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KU football assistants on their way out

Today's bit of Wisdom from the Dr.
"Never criticize a man, until you have walked a mile in his shoes."
You internet wonders have no idea what Lew has done for the
student athletes at KU.
You should ask them how they feel about Lew,

Oh, and kristy, I believe the cute radio boy was Tommy, probably won't
be seeing him on the sidelines anymore, sorry.

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All eyes on Turner Gill: Jayhawks’ coach looking to build relationships, trust

Why "coach"?
The man is a coach by profession!
If and football players over the age of 18 voluntarily get on their knee and give thanks, what concern is it of yours?

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All eyes on Turner Gill: Jayhawks’ coach looking to build relationships, trust

Hey Pink,
Where does this article mention Jesus?
What are you afraid of? Winning with character?

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How can this area better promote its Freedom's Frontier heritage?

Actualy, it is the missourians that say Mizzourah;
Real Kansans say

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Nation of sheep

Now Grammaddy, quit making sense.
It spoils the blog

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Wednesday's school closings, other cancellations

Well now I know why there are some many wusses in town,
You, the parents, are the problem.
Quick complaining about the school district, get up a little earlier and get it done.
I tell you, it's the "Everyone gets a trophy" syndrome:
Little Susie's team didn't win a game, but let's give them a trophy so we don't damage their precious self-esteem.

Life is gonna kick these kid's in the teeth, and you parent's are not preparing them for adult life.
Sheesh, what a bunch of crybabies

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Briscoe to enter 2010 NFL Draft

Well said. A third option for their Lew - Bashing...
They used to have tickets, or better tickets,
but can't / won't cough up the $$$'s to have the great
seats they once had and still feel entitled to.
So rather than realize KU Sports is a business
(and business is Good under Lew's tenure)
they whine, all the while failing to realize that without
the work Lew has done we would still be a
sports program that is at best regionally marketable.

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Briscoe to enter 2010 NFL Draft

He was going anyway
Quit being Lew bashers
you'll make yourself look silly

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Woods facing unplayable situation

Agreed Solomon
Nice double meaning
in that word today.

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In My Pants - Come Join The Fun

Recruiting Woes... In My pants

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