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Sound Off: School security

Gun control does not deter a piece of $hi_ from obtaining a gun, just keep that in mind.

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Sound Off: School security

These are some good measures, but we need to be willing to pay for them.

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Sound Off: School security

Does the school district's plan include maintaining the current reduction of School Resource Officers in the Middle Schools? SROs are a great resource for the schools, but the police department cannot fund them entirely and their mission is twofold; law enforcement education and school safety. Oftentimes, the SROs are in the classroom. In addition to the SRO presence, our schools need armed security. Video surveillance and unarmed security are absolutely useless in preventing disaster; an unarmed guard at best can be a good witness and, at worst, another victim. All the posters claiming armed guards in the schools to be a knee jerk reaction will be the same people arguing we did nothing to protect our students when disaster strikes in our schools. Our educators have been trained in evacaution and lockdown drills and that is great, but lets face it many of these shooters have been too (after all, many were once students too). Locking a classroom door and turning off a light may buy you a few seconds, but a guard with a loaded gun will save you many lives.

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