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Kansas tax plan caps future revenue, spending growth with 'ratchet' provision

"The current Legislature is not able to bind future Legislatures,"

True, but the people have to elect different legislatures. I'm just not that optimistic that it'll happen.

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House opts not to take vote on tax bill; back to the drawing board Tuesday

I almost feel like taking bets on this.

June 8, 2015 at 7:56 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

Doonesbury comic strip takes on Kansas taxes

Maybe we could charge comedians royalties for making fun of the state. That'll balance the budget, I bet.

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Kansas Senate OKs bill further limiting local gun rules

Wow. They seem to be getting lots of stuff done during this overtime session. Except, of course, for the tax stuff.

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Lawmakers advance abortion, election law tweaks on 100th day

Let's see if we can set another record!!!!

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Kansas House advances bill giving Kobach power to prosecute election crimes

I suppose "election crimes" would easily explain what happened during the last few Kansas state elections, right?

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Report: Kansas employment growth lags nation

The drastic measures taken by the current administration was supposed to have other effects, right?

Like a shot of adrenaline, right?

Obviously this report is awesomely wrong. We absolutely must be having double-digit growth and zero. Otherwise, it's well and way past time for Brownback to go back to the tax structure that existed before he took office.

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A prominent goodbye sign from defunct Payless Furniture that labels Lawrence 'Obamaville' and much more

Wow, it's real. It's really real. I was sure this was some kind of joke or something. Some photoshop job to make for a funny somewhere.

I'm usually sad to see a business close. Suddenly I'm not sad to see this one leave.

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Attorney: Kansas need not have best school funding system

This attorney, Chalmers, has come the closest I've seen anyone come to simply stating what's become more and more obvious as time goes on.

Our current state government simply does not like paying for public schools.

Even if I agreed with Mr. Chalmer's assertion that the government shouldn't have to come up with the "best" system for defining and distributing funding for the public education system, I'd love to hear his argument for throwing out a "good" system in favor of a "terrible" one.

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Kansas Senate, House override Brownback's veto of rules for firms like Uber

"But the bigger problem is how Uber treats their drivers as contract employees to avoid having to cover employee benefits like health insurance, life insurance, retirement plans, etc."

While I'm inclined to agree that the welfare of the drivers is an issue, I seriously doubt it was a point of concern for either the governor or the legislature on this topic.

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