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Ex-Brownback aide lobbying against tobacco tax increase

The problem with Brownback taxing tobacco is motivation. The state has no money (can't imagine how that happened) and he's grasping at straws to solve the problem while completely ignoring the cause.

Tobacco, in any form, is bad for the health of individuals and the community at large. Tobacco use should be discouraged.

Taxes on things you want to discourage shouldn't be used as a general, necessary, and/or permanent source of revenue (or a bandaid on the budget, for that matter).

Tobacco should be taxed at a level high enough that it discourages consumption, but low enough that it doesn't encourage illegal distribution. The funds raised should be used for enforcement of tobacco regulations, programs to encourage people to quit smoking, and programs to discourage people from taking up smoking in the first place. That way, the funding that disappears from declining demand wouldn't be noticed.

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Plaintiffs seek to block new Kansas school funding plan

The funding issue has been in the courts for a while now. Legal challenges are happening.

The Senate has 31 republicans and 9 democrats. A bit more than 2/3 republican.

The House has 97 republicans and 28 democrats. Right around the same ratio.

It makes little sense to complain about a political party that holds no power.

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Senate committee to hear proposal for new school finance formula

Hmm... the bill is 52 pages long. As I understand it, they're going to replace the old formula with block grants because the formula was too complicated, right?

Honestly, the old formula, the one the block grants are going to be replacing, didn't seem too terribly complicated. In fact, I wrote a neat little calculator that could crunch the numbers for it last night. Lots of inputs, but it's all simple add-subtract-multiply-divide stuff. Looking through the different modifiers, I couldn't find anything that felt like it was out of place. Everything in the formula made sense.

The block grant thing feels like a ham-fisted, panicked approach to a problem other than the one that exists. Modifying the formula might be called for; it's been there a while and the kind of needs change; but simply removing it is just messed up.

I'd be less skeptical of this process if the trigger for the whole thing wasn't tax cuts that the state couldn't afford 4 years ago.

Is there something broken in this website? It seems like pages take a long time to load....

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Library to host Kansas Linux Fest

I'm sure it is. In any case, I'm bringing my 10 year old.

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Brownback touts economic growth for rise in February revenue

"Personal income tax is just robbery by the government...."

I need a downvote button.

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What color is "the dress": white and gold or blue and black?

It's a picture of an ugly dress taken with a potato camera. Draw no more conclusions than that.

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Kansas bill limiting sex education material advances with no debate

The ball's been dropped on this one.

But it's okay, those with the least knowledge about sex always make the best decisions about sex, right?

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Effects of Kansas business tax break more widespread than estimated

"But Revenue Secretary Nick Jordan said Tuesday that tax relief for owners of small businesses should not be blamed for budget difficulties."

But... that tax policy actually is the cause of the budget issues we're having now. Saying otherwise isn't going to change that.

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Lawrence superintendent testifies against a bill to repeal Common Core standards

"Common core appears to be innocuous."

Can you list parts of common core that you disagree with, are real, and explain what those things are? No? Then PLEASE stop talking. You're helping no one.

The problem with Common Core, education standards in general, is the class of ignorant people who cannot help but cry foul. You guys are on a witch hunt.

Honestly, if you have a problem with common core, and your complain actually leads to the standards, But none of your words offers an honest critique of reality. You create dragons that you can oppose.

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Kansas Senate approves proposed ban on abortion procedure

I believe that last sentence is a reference to "the walking dead."

Nothing else Fred has said anywhere in this article's comment section makes any real sense beyond simple trolling.

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