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Veritas graduation celebrates faith, family

Congratulations seniors!

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Sound Off: Blanket drop-off

I thought you could drop items off at PetCo.

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The Fashion Column: Make the most of shopping at second-hand stores

I've also found treasures at Lasting Impressions at 711 W 23rd in Lawrence and The Pink Lady at 215 N 6th St in Baldwin.

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Lessons for life drawn from science and engineering fair


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Behind the Lens: Stuck in a photo rut

I think your photos are recognizable because they are consistently excellent, not because they are predictably redundant. It's fun to mix things up but you don't need to mess with perfection! :)

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Phobia folly

Good point, and nicely articulated.

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Lawrence student wins IIYM piano competition

Here's a video blurb:

If you would like to see the winners play, perhaps you could attend the Winner's concert. The information is at the end of the article.

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Man flown to hospital with life-threatening injuries after semitrailer accident on U.S. 59

Right now that intersection is near the ongoing construction. The cones and flashing lights and random vehicles parked on the side of the road make it visually distracting. Earlier today I saw an dangerous situation at that same intersection. A east-bound cement truck gunned it and pulled out in front of a car going south on 59 HWY. The car had slowed and was turning E (left) onto 458. The cement truck was at the stop sign and did not have the right away. If the car hadn't yielded, there would have been an accident.

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Passenger in Friday morning accident released from hospital

That's wonderful news! The pictures looked quite grim.

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