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Democrats sense a chance of defeating Republican Kobach in secretary of state's race

Why is any money being spent on lawsuits "hillsandtrees"? From where I sit the legal citizens of Kansas can register and vote in any legal election. As stated by another poster it appears that 43 percent of legal registered voters are too lazy to vote anyway.

"Schodorf said she voted for the bill because she had an overwhelming number of constituents who wanted her to vote for it to see if the requirement would work.
"Obviously, it hasn't. When you pass a law that doesn't work, you have to fix it or repeal it. The bill has to be fixed. It's broken," she said."

Thats not true Jean. Your constituents wanted proof of citizenship. It had nothing to do with seeing if the requirement would work. No wonder you were defeated and then switched parties. You talk like Pelosi and that will not get you elected in Kansas,

So I say, whats broken Jean? I bet she is talking about Obama Care.

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Letter: Courage lacking

I don't think she is being misquoted, she said it.

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Opinion: Climate change we can’t ignore

"Doug County says: It's already a consensus of around 97% that this is not a hoax and we're playing a pivotal role." Fact is the 97% number is a manipulation. It actually appears that. the real number is .05% of scientists believe what you say. Only 65 of 12,000 climate science papers claimed that humans cause more than 50% of 20th century warming. Many accredited scientists believe it is the sun and the oceanic oscillations that are the main drivers of the climate.
I will concede you may not be a hypocrite but rather a victim of elitist's propaganda. Regardless you are a consumer and contributor and yield responsibility to what you deem to be true. So do what you feel is right for yourself but don't dictate to me then have the arrogance to call me ignorant because I don't believe what you believe.
How old is the earth? That's right, you nor your scientists know that answer, therefore what is the normal temperature of the earth? No one knows. Take a minute and think about how smart YOU think you are and then imagine in a hundred years how much smarter those folks will be. You see DougCounty I see you as nothing more than a smart talker spewing information you think is real. Let me remind you this is all political propaganda and a hoax and that's what I believe.

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Opinion: Climate change we can’t ignore

Guess your not an inventor, hmmmm.Funny thing about that white speck in chicken poo DougCounty, it's chicken poo too. As I am sure you know there are always 2 sides to every debate and we are clearly on opposite sides. So don't let your arrogance make you any more foolish than you already appear. You speak of science based off empirical evidence and how scientists have to revise their understanding of reality. That is true, however, there is still so much to learn and this subject is far from being proven. So until scientists have a common denominator I will stay on my side of the fence. Neither you nor I actually know, or for that matter, will ever know in our lifetime if man controls the climate. Is it fact or fiction? I bet you drive a car, work in a building that is heated and cooled, heat your home in the winter so your family doesn't freeze, cool your home in the summer so your family doesn't have to sweat through their dinner, all of which in my opinion makes you a hypocrite. If you truly believe humans are the tipping scales for C02 emissions and will cause the deaths of thousands of people now or in the future then I say how can you live with yourself as a contributor and consumer.

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Kansans paying 2nd highest state sales tax in nation on groceries

If I remember correctly food tax is more than booze tax in Lawrence. Does that seem right?

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Opinion: Climate change we can’t ignore

As Lynate Pettengill stated: "The last time CO2 was at 400 ppm was about 3 million years ago, before humans existed". Seems to me CO2 may be a bogus measurement being used as political propaganda.
I have an idea: Maybe all you weather liberals and smart climate/weather scientists could jump off your pedestals get together and invent the Super Acme Carbon Scrubber Machine. Wouldn't that be wonderful? I can see it now, planet saved by weather liberals and climate/weather scientists. It's now legal to continue breathing. Woohoo let the parade begin.
One thing is for sure folks, I don't know what's going to happen with our climate and neither do any of you. But what I do know is you folks that are thinking the sky is falling better take interest and be more concerned about all the businesses that China is buying up in this country and even right here in your own backyard. THAT IS REAL.

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Opinion: Climate change we can’t ignore

So Les you say: "My company's alternative energy product lines can power society on carbon dioxide extraction from the atmosphere and could be manufactured in this area or any locality on any continent ". Is that how you are powering your own home right now? You off the electric meter yet? Just curious how thats working out for you?

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Attorney general seeks $1.2 million to defend new laws

"they gave us what we now realize was bad advice on how to run a campaign."
That line says it all. Clearly not experienced enough to run a campaign therefore CLEARLY not experienced enough to hold and run the office.

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