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Up in smoke: What will state do about lost tobacco funds?

It's not a problem with reading comprehension. The problem is the reader doesn't share your borderline OCD with Washington and Obama and therefore can't comprehend the latest conspiracy rant you've managed to waste electrons on.

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Up in smoke: What will state do about lost tobacco funds?

No, this money is related to the settlement states got for not taking the tobacco companies to court and wiping them out because the lied, misled, and deceived smokers over the fact that smoking causes cancer and other health problems.

The taxes themselves are to try to encourage smokers to pay for all the additional health costs they bring to the system. Or to quit, if they can. Maybe smokers are quitting enough for Big Tobacco to notice a difference in the bottom line, but I bet it has as much to do with the economy as the tax rate.

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Court staffer suspended over Kline tweets

Clearly Kline's allies think he's going to lose. Otherwise, they wouldn't be reaching for this conspiracy/miscarriage of justice line before a decision has even been made.

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Editorial: Worst outcome

Because clearly the best way to plan is to assume that you'll get cancer or some other disease and sock away a cool $100k. Or maybe you could pool up with other people and share that risk. Naw that scheme would never work IRL...

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Editorial: Worst outcome

Ummm so that whole thing about no longer being able to turn away people with preexisting conditions was them getting "something for nothing"?

Maybe that doesn't mean what you think it means...

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Plans advance for School of Business building, `Rules of Basket Ball' museum, razing McCollum

There's a multi-level paid parking garage right across from AFH and is open to the public. Granted, if you wanted to see the first two museums as well, you'd be better off parking in the garage near the Kansas union and walking across campus to AFH. However most of the people who are there for the rules museum will be killing some time before a game and the other two museums are likely closed then anyway.

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Town Talk: Local Burger closes Lawrence location; keeping an eye on Steak ’n Shake; idea of Clinton Lake resort gets mention by state wildlife and parks leader

It's really awesome to read all of these comments from people with no sense trying to link their pet political ideas to people's hamburger buying preferences. Do you all have like a set of flash cards so I can tell which small business is ran by liberal commies and which is a secret corporate facist front? I only like to eat my hippie burgers on the third Thursday of the month and I don't want to get mixed up.

Or maybe the business closing has something to do with the fact that restaurants are relatively low margin, go in and out of fashion all the time, and even well run restaurants can go on a downward spiral quickly? Nahh, it can't have anything to do with actual free market type stuff: bring on the Freedom Fries!

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Romney makes case for jobs, lots of jobs

Actually, nearly all of the job gains under Obama, such as they are, have been in private sector jobs while the jobs that have been cut and never came back were all of the state and local jobs. Pretty much the exact opposite of Bush:

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97 KU employees to take buyouts, retire by end of 2012


Wow cynical much? Being able to make ignorant comments anonymously doesn't excuse your lazy and idiotic comparison between the lady that runs the theatre office, and a death camp train conductor for the nazi regime. If you have trouble distinguishing between the two: one if them lives in your neighborhood and helps people get tickets to Hello Dolly, and the other was indirctly involved in a war 70 years ago and is now dead.

How about you keep your asinine links to yourself and that allows the rest or us to not realize what a total troglodyte you are.

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Obama’s public approval ratings hard to explain

What's hard to explain is why anyone would bother to read this editorial in its entirety. It is poorly researched, contains limited insight into the issues of the day, and has a completely unoriginal opinion: the very example of sophomoric sophistry.

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