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What is the most photogenic place you’ve been to in Kansas?

I love the sunflower fields in Tonganoxie and the daily dramatic skyscapes.

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100 years ago: Ice cream wagon bells disruptive for Sunday church-goers

It is chilling to read the "real time" news of Ferdinand's assassination. The last few sentences are especially poignant, knowing what ultimately resulted from the incident. Also, the contrast between the news of the battle of the ice cream truck bells and the spark that led to battle that was WWI is profound.

Love these history features. Keep them coming!

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Fans react as Kansas guard Wayne Selden crashes into the seats after saving a ball that was tossed t

I love this so much. Those reactions are priceless. :)

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Photos of the Year: Nick Krug

Brilliant images Nick. Two of my favorites are the dual smokers and your daughter in Estes Park.

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Behind the Lens: Cold-weather photo becomes a hot-ticket item for other newspapers

Thanks Mike, I enjoyed reading your follow-up story. I wonder if Allan is aware of his short, but sweet, international moment of fame. I also wonder if someone has since given the dear man a scarf! :)

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Allan Umscheid, owner of Yards By Al, feels the bitter cold wind and catches drifting snow on his fa

Wonderful photo Mike. Congrats on the shoutout!

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Public forum scheduled to discuss technical education center

When you consider JCCC's dedicated bus route to Lawrence plus their online classes, at least it's an option. In addition to Ottawa's NCCC, Highland Community College is in Perry and Washburn has a tech school in Topeka. Maybe not ideal, but certainly options.

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Public forum scheduled to discuss technical education center

Perhaps because JCCC is so close and accessible.

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Stegall wins Senate confirmation to Kansas Court of Appeals

Congratulations Caleb!

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Veritas graduation celebrates faith, family

Congratulations seniors!

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