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Editorial: Local control

Good editorial. The radical right talk about less government intrusion but here they are right in the middle of local government. The State of Kansas at this point is in a fiscal mess created by the Brownback administration and his followers in the Legislature. I find it amazing that the majority in this Legislature would have the audacity to tell county and municipal governments how they can or can’t provide revenue to continue to serve their neighbors who elected them .A “vote of the people” is a great sound bite but the complications of accomplishing that vote in an effective, workable and timely manner are great. “The people” did not get a vote on the tax increase perpetrated on us last year.

April 7, 2016 at 9:20 a.m. ( | suggest removal ) plans new shipping center in Edgerton, Kansas

Hope Brownback doesn't try to claim this as 1,000 "new jobs" considering the shambles Amazon left Coffeyville in less than 2 years ago.

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Frustrated GOP lawmakers weigh move to impeach top Kansas judges

So these conservatives crying "activist court" because the court does its job, want certain ones impeached. (All but one) If that happens (shudder) and they get to pack the supreme court with Brownback's chosen ones, would that not create an "activist court?".
Does the majority of the Legislature not realize that this is an attempt to "usurp" the power of the Supreme Court to meet its responsibility of checks and balances.

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Bill would require warrant for cities, counties to inspect rental property

Another day, another attack on local government.

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Letter: Protective prayer

My bets are that anyone involved in a situation like Hesston and the many other violent scenarios that have taken place are already praying to whatever deity they prefer before they run, hide or fight!

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Kansas House passes bill allowing chiropractors to sign off on returns from concussions

At a time when collegiate athletes and NFL players are finally getting some attention for the problem, Kansas takes another step back in time. To the coach who complained that there are not enough doctors in western Kansas and an injured player might have to go to Wichita to get that "piece of paper", get over yourself. A trip to Wichita might be inconvenient but to ignore the seriousness of an injury to a player's head is criminal. There are some good chiropractors but brain injury is hardly in their realm of expertise.
Another bad bill from the conservatives in this legislature.

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Editorial: Oversight needed

Agree! Why would we need oversight? Everything is just running perfectly now, says no one.

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Groups decry election official's action on citizenship proof

Just wondering. If federal law supersedes state law how could it be constitutional to require proof of citizenship in just these three states. Do these states, other than Kansas, happen to be places where Kobach assisted in their voting laws?

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Republicans block Kansas House debate on Medicaid expansion

“Republican Gov. Sam Brownback and GOP legislative leaders have argued that the federal government can't be trusted to keep its funding promises because of its own budget problems.
Is that kind of like citizens of Kansas argue that the Brownback administration and the majority in the Legislature can’t be trusted to keep their funding promises because of mismanagement of revenue?”

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Kansas House rejects change in selecting high court justices

Intimidation doesn't always work!

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