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How important do you consider Tuesday's Iowa caucus to be?

It is insignificant to those who are sick of the twits the Republican party currently has running... Michelle Bachmann needs to get a grip on reality if she thinks she has a fighting chance. I turn my television off everytime she airs. She has added absolutely nothing intelligent to any of her debates. And I won't even get started on Romney, Perry, and Gingrich....they all need to let it be.

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SRS necessity

@Martha Chapin, I totally agree with you. Lawrence was a nice place to live when I was a child. I left for a while and came back to this??!!

Since my return, I've seen children abused and placed right back into the abusive homes. Foster children abused and then a few months later new children placed directly back into the same home. SRS workers arrested for various illegal activities, then rehired in the same capacity elsewhere in Lawrence.

Senior citizens left to walk around town aimless because they don't know where they are going and no one took the time to check or assist before he/she left. Law enforcement walk right past a student doing something illegal and harrass a local doing nothing wrong...

It makes me sick to my stomach!! I fled that city and will never return. NEVER have I seen such disregard for child care and senior care. And I've lived in some major cities. Could it be possible, we have so many cases of homeless because the city doesn't care? Maybe the city politicians just care more about fiscal budgeting.....

MAYBE FIND THESE PEOPLE EMPLOYMENT INSTEAD OF shipping their cases to a website they cannot access....hhhmmm??? The children of this town are the future, they will one day represent what WE show them....can you really put a price on that?

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Groundbreaking facility

OMG!!! Now there's a revelation!! A gov't office providing care to the local children and seniors is shutting down, but KU can build an entire new building???

Get real!!! Politicians, WAKE UP!!

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Local agencies say people will lose services, costs shifted if SRS office is closed by Brownback

Yeah, and Boulder has a higher crime rate than most suburbs....child abuse will go uninvestigated, domestic abuse will be a reactive investigation. i.e. once the spouse DIES, we'll do something.

I no longer live in Lawrence for just this reason. It made me sick to my stomach to watch abused children be shuffled back into violent and abusive homes. Foster homes abusing the children even worse, and then children reissued to the same home. Privately owned foster care systems that don't care about the children, our future. I don't think shutting the SRS down is what Lawrence needs. I believe a complete overhaul of the entire family court system is what Lawrence needs. Oh, but I bet that's not in the budget either, huh?

Guess more children (our future) to be abused, more seniors (our past) to be neglected...I've never understood the political agenda of Lawrence. That's why I moved.

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Agencies report to Douglas County Commission what impact closure of Lawrence SRS office would have

What about the children suffering from abuse, neglect, and living in violent and insufficient homes?? Case workers from other cities, or counties, not having enough time for travel to investigate.

And don't EVEN try to tell me Bert Nash can help!! They are worthless and unable to find, let alone diagnose, anyone a way out of a wet paper bag!! Lawrence children need the assistance of the government. This town already possesses one of the worst privately funded fostercare programs in the entire US!! And the family courts continually placing children back in unsafe, unstable home environments, because they want to "help" the parents....I could go on for days. My only hope is the SRS office stays, and the Lawrence children don't get forgotten in this political game the gov is playing with everyone's welfare. So glad I got out of that town!!! Please forgive my rant, but it makes me sick some of the things I have witnessed children from this United States town circum too. Makes my stomach turn to think no one will be there to help these children, or even the senior citizens. Our past and our future deserve the chance?? Don't they??

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Lawrence School Board to discuss an additional $3.3 million in cuts

Lawrence is so backwards. They want to cut budgets for schools and education, but won't add to the budget for family law and help the town's financial issues by shutting down Bert-Nash, the senseless coucilling office that does NOTHING but promote drug addiction and abuse of children.

And let's not forget Judge Shepard that NEVER listens to anything rational and continues to give children back to abusive parents without reviewing all the facts. Perhaps the entire Lawrence infrastructure should go back to school or be forced to live in the squaller of the L-town public and personally witness the outcomes of their choices to make them act appropriately to citizen concerns.

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20-year-old Lawrence woman dies after apparent hit-and-run

I am surprised that the security cameras on the outside of the buildings were unable to catch anything??

My prayers go out to the victim's family, poor thing, on her way home from work. This was definitely trajic.

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Interracial couple denied marriage license

OMG!! That judge is insane..."I have many black friends, have them over for dinner, let them use my bathroom..." do the faux pas ever end? I'll bet most of his *black* friends don't even speak to him any longer.

His remarks make it seem as though his friends should be thankful he invites them over. I'm not even going to remark about the bathroom comment. I cannot even believe we have someone this narrowminded in an office of prominence?? I'll be looking for a formal apology, which I'm sure will only make things worse. People this shallow need to just give it up!!

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Murder defendants’ trial dates coordinated

I'm sorry to hear this, and hope the Jones and Edwards family is okay? I've known several people involved, and most of them have started moving on with their lives.

This is typical of Lawrence though. They will drag out the case as long as possible. The judicial system in this town definitely needs some restructuring.

My prayers go out to all involved.

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Three Lawrence residents sentenced for participating in drug trafficking organization

My thoughts and prayers to BOTH Ahmad and Troy's families. I'm sure they are both devestated by this. Ahmad was always positive when I was around him and so was Troy.

I hope they can put this behind them some day.

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