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Saturday Column: Kansas voters must focus on state’s best interests

What great comments! Mr. Simons has nothing to offer in support of Sam Brownback so he pulls a bunch of stuff our of his hat to discredit the Republicans who have seen the effects of the Brownback governorship. But he does this with innuendo, defensiveness, and conjecture along with a bit of snarkiness that fails to make any point at all. He asks, "Again, what’s best for Kansas? Which candidate gives Kansas and its residents the best chance of success and growth for the next four years? There’s no guarantee with either candidate." There is an incumbent in the race, it is not an open office. We have had 4 years of Sam and we know that he does not give Kansas residents the best chance of success and growth. The only thing he MIGHT achieve is to bring us back to where we were prior to 2011 and that is doubtful. Davis will have to work hard to achieve that also but with Paul Davis and Jill Docking there is more hope.
Brownback has failed those

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Jenkins holds big fundraising lead in 2nd District over Wakefield

Good question Bob. 59% from PACs pretty much tells you it isn't from the Kansas 2nd District.

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104 Republicans endorse Davis for governor

So many on the list who are known to be common sense, practical moderates. Some of whom were ousted by Brownback and his minions because they voted for their constituents not always the way they were told. I respect this group so very much for standing up for what is right not what is politically expedient.

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Editorial: Extra mile

Thank you, Jamie Shew, for approaching a bad situation with understanding and a willingness to find a solution. It is a bad law but Jamie has done his best to mitigate the damage to his constituents. More should follow his lead!

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Letter: Everyone’s rights

Crazy comparison, guns to birth control. The law does not mandate the use of birth control only the availability of it for those who choose to use it for whatever reason, health problems or to prevent unwanted pregnancy. The letter writer implies that abstinence is the only answer, I believe that prevention is the best cure.

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Kansas gay marriage foes to seek protections again

It is more urgent than ever to vote for Moderates, Republican or Democrat to protect freedom for all.

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KDOT bracing for possible federal cutbacks

Uh oh, will this mean the Bank of KDOT will have to close?

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Democrat Kelly Kultala responds to call for her excommunication

You go, Kelly! The majority of Catholic women are right behind you. Who is Mark Gilstrap that he thinks he can decide who should be excommunicated? Did God make him judge or something? Never have seen Bishop, Cardinal or Pope in front of his name!

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Davis proposes postponing future Kansas tax cuts

So Jeff, what has the private sector done for Kansas? Where are the jobs? Full time, decent paying ones, I mean. This "shot of adrenaline" has mostly caused a lethargic economy rather than an energetic one. There has merely been a tax shift from those doing very well to those not doing so well. We are about over the cliff now, four more years (or less) of Brownback and we will be crashing. The state of Kansas really can't afford to wait for the pie in the sky promises of Sam and his merry men to become real. They weren't real promises to Kansans and they will never be fulfilled.

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Fight over renewable energy continues in GOP primary

All of the above. The current administration and the majority of the Legislature do not support their constituents. The state Chamber of Commerce and Republican party are lackeys for ALEC and big business.

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