shot of adrenalin, but rather blew a hole in our economy. He is much like Nero fiddling while Rome is burning.

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Editorial: New rules

Occasionally the editorial staff of LJW gets it right.

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Tompkins retiring from Board of Regents, successor announced

Hope I am wrong, but Flanders being touted by Kenny Wilk does not bode well for Regents Universities.
Congratulations to Andy Tompkins on a job well done and best wishes for your retirement.

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Editorial: Voter apathy


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Saturday column: Brownback still has opportunity to move state forward

Hell's bells, Mr. Simon! Do you read your own newspaper? Do you not understand that Brownback will never admit he used poor judgement, that he might have been wrong? Yes the opportunity is there for him to re-route this insane roadmap that is his own doing. But he has his hand picked majority in the Legislature who are going great guns with every extreme idea presented. You think they will slow down and start using whatever common sense they may have to work for the good of Kansans? The extreme conservative, mean and vindictive train has left the station on its way to ALECville. Brownback and his minions did enough damage the first four years, but in the last three months they have wreaked havoc on this state and it is not over yet. "Disappointing" does not begin to describe what people are really saying.

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Editorial: Unfair split

The only thing this administration and the majority of the Legislature has been transparent about is their loathing of public education at all levels. This is just another blow below the belt to Kansas students. My question is how many of these extreme conservatives were beneficiaries of Kansas public education, K--12 and higher ed. I would say quite a number. What I don't understand is why they do not want to pass that benefit along to younger generations. This bill has nothing to do with the shortfall in our state finances and everything to do with a lack of commitment to the well being of the citizens of Kansas.

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