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Letter: Not Kobach’s fault

A friend of mine used to say voting is not just a right it is a responsibility. So IF you can get registered in Kansas or are already registered, it is your duty to get out to vote in August and November '14 to get rid of the current administration and state elected officials.
Myself, I have had enough tea.

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Kobach to have clay-shooting fundraiser

Is Dick Cheney invited?

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Lt. Gov. Colyer to testify to Congress that economy hurt by Affordable Care Act

The Kansas economy is being hurt by the ACA? Astounding, I thought it was the the GOPartiers who are hurting our economy and everything else in this state. Cut income taxes but also cut education. Stupendous idea, when education is at the top of the list of desirables for companies to move into an area, income tax is much much lower. Stand by while your local sales and property taxes rise to cover the cuts to counties and cities. Worry about the possibility of maybe 5 instances of voter fraud in the past 10 years, but leave 17,000 voters in limbo because of confusing registration laws and snafus within the system.
Watch Kansas spend totals of over a million dollars to defend laws passed by Sammie's minions. But yeah, it is all Obama' fault, even though our economy has not been well since 2009.
"Baloney" is putting it gently though I greatly admire Sandy Praeger for her comments.

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Former VP candidate Ryan to appear in Kansas for Brownback fundraiser

Birdbrains of a feather certainly do flock together. As long as Kansans keep voting against their best interests, we will remain in this downward spiral of the middle and lower classes, including children, women, seniors, disabled and the disadvantaged.

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Jenkins meets with diverse groups during recess tour of her district

I don't care what time her robocalls come in, I don't want to listen to her and her tea party justifications for hurting US citizens.

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Brownback's budget director Anderson resigns

Tax money is not intended for tuition for private schools. Tax money is money the state takes in to fund public schools. I know. I attended parochial schools 1--12 by choice. Never did hear my parents or parents of my classmates complain about paying taxes to support public schools. They knew those taxes paid for the education of neighbor's and friends's kids and that it was the obligation of the state to provide that education. They made their choice and made the sacrifices necessary to pay that bill. But, of course, that was before the "me" generation.

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ALEC meeting draws Kansas legislators

Well of course we have to send the leadership to ALEC. The state can certainly afford it. Better to spend money for their indoctrination than on schoolkids or the disabled. Besides, they need their marching orders!

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House Democratic Leader Davis forms gubernatorial campaign committee

Pheps, you are so funny. It is Brownback who is digging the hole and throwing the working people of Kansas in. It will take many terms of anyone else to undo what he has done in 3 years. Of course, you bring up Obama as the scapegoat for all of the problems in Kansas. You can't stand to see "poor" Brownback as the one being rightfully criticized. Alceste, why haven't the republican legislators, you know the ones with the overwhelming majority in both houses, done anything about their lopsided KPERS? They have had several years to "fix" it.
I don't recall any democrat referring to anyone who receives SNAP benefits as "cheats", I believe that came mainly from republicans in Washington, a number of those being our own Kansans. Stop drinking the KKKoolaid.

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Letter: Enough Brownback

Never been a big fan of Bob Dole but truly am sorry to learn that his memory is slipping so badly. Just a few months ago after his unfortunate testimony in Washington DC, he had a pretty clear picture of what Republicans have become. Dole seems to have forgotten that Sam is cut of the same cloth as those who rejected him. As far as the Eisenhower woman, the only connection to Kansas is her relationship to a someone born in that state, doubt that she could actually find it on the map or knows what a great state it used to be.

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Editorial: Nominations closed

ksbison you are correct there is an electoral solution but the time frame on that doesn't help the issues at hand. We have to wait until November 2016 to vote on senators and 17 more months before we can hope to rid ourselves of the king. They can sure do a lot more damage in that time, leaving newly elected legislators (hopefully) with a bunch of junk to rectify thus wasting their time by having to dismantle his lordship's failed experiment.

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