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Brownback appoints three to Kansas Board of Regents; vows to fight for restored funding to higher ed

Brownback "vows" to fight to restore the funding to Higher Ed. Like he vows for greater transparency in his administration. His total lack of a veto on the cuts in the first place tells the tale. Of course this is 2013. He will do things differently in 2014, which conveniently is election year. I'm not buying what he is trying to sell.

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Editorial: Selling higher ed

Good editorial. "Seem" ( appear, to look as if) stands out as the key word regarding the governor' s stance on higher ed. "The governor SEEMED to embrace the higher education message this year, but it didn’t get through to legislators." "Having the governor touring the state to promote a flat budget probably SEEMED like a good strategy. Unfortunately, the governor’s public support didn’t SEEM to have much effect on state legislators negotiating the budget." Unfortunately what the governor "seemed" to do did not covert to action on his part. He wants to appear as a proponent of higher ed, why then did he not tell his majority leadership that he would not sign a budget that included the cuts? He has the power to do what is right. Truth is we, as Kansans, need to elect people who truly will work for the good of this state and its citizens. What we have now is merely lip service, not committment. What we have now is a majority in the in the administration and the Legislature who are committed to ALEC and the Koch Bros.

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Kansas doctors file suit over anti-abortion law

Yes, Mary Kay, their only option is the courts. That is the only branch of Kansas government not bought & paid for by the so called moral majority (a majority who is not always moral). At least the court can examine the law as to how it fits with the Consititution and make a ruling not based on what our governor and his minions tell them. At least for now.

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Tuition, fees going up; regents blame Legislature

Love the way the all-inclusive "Legislature" always gets the blame. Anyone who is vaguely aware of the contentiousness of the current Legislature knows that cuts to funding for higher ed ( and many other programs) were not a product of the entire Legislature. Please don't include the Democrats and wiser Republicans in the blame for this mess of a budget. The blame lies squarely with the governor and the extremists in the majority party. Brownie faked a tour of Regent's universities to try to make himself look like the reasonable one, but in reality let the his followers do the dirty work. Whether you approve of the cuts or not, the issue is the result of lies and no leadership from the governor.

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Analysis: 2013 legislative session over; results will be judged by Kansas voters

This fiasco will not only be judged by voters, but the participants will be judged by a higher power.

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Bill sought by opponents of Common Core standards before the Legislature

From the way the Legislature and its leadership has done its job the last couple of years, how could we the people expect a sensible non-partisan outcome from a committee to study Common Core? Think redistricting last year, tax and budget bills this year and the large number of bills considered that are ridiculous. Let the duly elected Board of Education do their job!

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Revenue Secretary Jordan says income tax cuts are key to budget deadlock

Yep, the schools can absorb the cuts, just raise the tuition AGAIN or force employees out of their jobs!

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Efforts continue at blocking Common Core in Kansas

Seeing the paranoia of people these days, fueled by the tea party, yes I can see thousands of people working to defund Common Core even if it is good for their kids. Anything remotely connected to the federal government is considered bad for that reason alone.
By all means Kansas should lessen the effectiveness of its schools because of the few others states who are also considering that step. I assume Texas is one of them.

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Another tax increase bites the dust in the House; Democrats call for end to session

Rep. Schwab needs to take the blinders off. If a tax is set to expire and the Sam's minions vote to leave it in effect or reduce it slightly, what else could it be but a tax increase? The democrats can't be blamed for the extended session, they are not even allowed in the negotiations. Remember that in 2014.

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Push-back on Common Core not unique to Kansas

"Some people may not like the reality of the facts we present, but the facts come from official government records."
Yes, Dave, distorted facts. I am sure you sleep well at night, others would have a hard time.


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