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Senate passes bill approving Keystone XL oil pipeline

Right, Mitch McConnell. The State Department says little or no impact on the environment and creation of 42,000 jobs. Sure, there will be little or no impact on the environment during the building of the pipeline, but the chances really increase when the oil starts running! 42,000 jobs will also end when the thing is completed. But I guess we can call all those workers back to clean up the mess that surely will happen.
Thanks, Congress. We get all the risk and none of the benefit.

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Kansas House panel eases off plan to delay school aid funds

Rep. Highland, it is not the "convoluted formula" that is the problem. It is the convoluted thinking of our governor and legislators like yourself that is the problem. The judgement of the court was pretty clear, education needs more money to be constitutionally sound. You all have screwed our economy up so bad that you have Peter paying Paul, Paul paying Charles & David and Charles & David paying Sam. But this way you can accomplish your goal to decimate public education and privatize what is left.

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Kobach pushing bills to limit ballot withdrawals and to allow straight-party voting

If Kobach really wanted to "speed up the voting process and make it more convenient for voters" he would push for the advance ballot/mail in ballot option. It gives a voter 3 weeks to make an informed decision, it is easy and one doesn't have to worry about getting behind a "slow" voter. Then that voter can tune out all the trash and lies that come out the few days before the election.

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Editorial: A step backward

Can't agree with this editorial more. Looking at Kobach's record it is ridiculous to even consider that anything he proposes is meant for the convenience of voters. The legislation he presents to move city/school elections to the fall is more of the same, merely a move to make those elections partisan which will muddy the waters in a true grassroots election.

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Brownback defends education funding

I suggest the headline be changed to: Brownback defends lack of education funding.

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Kansas lawmakers and lobbyists go to work on budget, school funding, Medicaid and more

Lawrence Freeman, it would be a great thing if the money raised by this additional tax on tobacco would be used to prevent children from smoking or to further educate those who already do smoke. However, with Brownback already planning to steal money from the tobacco fund that is to benefit children, I doubt that will happen.

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Kobach seeks straight-party voting, prosecutorial power

So, Krissie, if a candidate becomes mentally incapacitated, that person must remain on the ballot? Or in a coma, in prison, or terminally ill? Straight ballot voting is something anyone who respects the right and responsibility of voting is trying to stop.
Is insanity a good reason for a recall?

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Report: Kansas has ninth most regressive tax code

But. . .we are a model for the rest of America!

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Kansas legislators, supporters celebrate Brownback's reelection at 2015 inaugural ball

Uh, not all Legislators were celebrating last night. Moderate Republicans and Democrats of all description are not looking forward to the next 4 years.

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Kansas school finance ruling could pave way to overhaul formula

Overhauling the school finance formula with this governor and his ultra conservative Legislature is a scary proposition. They have already showed their disdain for public education and animosity toward teachers and school staff (as well as all public employees). How can we expect a rational, equitable revision that, as Mr. Levy says, will achieve outcomes to provide our public schools the resources they need to succeed?
Totally agree with William Weissbeck.

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