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Kwik Shop closes West 23rd Street store

I will always remember the fight that broke out at that Kwik Shop while we were at recess at Schwegler. Started out as an argument between two guys and then a baseball bat was involved.

The teachers cut recess short after they realized why 100 kids were looking in the same direction.

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Neighbors and Lawrence school officials faceoff in court over new athletic facilities

I remember playing football in my lifetime sports class at LHS and how horrible that field was to do any physical activity on.The bottom line is the project will go through no matter what and the students there now and in the future are the ones that matter in all of this mess.

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Planned site upgrades postponed

So basically you are trying to make all the websites integrate better? Sounds good to me.Will this include universal login for all the website?

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Ordinance could silence panhandlers

I do agree in some cases it has gotten out of control especially during the summer time.

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Have you winterized your car and home?

Not quite sure how someone goes about winterizing their car.

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How many bills do you pay online?

I always pay my cell phone bill through their website.

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You Can't Buy That There Anymore

I work at the named Dillons and as a front-end employee I'm glad they don't. With the amount of perishable food people just leave sitting around the store it would be even more of a mess and a waste of money.It's better keeping the drinks warm and letting the customers cool them instead of having the store cool them and then have to dispose of them.

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What are the worst conditions to drive in?

Forget any traffic signs just keep on driving unless there's a cop car near by.

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Former senator in city to rally support for Obama

Bladerunner, always looking over your shoulder means you are paranoid. I really don't get why people are terrorized so easily.

Democrats don't always wage wars so it's not exactly reasonable to compare National Defense with the Republicans who are always known for being in some kind of war.

Neither party is all that great though.

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