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Retired Lawrence police sergeant saves baby

Outsanding job SGT Warren! The outcome may have been horribly different without the response you provided. Guess you are never truly retired. L66

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Long-time Lawrence police sergeant retiring

SGT Hadl,
Congrats and good luck with whatever you decide to do. It was a pleasure working for you on patrol. Kelly

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A team from the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office, Lawrence-Douglas County Fire Medical and the Lawren

Tony Garcia was a great Field Training Officer and an all-around great guy. Congrats Tony--You deserve the recognition.

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Lawrence powerlifter Brady Tanner nominated to join Team USA for the Special Olympics World Games in Greece

I have known Brady for a long time. His attitude is awesome and I hope he brings those medals back to Lawrence. Everyone should have his attitude. His mom and dad are great people too!! Good luck Brady.

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School officials criticize Kansas House bills dealing with KPERS funding

The fact KPERS retirees have to "double-dip" as you would call it, should be an indicator to you of the low salaries and underfunded retirements they have spent their entire careers working toward. Who wants to work after retirment!! This bill pulls money from the wrong people. Work harder Topeka, that is what you are paid for.

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School officials criticize Kansas House bills dealing with KPERS funding

Maybe I can just move you over and take your spot. Obviously, you care little about the hard work KPERS employees put it, and for very little pay. This bill will be a blow to public service across the state. But, why should you worry. Sounds like you have it all figured out, slamming me like that. That's the last time I will reply to crap like yours.

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School officials criticize Kansas House bills dealing with KPERS funding

This is fantastic. The job hunt begins today! Thanks State of Kansas. Straight off my childrens' plates and into your money grubbing hands. This is your potential solution to your poor management of the state's finances. Very nice. Time to start looking for a home under the Kansas River Bridge. Hope they have a spot for the four of us.

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Kansas House advances repeal of in-state tuition for undocumented students

Why do we even debate this. A citizen pays out of state tuition, but we are debating to allow illegals to pay in state tuition if the "pledge" to become citizens. Come on, we can't even convince them to get state issued ID cards, drivers' licenses and proof of insurance. If they want to attend college here, citizenship comes first; then the benefits shall follow. We have become a nation corrupted by political correctness, living under fear of offending others. You know who will end up paying for this...! What happened to my America!!

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A new chief in town: Tarik Khatib outlines priorities for Lawrence police department

Public relations is a huge component of the job, so relax. You may not have liked Ron Olin, that's your perogative, but the men and women on the LPD are some of the hardest working folks I know. Instead of bashing the new Chief here, why don't you suggest something constructive as its obvious you have some issues with the ways things operate. The changes will come slowly, but I am confident they will come. Make patrol a priority!! Keep them happy and they'll keep us safe!

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Case of Tonganoxie man injured during dental procedure in Lawrence going to mediator

No question, the parties involved need to pay up; enough so, that this young man can live comfortably for the rest of his life. Hope that inspection was not "pencil whipped."

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