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Lawmaker defends use of state plane to fly back for vote

Gotta get those photo ops with the governor when you can. To hell with one of the most important votes this session. If he had been planning to vote no, he would never had gotten the wings that you can bank on.

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Editorial: Power balance

My opinion is that it is direct aim. Brownback and his minions won't be happy or feel secure until they have destroyed all checks and balances in the Kansas government. In the meantime they are continuing their war on Kansans.

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Kansas Legislature mulls slashing green energy incentives

No steps forward, but plenty backward,

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Kansas Senate passes bill requiring university prospectuses

Another unfunded mandate placed upon institutions whose funding has already been cut. The party of "less government intrusion" strikes again. Sen. Jeff Melcher (the one who appears to have not a clue), how does a university "demonstrate that their graduates end up with higher salaries" when that really is subjective to each graduate's abilities, drive to succeed and life opportunities and skills? I suppose they can sift through records and find what they want to advertise. However, not every state entity is like the current administration and majority of the legislature who pick and choose what they want to tell the public. Public institutions of higher learning, while can be considered an investment, do not operate like the stock market, there actually is a human factor involved in their success. It is not always about money.

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Panel rejects bill to repeal Common Core in Kansas

Unfortunately some of those who voted no were not concerned with the well being of public education and those it serves. The conservative disagreement was only how soon they could get rid of common core not about its value to school districts.

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Senate panel votes to block United Way payroll deductions for public sector employees

So in their mission to destroy public employees and their unions, the conservatives choose to restrict the majority of deductions to other worthy causes. A little bit of cutting off your nose to spite your face in the name of "fairness, cost savings and employee protection" (?). Why not just let employees be the judge of how their deductions are handled!!

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Senate rejects limit on oil drilling near homes

Hmmmm. Oil corporation rights vs. personal property rights. Who do you think will win!?

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Lawmaker suggests school finance case could affect judicial budget

And he represents the responsible, righteous, holier than thou, majority party! Wow.

March 17, 2015 at 9:37 a.m. ( | suggest removal )

Kansas House narrowly passes Gov. Brownback's school funding overhaul

Inquiring minds want to know. Did Virgil Peck do any hunting on his way to and from the Capital? Actually why in the world would he leave when he knew this important vote would take place? His photo ops with the Guv more important?

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Kansas Senate panel endorses court of appeals nominee

Sorry, Sen. McGinn. Lots of people might like to know who the other applicants were but transparency went out the window when your governor was inaugurated in 2011.

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