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Editorial: Short memory on tax cuts

“The surplus from this unanticipated windfall should be returned to the Kansas taxpayers,” Wagle said. Susan, it is. It goes back to taxpayers in the form of the KDOT not being robbed year after year, KPERS being paid back for the "loans" taken (maybe), funding for services for the elderly, the disabled, DCF, public, higher and technical education: all those programs that have been cut back during the Brownback regime.

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Editorial: Kobach's losing streak continues

Let's hope this "losing streak" continues at least until August 8!

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Koch Industries seeks rule change on lawyers doing charity work

Yep! What's in it for them?

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Federal judge finds Kobach in contempt in voting case

Sweet! Too bad there isn't a fine!

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Pressure still on in House to approve 'religious freedom' protection for adoption agencies

HB 2481 is a bad bill and will only end up hurting those it claims to want to help--those being the children needing loving, committed foster care. Rep. Humphries and the rest of her extreme right following, including Lamar Hunt Jr, need to take off their rosy, religious glasses and think about what is best for those kids starving for caring attention. Being approved by a religious organization for foster parenthood does not ever guarantee the welfare of a child!

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Kobach urges repeal of in-state tuition for undocumented Kansans

Generally this available to counties in close proximity to the institution. Pittsburg State extends this opportunity to 15 counties in MO, 8 in OK and 2 in AR. These vary across the state. The point is that Kansas does allow in state tuition for students from neighboring states so why not for graduates of our own high schools whose families have paid taxes for years and have other requirements for that benefit? Educated residents are beneficial to our society!

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Kobach urges repeal of in-state tuition for undocumented Kansans

Uh, Clara, Kansas Regents have a provision dealing with contiguous counties. Students in states that border Kansas are able to attend Kansas universities and pay in-state tuition. Many of these counties that this rule affects are not even on the immediate border but can be in blocks. Shall we do away with that, too?

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Real estate executive Tracey Mann named Kansas' new lieutenant governor

Steve Hicks you nailed it! Commercial real estate, no governing experience, birther, "faith & values", run government like a business--where have we heard this before? This could be worse than the Brownback/Colyer era.

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Letter to the editor: Advice for Trump

He should use all the funds left from his "yuge" inauguration!

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