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Kansas Senate panel endorses court of appeals nominee

Sorry, Sen. McGinn. Lots of people might like to know who the other applicants were but transparency went out the window when your governor was inaugurated in 2011.

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School board conflict of interest bill going nowhere, chairman says

Good. Now see if you all can do something about some of the other idiotic bills up there.

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House passes Homeland Security funding; all Kansas members vote no

Apparently, Jenkins and Pompeo got their marching orders late, just in time for the final vote, though! Let's see: hate for Obama vs. good for the country? Pretty clear where our federal elected officials stand. Bet they all stood in line to get Netanyahu's autograph.

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Kansas Senate panel grills Brownback judge appointee

Sounds like a dandy! She will work well with our governor to eliminate public education and allow the extreme religious right to flourish in Kansas.

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Westar asking Kansas regulators for $152M rate increase

Could these expenses not be covered under "cost of doing business"? Westar's profits continue to rise along with their rates.

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Koch Industries will donate $2.6 million to Kansas State University

The Kochs supporting diversity!? What is in it for them?

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Editorial: Election moves

Another answer looking for a problem. From the outset there has been opposition to these proposals from the ALEC guided members of the Legislature. Many, many county clerks, school boards, city commissions and concerned citizens have voiced their opposition and the reasoning and common sense behind their opposition. Yet, as is becoming the norm, the constituents are given no consideration. I suppose we should consider ourselves lucky that the bills have been changed to not force partisan elections on local elections--for now. This is one situation, though, that Brownback and his band of merry minions have been transparent. It is obvious that they are trying to change the voting system to retain the Republican majority in all aspects of government without consideration of how it affects the people involved. don't let them win!

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Proposal to hike ag land taxes spawns backlash from Kansas farmers

Guess no one is safe. How do all you gung ho Brownback farmers like him and his ultra conservatives now? Not that I support this tax increase, just saying... It would kill the small farmers even if they are incorporated but the big business corporation would do just fine. But that is what Brownback's Kansas is all about these days.

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Kansas lawmakers resume battle over immigrant tuition

Repeal of this law would just be wrong. We are not going to deport these kids, they must fulfill the requirements in order to receive the benefit, educated people are contribute much more to their communities than the uneducated. Of course, that does not play well to the current extreme agenda of the governor and his lackeys. Education is a low priority for every kid not just the undocumented immigrants.

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Kansas lawmakers consider cutting funding for Parents as Teachers

Yep, get those kids born but DO NOT provide programs that will help them and their parents in their early formative months. They don't need no stinking early childhood either, by golly! Ms. Mast says. These programs will disrupt the plan to dumb down our Kansas kids.

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