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Running Naked With iPhone: Day Two - A New Beginning

Great posts and pictures Ronda! Where do I sign up to go next time??

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Oh look....shiny!

Multi, When I went back up to what I'd posted I realized it didn't make the list like I had made it in my draft. It somehow took out the list and made it a giant paragraph. I have fixed it though....sorry!

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Oh look....shiny!

Dena, family guy cracks me up too. My mom doesn't get the sense of humor a lot of times but that's ok.

Harley, I totally relate on the Trading Post thing. It sort of a ritual in our house and often times my mom will bring home more than one so we don't all fight over it haha.

Multi, I agree that autie makes me happy too haha.

Mel, office supplies are like my crack. I've had friends just give me their school supply lists in the past because I'm a good bargain shopper and I adore shopping for such things and they hate it so it works out. Binder clips are definitely awesome as well as sharpies. I like really good multi colored gel pens.

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Oh look....shiny!

Roe, kids are a wonder all their own.

autie, I love commas too. Question marks and semi colons are pretty awesome too.

schula, my best friend has a pretty good shot glass collection too. What are some of your favorites?

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Oh look....shiny!

gimpy, those are awesome as well. I knew there was a ton of stuff I missed!

Ronda...I am sensing lots of love and chocolate in your comment...coincidence I think not! :-)

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I'm So Scared! Obama wants to kill me!

ksdiva, I agree. The thing is huge and one senator said he was going to have to hire lawyers to read over it because it was so long and so complex that he needed help. That doesn't sound good at all.

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I'm So Scared! Obama wants to kill me!

weed, I never made any sort of claim that catholics were perfect. No one is. I was simply saying that if one claims to be something they should follow what they claim to be.

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How else would the university make all it's money though? They have to prey on someone and tuition hikes aren't enough!

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I'm So Scared! Obama wants to kill me!

Irish, it saddens me that you consider yourself a catholic but you still say it's up to the individual to decide what method of family planning they will use. You are basically advocating killing babies which is fundamentally against everything catholic. Then I see that you go to St. Johns and I understand why you are so misguided. I have only attended mass there a handful of times when it was absolutely necessary and just being there and seeing how Our Lord is treated just makes me want to cry.
On another note, the couple in the commercial makes a valid point. If you are elderly basically you will be given "pallative care" (made comfortable till you die) instead of having money "wasted" on you for life saving surgeries. The couple is not being selfish. They are being practical. If you are 70 and need your gallbladder removed or develop a brain tumor and need it surgically removed the government will basically tell you that you are too old for them to be wasting money on and to just wait to die. As a catholic you should have a better respect for all life from conception to natural death.

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Town Vs. Gown

I, too, am a college student though maybe a bit nontraditional compared to most KU students. I don't have time to party as I work 2 jobs and go to school full time and am involved in my church as well. It only takes a few bad apples to spoil it for lots of people. However I always notice that it does get more dangerous to drive every year about this time. Part of it I think is that the parking options for a lot of student housing isn't very good so the streets are more narrow than usual and part of it is people not paying attention to their driving in general (students or otherwise).

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