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Christie makes 3rd trip to stump for Brownback

Where did he eat this time?

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Kansas wildlife commission removes snake from threatened list

Brownback's gang of bullies strikes again!

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Democrat slams plan giving Kansas control of Medicare

Why would we want the state to control Medicare? It works just fine under federal control, why take the risk of putting under the realm of the state. KanCare works so well?
Vote Dennis Anderson

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Kansas Democrats fire spokesman over online insult

No, Jake LaTurner, the Democratic party is not "sorry they got caught". THEY didn't get caught, Dakota Loomis, a staffer, got caught. The statements did not come from leadership, nor from any candidate. The Democrats are apologizing for a very unfortunate circumstance caused by one individual. There were many, many, many Democrats that called for Loomis to be fired immediately. This incident caught leadership unaware three weeks out from the election. They were as shocked as everyone else was. There was no attempt at cover up, as LaTurner suggests, more a scramble of how to handle it in a way that was best for the party. The firing was late but it was the right thing to do.
We cannot let the abhorrent statements made on social media by one staff member negate the good work that has been done by Democrats in Southeast Kansas. Democrats have always strived for the betterment of small and rural communities and the wellbeing of those residents. Current Democratic candidates, if elected, will continue doing what is right for Kansans, regardless of where they live or who they are.

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Editorial: Snake politics

More blackmail from Brownback and his merry men.

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Report: Kansas lags behind nation in job growth

But Sammy said we have lots of new jobs coming in. Maybe they just can't keep up with the jobs we are losing.

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US Chamber, Sen. Cruz to Kansas to boost Roberts

It is always wise to look at who a candidate lines up to speak for him/her. So far, Roberts has brought in people like himself who reflect the extreme, evangelical, obstructionist conservatives from out of state, who have rarely been in Kansas (birds of a feather) and really could care less about Kansans. I am waiting for Michele Bachman to show up, then the line up will be complete.

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In strip-club case, typically closed records were released, GOP tipped off

Just another Republican doing a favor for another Republican. But what if the story had been about a Republican? I'm sure it would never have seen the light of day.

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In Senate campaigns, Orman goes local, Roberts engages nationally

And the Roberts camp cries and moans about McCaskill's so called interference in Kansas politics. Claire is a bit outnumbered I think by the crowd coming in from Florida to Alaska and points in between trying to tell Kansas voters that we really need Pat Roberts for another 6 years. Uh, folks, no, we don't need him at all. Haven't had him for several years. Don't want him back.

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Poll says Kansas Senate, governor's races close

No kidding! His partisan activities in the past few weeks should influence people to want to get rid of him. He has openly tried to give aid to one candidate through his office. Never have I seen a Secretary of State be so brazen about working for his party and trying to eliminate a problem that does not exist. Kansas SO needs a SOS who will be non-partisan, work for the public good, and work for and in this state. Kobach is a joke and our state bears the brunt. Let us hope that November 4 show different results than this poll. Vote Jean Schodorf

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