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Editorial: Open process

As always, what Brownback SHOULD do and what he WILL do are worlds apart.

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Editorial: Passing the buck?

Brownback is setting up the Legislature to blame when his plans don't work out. He has blamed everyone else, Obama, Goosen, etc. He is positioning himself for a run at the White House (God forbid!). If our financial woes improve, he can take the credit, if they don't, he can blame the Legislature and still attempt to present his agenda as positive.
Thanks all you who did not vote.

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Rep. Lynn Jenkins to host town hall meeting in Lawrence

Her timing is chosen very carefully for that reason. Why would she want a crowd that she might have to listen to. Town halls are supposed to be a dialogue with the audience being able to ask questions, not a monologue spouting all the tripe we have heard before.

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Jenkins says conservatives won in $1.1 trillion spending bill

So, Lynn Jenkins, this bill is a victory for conservatives. Not much of a victory for the large majority of Kansans and the rest of the US!
It occurs to me also that banning abortion funding for federal prisoners is only pro-birth, not pro-life. What about those babies born to prisoners? Some may have families to care for the child,but a good number of others won't, or they will end up in the same environment their mothers probably lived in. Get them born by golly but then they are at the mercy of society or the state, neither of which is a good situation.

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Pay raise for Kansas state workers still on table

State workers: Do not make any big plans dependent on a pay raise and don't spend that whopping bonus all in one place. Probably won't make a dent in property tax bills, which are sure to go up thanks to the governor and his legislature.

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Brownback announces $280 million in allotment cuts to fill budget shortfall

Dave will be here as soon as the Koch brothers or his imaginary friends tell him what to say. I can't wait.

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Kansas governor working on proposed budget fixes

Like the little Dutch boy, put a thumb in it, Sammie. That will work as well as most of your policies.

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Editorial: Election success?

Good editorial!

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Kansas has lower private-sector job growth than U.S. as a whole

Yes, but has Cuomo cut funding for education, fought health care for his constituents, cut income tax for only the well off, privatized services to the disabled thus close to disabling those services, raised sales tax in his disregard for legislation already passed, etc, etc? Really, business do look for other incentives than what Sam has in mind for Kansas.

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Lawmakers study pros and cons of moving municipal elections to November

The Legislature needs to listen to Jamie Shew!!

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