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State argues school funding at record levels, satisfies Kansas Constitution

"This court should not allow a small number of school districts to second-guess the Legislature's reasoned judgment," Schmidt's office wrote. The Legislature's "reasoned judgment." Are you serious, Mr. Schmidt? (or whoever is actually arguing this case). The majority of the current Legislature can't even tell us what that is much less practice it.

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Panel declines action on school board conflict-of-interest bill

"I think it's a fix looking for a problem, and it's better handled by local voters," he said.(Rep. John Whitmer. Well there is some hope for the majority party. At least in this instance.

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Brownback issues executive order opposing Syrian refugees relocating to Kansas

I'm thinking that Brown "he who does nothing wrong" back would not even imagine that he has done anything to be considered sinful. So it is doubtful that he confesses much more than missing Mass on Sunday. Those 10 commandments via Moses and the great 2 that Christ himself taught are too far above Shammie's moral reasoning.

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Budget division recommends against emergency aid to Kansas schools

Every school superintendent in Kansas should show up for the State Finance Council meeting on Monday even if they have not requested emergency funding! And regardless that they have been uninvited. Hold the monsters feet to the fire!

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Kobach files late response in federal suit

Too busy prosecuting those 3 fraudulent voters! Actually he shows no regard for rules of any kind unless he makes them himself.

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Trends suggest Kansas headed for more budget difficulties

Don't know about anyone else, but this comes as a huge shock to me. Or maybe not.
People, get informed and vote out those legislators who march in lock step with Herr Brownbackwards.

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Top 5 Kansas legislative districts to watch in 2016 election

Chuck Smith, R Pittsburg coaches at St. Mary's Colgan, a parochial school not Pittsburg High School. You'll notice that he voted against public schools by voting for block grants and also voted for the tax raise.

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Kansas K-12 committee begins looking at school finance

Exactly my thoughts, Greg Cooper! Much too logical or practical to have learned more about the issue before passing bills that put school funding in jeopardy. The majority of the legislature needs to be fired in 2016!

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Kansas unusual in giving elections chief power to prosecute

John Kander is right!

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