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Would you want to know if a violent criminal or sex offender lived in your neighborhood?

Perhaps I would like to know if there is. We really can't trust people most especially those we don't know or shall we call it, stranger. We may not judge people we don't know, but we really have to be extra careful when it comes to the safety of our family. So as a mother, I thought of searching for a safety protection for my whole family. Thanks to my friend who introduce me this mobile-based application. This application can be great help when you're in danger situation, it is called the help button. The use of this help button is to notify trusted friends and family or if really needed gets to the nearest 911. It's very reliable when it comes to real emergency, they can give an immediate response so this application can save lives. If you want your family to be protected, you should also try this apps too. Check it here:

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