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This is easily one of the more ignorant things I've ever read on this site, and you should be ashamed for writing it. This is personally offensive to me.

July 9, 2010 at 2:38 a.m. ( | suggest removal )

Should minors be banned from buying violent video games?

Yes, Patti, by all means, let's censor all violence. Let's take away all games remotely violent, and while we're at it let's just get rid of the bulk of all cartoons, any super-heroes, all those action figures and all those toys. Shelter our kids, let them know that the world is safe, that nothing bad happens. You might as well not let them outside ever, and home-school them too, who knows what violent things other kids might doing! Kids need exposure to reality or else they'll never be able to cope when faced with it later in life. I'm not saying let your five year old watch Hostel, I'm just saying let kids be kids.

The idea of a ban is absurd. The government does not need to act like a parent. Whether or not a child can handle a game is up to the parents. Everyone knows about movie ratings, but it seems like almost nobody outside of the active gaming world knows about the ESRB's game rating system. Almost every game out there that's violent is rated M these days, and you have be 17 or 18 to buy those, much the same as R rated movies. PG-13 has the T for Teen equivalent, as well.

I played Doom when I was 5, back in 1993. I've killed millions upon millions of video game Nazis. Devastated the turtle population of the Mushroom Kingdom. I've gone on civilian shooting sprees and destruction runs in San Andreas and Liberty City. I've punched, kicked, chopped, shot, sliced, and maimed my through countless foes. I grew up during the rise of the video game empire, and I can say that I've never seen anyone act violently towards anyone else or anything because of a video game. I don't walk around shooting people or the like. I play some of the goriest games available, I've played through the controversial mission in Modern Warfare 2 several times where you play as terrorists shooting up a Russian airport, and do I feel more violent as a result? No, I've never acted violently towards another person, and I certainly have never felt like doing as the result of a video game. How are violent video games any different than playing with toy guns, or acting like sticks are swords?

Don't blame the games, blame the parents.

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Do you think the driving age in Kansas is too low?

With my max age remark, I was actually joking. However, I do think that there should be a mandatory driving test every 5 years after attaining your liscense as a precaution.

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Do you think the driving age in Kansas is too low?

Oh man, if someone is old enought to be on here and doesn't know who Sammy Hagar was, that's just sad. I'm 18 and I know. Classic Rock should be a required school course, if you ask me. It's culture.

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Do you think the driving age in Kansas is too low?

And for clarification:

Learner's Permit is attainable at 14, meaning you can drive, but only as long as there is an adult/guardian in the front seat with you.

Restricted Liscense is attainable at 15, meaning you can drive to work or school by yourself, but anywhere else follows the rules of the Learner's Permit.

Full liscense is attainable at 16.

With all of these steps, as well as the six weeks (if I remember correctly) of driver's ed, I don't see a problem. There are drivers just as bad in every age range as there are in the teen range. Just because you don't hear about something as often doesn't mean it isn't happening.

My only real complaint is that the driver's ed did not include a section on roundabouts. Nobody seems to understand them, and I'm just waiting for the day when you hear about someone dying on one. I think that all drivers should have to take a short class or test on them.

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Do you think the driving age in Kansas is too low?

You know, rather than focusing on the minimum age, I think we should start looking at a MAXIMUM age . . .

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What is your impression of the proposed replacement for Yello Sub and The Crossing?

OldEnuf2BYurDad, the word Lector used, "ambiance", was used correctly. Ambiance is the mood set by the environment, and the Crossing's style adds to that. It's pretty simple, really. I'm not sure how you misunderstood it.

I'm also pretty sure Lector's a "He" not a "she."

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So long, seniors

. . . I didn't realize Tiffany worked for the JW. Hm.

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Project Graduation party offers prizes, cash to high school seniors

The car would be nice, but my second choice would be the iPod. That'd save me a good $300.

May 16, 2006 at 12:28 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

Abe & Jake's is city's burden

Hey, as long it's open tomorrow night for prom, I don't care what they do with it.

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