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Group calls for end to 'woo' in Rock Chalk Chant

I believe the only place the "Woo" (or is it whoo) belongs, is after "lemonade, lemonade, lemonade!". Long live the Lemonade Man!

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Man who was twice convicted on child sex charges now advocate for treatment

Did I read this story wrong, or was the timeline as follows?

1) Mr. Bowers sought treatment for his interest in young boys.
2) He comes to town and starts abusing boys
3) convicted, serves time, more treatment
4) gets a job somewhere else and re-offends
5) conviction, more time served, more treatment

Sounds to me like the trearment model isn't even working for the advocate. Or maybe I just read it wrong.

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Should the city ban artificial turf as a substitute for real grass?

The stuff at the former location of the Boardwalk Apartments has no asphalt under it. (I looked). It is attached to the ground with landscape staples over bare ground. It is also permiable to allow water to soak into the ground (there were some pieces laying out that I was able to look at). I believe it looks quite nice. There is so little area around the buildings for grass that getting good grass to grow and look as nice would be difficult and costly. This stuff allows water through but requires none (saves water that would be used for irigation), requires no fertalizer (that would end up in streams and rivers through storm water runoff), and needs no mowing (if you believe the ads that say 1 hour equates to 100 miles driven in a car). I wouldn't mind having it for my front yard. I think this is just another example of the "if Doug Compton does it, we must be against it" mentality of the left wing wackos in this town.

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Home Depot floored me with their lack of knowledge

The price difference between HD/Lowes vs a store like Krings is where the free estimates come from. When I had a tile job to do, I took the free tile class at Home Depot.. But I had Kring's come out to verify my measurments and even draw up a layout. I did all the work myself. I was happy to pay a few dollars more for the tile at Kring's. That is how they get paid for the customer service. The cut rate prices at the box stores mean that there is no free service. That includes Lowe's. When we needed a new furnace, we called several heating contractors. One of them gave us a quote, but then realized that he had given the Home Depot price (they have to pay a fee to be a HD subcontractor). He gave us a new quote for 20% less and ultimately won our business. Not the cheapest, but gave us great advice and great service.

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Coalition to fight photo-voter ID proposal

I don't have a problem with this. For those that think you don't have to cary an ID, how do you get around the legal requirement to positively identify yourself at the request of law enforcement officers. If they ask and you can't produce identifacation they can (although not likely) detain you until you are identified. The only people I can think of that would care, are people with something to hide. And yes, It is well known that many illegal aliens are running around with other people's identities. How many of them registered to vote and then did so on the Anointed One's promise of amnesty?

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Lawrence Chamber of Commerce debating sales tax signs for businesses in special districts

Julz, that would be a great idea. Most businesses give coupons when they first open to get more people to come in and give them a try. I found it very interesting that Smash burger just littered the city with menues that had no coupons attatched. I tried them, they are good, but I can't afford to eat there. I guess I won't be paying their tax after all.

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Lawrence Chamber of Commerce debating sales tax signs for businesses in special districts

How much will these signs cost? For the cost of a few cans of spray paint and a burger, some gang banger could just run around and tag each of them with a big red "T". And as for the advertising lower prices due to the hidden tax, well maybe W-mart, but not Smash(tax) burger. Have you seen what they charge for a burger in that place?

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Examining fossil record, KU researcher find mass extinctions every 27 million years

All this without human activity, greenhouse gasses and global warming? How can that be? Could Algore be.....What's the word I'm looking for?....Mistaken? Wrong? Full of (insert your favorite here)?

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Police, OnStar track down leaving-the-scene accident suspect

You are only required to pay for Onstar if you want the navigation assistance, handsfree cellphone service and such. Even if you don't subsribe, they will check in on an airbag deployment. Because the system accesse and is essintially a cell phone, it is required to work without a subscription. The only ones that don't work are the older analog models.

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$12 million settlement reached in lawsuit over deadly 2005 Boardwalk Apartment fire

Now where will all the landscape laborers go to live?

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