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Kobach to announce prosecutions

Actually there have bee elections affected by less than 3 votes. A family member was elected by a flip of a coin. Which has nothing to do with Kobach's witch hunt. Over 33,000 voters to be purged and only 3 prosecuted!? Something fishy. A carp named Kris.

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Brownback spokeswoman blasts Medicaid expansion

A morally reprehensible mouthpiece for a morally reprehensible governor. Melika, is this job really worth it?

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Editorial: Disappointing news

Maybe the Kochs have been on vacation and haven't given David his talking points yet.

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Editorial: Insulting effort

Is it just me or is the Editorial Board of the JW writing more and more editorials critical of Brownback and the extreme conservatives in the administration and legislature? My, my, this coming from the people who endorsed all those in the majority! It is possible to see the light.

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Another change to KU employee benefits: If employment terminates, coverage ends same day

Still another skirmish in the war on public employees.

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Firm hired to find Kansas efficiencies has track record of cost overruns, mixed results

Would we expect anything more from Masterson and the majority party? Uh, no.

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Kansas Democrats expected to pick veteran activist as leader

Clay Barker, you are too funny and too blind.

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Kansas to designate October as 'Zombie Preparedness Month'

"Brownback also said, "If you're prepared for zombies, you're prepared for anything." Guess we should have been more prepared in 2010.

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Editorial: Critical need

Jeff King may just be realizing that he is up for election in 2016. It just took a slap in the face to his constituents for him to figure out that he is not working for them. His constituents may have known this for a while.

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Schmidt steps aside from judicial funding case; asks Supreme Court to do the same in a related case

Afraid you will lose a couple more cases, Derek? Tension caused by whom? The 2 branches that are trying to pack the courts in their ultra conservative fashion? Wish it was because you realize that the law is unconstitutional. Ha, pipe dream, I know.

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