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Kansas governor plans $63M in budget changes

Real special that Brownback will refuse federal money to expand Medicaid but gladly accepts the 17.7 million from the feds to fund the SCHIP program. Meanwhile he cuts 17.7 million from the same program. Sorry Angela, I don't buy your reasoning as usual.
"We can’t cut income taxes, as we have done, without also reducing government spending,” Senate President Susan Wagle of Wichita said. But Susan, if you would restore the income taxes that have caused this financial mess, cutting necessary government spending would not be needed.
As far as the Bank of KDOT goes, we shall see. When the numbers come in for the future, I imagine they will be hit again. Kind of Mike King to be so efficient so that KDOT can still contribute to the general fund!
Left, right, left, right. Keep marching in lockstep with the king and his court.

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GOP legislators block audit of Kansas foster care system, despite recent child deaths

Seeing who spoke against the audit, Sen. Julia Lynn and Rep. Peggy Mast, I am not surprised that the audit was turned down. Neither actually works for the welfare of the people but do support the ideology of the governor.

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Editorial: True facts

"Using incomplete or incorrect 'facts' to make his points is damaging the credibility of the Kansas Governor." That is assuming he has any credibility.

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Letter: Almost governor

Good point, Stu

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Kobach urges Congress to ratify health care compact that he says would avoid Obamacare

Can't comment. You all have done such a good job, not much I could add. My own description of KKK is that he is a pimple on the nose of Kansas that needs to be popped.

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In wake of ruling legalizing gay marriage nationwide, Brownback issues executive order on 'religious freedom'

The only reason for this executive order is to enable continued discrimination against any group of people that don't fit into the religious right's mold. The "Religious Right" is not always religious nor is it right.

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Supreme Court's Affordable Care Act ruling renews interest in Kansas Medicaid expansion

"There is no longer any reason for Kansas to resist expanding Medicaid". Oh yes there is. It's name is Sam Brownback and his ALEC puppets.

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Schmidt joins suit against EPA clean water rule

Never saw a lawsuit he didn't like--at our expense.

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Editorial: Tax mistake?

Mr. Beyer I have to agree with Ann Hamil. Do a some research on your representative's or senator's voting record. I know in the House there were a fair number of moderate Republicans who stood with Democrats in opposition to leadership. We need all of those kind of people, those who actually think and represent their constituents. They are also the ones who will get hit hard in 2016 along with the Democrats. After all, Brownie needs to purify his party of anyone who realizes what a danger he is to Kansas.

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Editorial: Tax mistake?

"The governor acknowledged that the bill was bad policy and would wreck the state,"
Well now, great leadership I would say from the governor and legislative leadership. The ship is sinking, full speed ahead. There needs to be some replacements for the some of the current members of the majority in the Legislature in 2016

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