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Supreme Court's Affordable Care Act ruling renews interest in Kansas Medicaid expansion

"There is no longer any reason for Kansas to resist expanding Medicaid". Oh yes there is. It's name is Sam Brownback and his ALEC puppets.

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Schmidt joins suit against EPA clean water rule

Never saw a lawsuit he didn't like--at our expense.

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Editorial: Tax mistake?

Mr. Beyer I have to agree with Ann Hamil. Do a some research on your representative's or senator's voting record. I know in the House there were a fair number of moderate Republicans who stood with Democrats in opposition to leadership. We need all of those kind of people, those who actually think and represent their constituents. They are also the ones who will get hit hard in 2016 along with the Democrats. After all, Brownie needs to purify his party of anyone who realizes what a danger he is to Kansas.

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Editorial: Tax mistake?

"The governor acknowledged that the bill was bad policy and would wreck the state,"
Well now, great leadership I would say from the governor and legislative leadership. The ship is sinking, full speed ahead. There needs to be some replacements for the some of the current members of the majority in the Legislature in 2016

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Kansas attorney general's blanket response to string of recent losses in court

Derek, the answer is simple. We will elect legislators who will use common sense and have a vision of doing what is right for the citizens of Kansas, not the elite. Then you won't have all these unconstitutional laws to defend!

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Brownback, Kansas legislators criticize Obamacare ruling

No surprise there. If it is good for people, they don't like it.

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Local patients, health care providers relieved by Obamacare ruling; GOP vows to keep fighting

Local patients, health care providers relieved after Supreme Court decision. That's a bad thing, right, Lynn? Pat? Kevin? Anybody? But you just go on trying to stick to Obama all the while stabbing your constituents in the back!

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Editorial: Tuition march

The upward march of tuition at 3.6% is joined by the upward march of the pay for presidents of such universities. Pay raises to keep them competitive. What will they do when enrollment declines?

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Kansas AG elected vice president of national association

Wonder if the rest of them have to hire outside help to deal with the unconstitutional laws passed by their legislatures?

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Kansas lawmakers to reconvene to resolve conflict on tax law

Apparently Brownback doesn't read the bills he signs. Or maybe he just can't understand them.

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