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Get your dose of Depression-era economics tonight on the hill

Does Professor Fields know that he's going head-to-head with the Jayhawks? This sounds like an interesting talk, but I'll be watching hoops.

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KU student newspaper writer resigns over fabricated column

Speaking of bad journalism, I think you mean the University of Kansas.

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The craft beer menu at Merchants Pub & Plate, 746 Massachusetts St.

No kidding. Those prices are absurd. There are multiple beers on there I've never tried, but I don't think I'm going to go there and pay $7 a piece for them.

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Police investigating U.S. Bank robbery on 23rd Street

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Lawhorn's Lawrence: A night of partying in Oread

Reading these comments helps give me context to a lot of comments I've read on other articles.

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Trailers catch fire in North Lawrence

Definitely not a meth fire. No chance of that.

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Gun bills easily approved

Spouse: "This gun bill is unconstitutional right?"
Me: "Yes, but you didn't go to law school. How do you know that?"
Spouse: "Because I went to grade school."

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City set to make additional improvements to Sixth and Iowa intersection

Whatever you do, don't change a thing about the loop that you take to get from McDonald Dr. to east-bound 6th Street. That thing is a marvel of traffic engineering, and is not dangerous in the least.

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Editorial: MU who?

Enough hints about Memorial - let's see a KU press release, let's see some drawings, let's hear a timeline.

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Should Kansas University red-shirt freshman basketball player Ben McLemore go pro after this year?

My god, anyone telling that kid to stay in school should be hit with a taser. He is going to be a top five pick at worst, and might go number one overall. An athlete's earning years end in their mid-30s. And that's if they don't get injured. You don't take away one year of your earning potential if the League is ready to take you and guarantee you a contract. He doesn't owe KU anything. Give us two-and-a-half more great months, then via con dios, young man. Thanks for being the most dynamic, explosive, fun-to-watch athlete I've ever seen at KU.

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