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Kobach opposes specialty meat shop in rural Douglas County; chef says his proposal is being mischaracterized

Oh Richard Crank and Greg Cooper, well said! Just where does KKK get off interfering with local zoning, planning and ordinances? Oh I know, because, like the Donald, he can and people let him. Obviously from his own zoning experience he believes that his power extends over whatever entity dares to question him. Go for it Mr. Strecker, Kobach is just tall, that's all. So was Goliath.
Besides when has "ruining the bucolic beauty" of a place ever stopped the GOP when it comes to business? Only when it could, maybe, might in some instance upset one of their own.

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Kobach to start voter fraud prosecutions in September

Shouldn't take very long. Then he can look for another windmill to tilt. Unless he starts in his own office, that might take a while.

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US officials questioned Kansas rule on ATMs, cash assistance

"Gilmore noted Tuesday that her agency did not propose the cap. State senators added it to the welfare legislation during a debate." She certainly seemed pretty happy about the cap and all the stupid restrictions when the governor signed the bill. Now she is trying to distance herself from the debacle. The conservative majority of the Legislature can't see beyond their noses, especially Sen. Tyson. Her statement should read " We just wanted to punish the poor not put the program in jeopardy. Well you managed to do both!

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Kansas ends $25 cap on cash benefits from ATMs

Now if DCF would just allow an audit and some transparency in their foster care program!

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Kansas won't prevent singles from being foster parents

So how about that story I heard on the news about the heterosexual couple abusing their 1 month old child, breaking 4 ribs and multiple other injuries. Only heterosexual couples make good parents or foster parents?

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Thousands of Kansans mistakenly told they're off Medicaid

So DCF can afford a new computer system, probably needed maybe. You would think they would also be sure they knew how to use it. What do you think, Angela?

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Kansas governor plans $63M in budget changes

Real special that Brownback will refuse federal money to expand Medicaid but gladly accepts the 17.7 million from the feds to fund the SCHIP program. Meanwhile he cuts 17.7 million from the same program. Sorry Angela, I don't buy your reasoning as usual.
"We can’t cut income taxes, as we have done, without also reducing government spending,” Senate President Susan Wagle of Wichita said. But Susan, if you would restore the income taxes that have caused this financial mess, cutting necessary government spending would not be needed.
As far as the Bank of KDOT goes, we shall see. When the numbers come in for the future, I imagine they will be hit again. Kind of Mike King to be so efficient so that KDOT can still contribute to the general fund!
Left, right, left, right. Keep marching in lockstep with the king and his court.

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GOP legislators block audit of Kansas foster care system, despite recent child deaths

Seeing who spoke against the audit, Sen. Julia Lynn and Rep. Peggy Mast, I am not surprised that the audit was turned down. Neither actually works for the welfare of the people but do support the ideology of the governor.

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