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Opinion: Obama wasting time on climate issues

No one worth the air they breathe denies that the climate changes...and that, currently, its getting warmer. Many, however, (and the number grows daily...even within the scientific community) doubt that humans have much to do with it or that there is much we can we do to stop it. When climate change science becomes more science and less politics, then I'll start believing. When the data most climate scientists around the world have used for their models is renewed and not provided to them by cheats and liars (Mann, East Anglia, et al), then I'll start believing. When temperature here in the States starts being measured by NOAA correctly (only 7.9% of surface air temp measurement stations report within the acceptable 1 degree C error, 21.5% between 1- 2 degrees (fair), 64.4% between 2-5 degrees (poor), and 6.5% report with a greater than 5 degree error (ridiculous!) then I'll start believing. Where is Al Gore now? Where is this growing upswell of outrage by the scientific community? Gathering dust is where they are. Gore is a joke. EPA is a joke. The only thing about climate change the President cares about how good it can make his speeches sound. I'm sure its easy and convenient to believe that the reason next to nothing, policy-wise, has been effected is because those evil Koch brother and fossil fuel lobbies purchase adminstrative and legislative action; it makes you sleep better doesn't it? The truth is they're just NOT DOING ANYTHING on their own! Chairman Maobama certainly makes a stirring speech and talks like he swings a big stick but in over 4 years, nothing real has been accomplished....nor will it because the serious people know the truth.

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Voters yearn for more compromise

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Voters yearn for more compromise

The American people do not thirst for centrists....2/3 of the problem is that 60% of the American people don't thirst for anything. They just plod along...not voting...and if they do vote...its uninformed voting swayed by slick ads and two-faced, lying speeches. The rest of us want sanity; fiscal, legislative, and ethical sanity. The fact is the left simply DOES NOT show they have ANY desire to provide that. I don't 100% agree with all of the right and what they want....but its a much better start.

Compromise is what you do when you change your vote after a meeting with a lobbyist that promises you huge financial support in exchange for your vote or a senior legislator that promises your office is moved to the basement of some building four blocks away if you don't vote with him. Compromise is when you decide to vote on something after someone promises to vote for your stuff. Compromise is what happens when 72% of your electorate screams for you to not vote for that abortion of a healthcare bill and you do it anyway because the party and the President is strong-arming you. The word has two principal meanings: 1.) a settlement of differences by mutual concessions; an agreement reached by adjustment of conflicting or opposing claims, principles, etc., by reciprocal modification of demands and 2.) an endangering, especially of reputation; exposure to danger, suspicion, etc.: a compromise of one's integrity. I say we've had enough of the latter; the Washington-style compromise. People on the Topeka Opinion page ask repeatedly why I don't run for Congress. I reply that I would never be electable. I'm too dangerous because I tell the truth, don't play games, and stand up for what I believe in...even if it means losing. Its time for legislators to stand up for what they believe in no matter what. If they start doing that, they'll find they don't stand as alone as they thought they would. Brinksmanship is not what happened two weeks ago. Conservatives standing up for principles and keeping a promise they made to voters is what happened. Thank you Mr. President or Chairman Maobama as I like to call you, I'll keep my money, my guns, and my freedom; you can keep the change.

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Financial crisis

Everyone is right and no one is right. Its both parties' faults. From 1950 to 2000, the debt steadily grew from $257 billion to $5.6 trillion. Not only has it NEVER been paid off (the only REAL surplus that counts folks) but it has only been reduced twice. Not in the Clinton years.....certainly not in the Bush and definitely not in Obama's was 1951 under Truman and 1957 under Ike. the only "surpluses" under Clinton were when revenue "happened" to exceed budgeted spending due to a booming economy. And Presidents should hardly EVER get credit (or blame for that matter) for the economic performance under their watch. Major economic trends take years to happen. The prevailing opinion is that thereis about a 10 year lag. So Clinton can thank the Reagan and Bush Sr. years for his cornucopia, and on and on and on. The rate of increase is more alarming. From 1950 it took 32 years to quadruple the debt. From there it only took 12 years to do it again, and 15 years to triple it again. All Presidents have done it, both parties espouse the extra spending and no Presidency or Congress has EVER effectively tried to reduce the debt. Fix that problem, and a lot of other trouble evaporates by itself.

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Bush v. Gore had little impact on law

Two Constitutional issues were the Court's main purview not your muckraking politics. One- State's Rights. Two-Equal Protection. The activist FL Supreme Court basically amended the election validation statute. That is the job of the FL legislature NOT the Court. If the Court found the waiting period to be somehow unconstitutional, they could strike the law down but not profer a substitute...which is what they tried to do or did....not sure if its still 19 days or not. The other issue was application of the vote counting law differently in different FL counties. Everything else is just political window dressing. Florida did an exceedingly poor job adjudicating the situation. Just because George Will posited the opinion doesn't necessarily make it wrong. I don't agree with bow-tie boy all the time either...but that doesn't make everything that comes out of his mouth swill.

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I checked out your links. The financial aid issue was a new one for me and, I must agree, pretty weak. Snopes is right on all counts here but doesn't really answer my questions. #1, the Obama folks did indeed release an authentic document...but it was not a birth certificate. I can't remember what it was called, but it was not quite a birth certificate and the legal differences and ramifications were spelled out. I wish I could find the articleI read about it from. The Federal court order Snopes was interesting but still not quite on point. I agree with Snopes that a court order was never filed.....the fact is the case quietly and mysteriously died. That doesn't make me any more satisfied. #2, the Obama team could have, right up front, cheerfully provided the proof that was requested the first time with the, "glad we can get this out of the way" attitude. Instead they chose to drag their feet until insurmountable pressure was exerted. Why go to all that trouble...unless there is a reason? Then and only then did they finally produce something....and it wasn't even a birth was something else...authentic or not. In closing, if it looks fishy, smells fishy, and tastes fishy, its probably fish. BTW, when I say I've served this country, I did not mean I was or am in the military. I'm a government employee. However, I do share your sentiments about our military. Overall, they are a fabulous group of people that deserve a debt of gratitude we can never repay.....and usually go out of our way to withhold for political reasons. Have a good holiday Meggers.

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No compromises in sight between Republicans and Democrats in Washington

Republicans this, Democrats that....phooey. Enough. Public servants at all levels of government and in all three branches are shockingly out of touch. They have COMPLETELY FORGOTTEN that they work for US, not the other way around. Hell, even the Court is off in progressive, judicial constructionist la-la land; and they don't even answer directly to us.
60% of Americans oppose the health care bill and yet it gets rammed through because "they know whats good for us better than we do." Most people think body scanners at airports are going way too far and (I would guess if asked) see them as a violation of their 4th Amendment rights but "government knows better." None of these issues serves America as a whole; they cater to a minority and make Washington's friends money. Both parties do it. They run on, "we'll spend less" but that really translates to "we'll spend the same or'll just be on things we want to spend it on (eachother) and pay staffers to make it look like we're spending it on you."
It is an establishment that has its own set of informal rules outside the Constitution. Why do you think experienced staff is assigned to freshman legislators? To show them how the "scratch my back and I'll scratch yours" game is played. If you don't conform, you're marginalized immediately and then, when its time to run again, your national party organization (talk about an oligarchical institution) decides to fund another candidate, denies you the funds to run a successful campaign, and you're pretty much done. So people tow the line and become part of the establishment.
If people continue to analyze the activities of Washington through the lens of "in the interest of the public good" they will go crazy. Instead, begin to analyze government's activities by "following the money" and you'll see that the way it works makes perfect sense...just not for us.
People don't vote real policy. Most of us aren't that smart or don't pay enough attention to have a real, informed opinion. Most of us vote single-issue (I'll vote for any one-armed, blind monkey as long as he's pro-choice), media slant (the way we're conditioned to vote by journalism), or we vote pocketbook (should require no explanation). No matter how someone tells us money spent here is right and money spent there is wrong or vice versa.....the fact is that America is tired of spending more and more and more and getting less and less and less.

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No compromises in sight between Republicans and Democrats in Washington

Good Lord Merrill. If you have that much to say, an original letter to the Editor is more appropriate...hence the 3000 character limit on comments. LOL. We all know I have the same problem. Now, on to the topic.

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Now that is something I can agree with you whole-heartedly on. Very well said. Journalism these days is a joke. It would be nice to sit down at night and watch one show and be assured you got most of the straight skinny. These days you have to watch/read ten sources and find out who the liars are. Anyone left is probably telling the least most of it.

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First, I've seen the document you are talking about. It would not pass as evidence in any court. I can understand the Social Security number being redacted but there is less than half the usually data that appears on a birth certificate. It doesn't quite pass the muster with me. Second, you conveniently failed to answer my charges against his personal records being sealed. Presidential candidates are subject to all manner of investigation; administrative, as well as public and media-based. Why should this one be any different? It bothers a lot of people. sorry. FACT. You also conveniently glossed over the race issue I spent a lot of time crafting to be fair and objective. why? Probably BECAUSE I'M RIGHT! If I was a black American right now, I'd be torqued to no end.
Third, as fas as Bush's policies go, its obvious you didn't read my comment very well (probably because you were already mad and only reading the convenient passages) because I started this comment with the fact that I was NOT happy with him and would not have voted for him either time were the alternative not even worse. I don't particularly like the way the war has turned out. I'm not happy with the reactionary response to 9/11. I'm not happy with the creation and proliferation of DHS and its special police powers. I however do not give this President a pass because his predecessor was also less than desireable. No one forced Obama's administration to further enhance those policies. Funny, aren't we talking about airport body scanners and other "security theater" measures right now? No one forced Obama to keep troops overseas as he is and commit further involvement in Afghanistan. If he's so much better committed to bringing our boys home, why are there more of our troops than ever over there? No one forced him to follow Republican spending habits and increase the rate to record-setting levels. And don't you DARE question my patriotism. I've served this country before, and I serve this country now. I have no problem with people that disagree with me. Heck, if it weren't for them, I wouldn't have anyone like you to argue with you right now. LOL. I'm perfectly happy to have people that disagree with me living right next door to me. I just posited the opinion that if Osi is so ashamed of this country and holds it in such contempt, there may be many more conducive countries in which he/she could emigrate to and obviously be happier. And my last few words should have clued you in to that...... "what? no? that's what I thought." Its so nice to have people decide to attack you but only address the parts of your speech that support the argument instead of taking the whole comment and deciding if they have an argument at all.

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