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Wicked's fast-broadband project moving slower than expected

Why don't they trust them?

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Wicked's fast-broadband project moving slower than expected

I don't think they have done an adequate job of getting the word out and communicating the value..."social media blitz"...I'd be interested to see what the reach or awareness is from this blitz. I bet if you did a random poll downtown maybe 1 or 2 out of 10 people would say yes if asked do you know about the wicked fast project?

The video on their home page is about them...not the customer, is boringly slow, and only has ~500 views on youtube...if they had a cool video that communicated their message in 30seconds that might be shared on facebook and reach more people.

Also people respond to social signals, and about making it a contest where the first neighborhood that get's enough signups get's service for free for a year! That would create a lot of buzz and action on peoples part.

Bottom line, their message and marketing sucks, the idea is great but the pain is not great enough for people to really take action so they are likely just adopting a if they build it then maybe I'll get around to coming attitude.

my 3cents.

More guerrilla marketing!!!

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