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Commissioners support new building codes policy, say Kobach did not get special treatment; others not so sure

Still doesn't pass the smell test. Any why would or should the county commission or zoning commission operate under an unwritten and unpublished policy that was implemented over a year ago?

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Kansas lawmakers mull new tax on exchange health policies

What will they tax next? Your first born child? Double if it is a girl.

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Editorial: Public business

"Government officials shouldn’t be allowed to use private email accounts to circumvent the Kansas Open Records Act".
True, but in Kansas it is Brownback's government and whatever Sammie wants, Sammie gets.

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Kansas governor says he's not drawing clear lines on taxes

How could he? He hasn't been clear on anything in the past 5 years! Except his disdain for the general population of Kansas and its needs.

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Kansas House advances bill giving Kobach power to prosecute election crimes

Unbelievable. Oh, yes it is, considering the make up of this Legislature.

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Editorial: Lax enforcement

"County officials say that if enforcement seemed more lax on Kobach’s property it might be because his project occurred during a transition to more a consumer-friendly style of code enforcement." I would say that the more consumer-friendly code might just be a little too friendly, especially to certain people.

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Bill threatens to defund Kansas judicial branch

I wish I could say I was amazed at the gall of the governor and his toadies in the majority in this Legislature. But I am not amazed. This is what we have come to expect. What arrogance!

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Douglas County says Kobach was not shown favoritism in building case; failure to be strict on building codes was result of new, unwritten policy

"Douglas County says Kobach was not shown favoritism in building case." Wow, now that's a bogus headline!

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Kansas House rejects plan to raise sales tax to fix budget

Rep. Randy Powell made a commitment to business owners. Before that, though, when he and others were sworn in they made a commitment to their constituents and to the state of Kansas. That first commitment supersedes any promises to business. Do your job, sir, and do what is right for all Kansans.

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Rural district's sacrifice illustrates depth of Kansas schools' budget woes

"The ironic thing to me is, the governor and all the people that support him say this is all about job growth," Sanders said. Mr. Sanders makes an excellent point. If this mess we are in is all about job growth, why are so many people losing their jobs?

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