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Audit: Kansas failing to protect safety of children in foster care and adoption programs

Mekhi Boone.
"Staff morale is impacted by every negative statement that we read in the media," she said.
Baloney. If there weren't so many negative situations there wouldn't be negative statements. Poor morale comes from within not from the media.

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Brownback describes Kansas Medicaid backlog as 'frustrating'

Sam's frustrated?!! What about the people waiting months for services?

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If the Legislature does it, does that mean it's not illegal?

Sen. Greg Smith, the Supreme Court listens to the evidence and gives an opinion. These judges are not acting as mere people on a street voicing their opinion. Theirs are based on the Kansas Constitution not their own personal beliefs. They give their opinions as justices of the court, that is their part of the deal. When the Legislature decides they don' want to follow the Constitution then they are the ones breaking the law.

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Bison herds, BB guns and other laws considered in the final days of the wrap-up session

"lawmakers passed twice as many bills during the five-day wrap-up session as they did in the entire 68-day regular session." And that is how we get bad laws thrust upon us.

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Letter to the editor: Enough

No, Kansans sure screwed up by voting in such a lousy, rotten candidate for governor the last two go arounds.

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Latest Kansas highway cuts won't hit Douglas County

Do you see any projects that are close to large cities on the list? Of course not. The poorest areas of the state seem to always get hit the hardest. Remember in November.

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Kansas lawmakers grill Brownback administration over possible budget cuts

But it is election year, we can't raise taxes in an election year! We can do it every other year though. They didn't have much problem raising taxes last year!

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Editorial: Local control

Good editorial. The radical right talk about less government intrusion but here they are right in the middle of local government. The State of Kansas at this point is in a fiscal mess created by the Brownback administration and his followers in the Legislature. I find it amazing that the majority in this Legislature would have the audacity to tell county and municipal governments how they can or can’t provide revenue to continue to serve their neighbors who elected them .A “vote of the people” is a great sound bite but the complications of accomplishing that vote in an effective, workable and timely manner are great. “The people” did not get a vote on the tax increase perpetrated on us last year.

April 7, 2016 at 9:20 a.m. ( | suggest removal ) plans new shipping center in Edgerton, Kansas

Hope Brownback doesn't try to claim this as 1,000 "new jobs" considering the shambles Amazon left Coffeyville in less than 2 years ago.

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