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Kansas Senate to move quickly on bill that would repeal Brownback tax cuts

Don't count on Sen. Tyson. She is a Brownback enabler.

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Kobach seeks bill allowing Highway Patrol to enforce immigration laws

Lets see. Trooper numbers are down. The state is broke and can’t afford to hire more. Several counties are patrolled by a single trooper. They can’t adequately cover their territory and do their jobs now. So Kobach wants to put another burden on them which will distract from policing our highways. A burden that is not in the jurisdiction of the state government. The safety of these officers is disregarded, not to mention the cost to local entities. Maybe Kris thinks they could catch some of the 3 to 5 million illegals that voted in the last election.

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Editorial: Kobach's folly

Kobach needs to work making sure people who register actually get on the books. Bifurcated elections will just be another way for him to screw up our elections.

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Analysis: Trump promises big change, but begins by picking small fights

Trump uses "insignificant issues" to cover up the significant damage he is and will do to the people of the US. He makes mountains out of molehills all the while digging holes in issues important to the American people and undermining ethics in the government.

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In questioning DeVos, Sen. Roberts stays clear of school choice, vouchers

"Yes, I can commit to you that if confirmed I will look forward to working with you and this committee. . . . " was her stock answer to many questions asked by different people on different aspects of education. Great job at avoidance, Betsy!

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Editorial: Forfeit this bill

More "transparency" from the majority party.

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Audit: Kansas failing to protect safety of children in foster care and adoption programs

Mekhi Boone.
"Staff morale is impacted by every negative statement that we read in the media," she said.
Baloney. If there weren't so many negative situations there wouldn't be negative statements. Poor morale comes from within not from the media.

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Brownback describes Kansas Medicaid backlog as 'frustrating'

Sam's frustrated?!! What about the people waiting months for services?

June 29, 2016 at 9:37 a.m. ( | suggest removal )

If the Legislature does it, does that mean it's not illegal?

Sen. Greg Smith, the Supreme Court listens to the evidence and gives an opinion. These judges are not acting as mere people on a street voicing their opinion. Theirs are based on the Kansas Constitution not their own personal beliefs. They give their opinions as justices of the court, that is their part of the deal. When the Legislature decides they don' want to follow the Constitution then they are the ones breaking the law.

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