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Senator seeks to end daylight saving time in Kansas

While I'd be predisposed to ask what else the legislature could be doing with the time they spend in Topeka, I think it's best to come to terms with the fact that we have basically zero chance of getting anything of real value done for our state with the current set of nuts there...

The proposal makes sense to me. Pick a timeframe and use it.

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Group to protest start time of KU game; Democrats target GOP House seats

I wonder... will Democrats decide that watching a game is more important than the democratic process?

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Lawrence school district proposes iPads for all middle school students

I've never liked the idea of the vendor lock-in that using iPads represents. Sure it's "cool" and all, but they're pretty expensive when all the options are considered.

I'd encourage the school board to consider open-source options.

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U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia dead at 79

I wake up, a SCOTUS Justice has died, and the GOP is already pledging to keep the seat vacant for a whole year.

I didn't even sleep all that long.

I'm reasonably certain I didn't get drunk, too.

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Westar launches projects to make green energy more accessible

Hmmm... y'know... I DO find that my computer seems to run better on solar and wind energy...

Nah, just kiddin'. My equipment doesn't care where the energy comes from. Neither does yours.

The move to renewable energy sources shouldn't be a result of a kickstarter-like drive, it won't work like that.

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Gas prices in Lawrence consistently higher than Topeka; experts say less competitive market to blame

I bet if everyone just stopped buying gas... I mean... just... "stopped..." gas prices would just drop through the floor.

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Kansas launching campaign to boost child support collections

So... debtor's prison. Kind of a barbaric thing to consider.

Also... do you know how much money it takes to keep someone in jail? It doesn't make much sense once you factor in that point. It'd be less expensive to just provide a base-level set of services for all children unfortunate enough to be in that situation.

But, it DOES hurt people, which is the point, right?

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Kansas launching campaign to boost child support collections

I hate family law. Nothing's intuitive about it, every story is complicated, and people get viciously and hatefully judgmental about general descriptions of situations that rarely ever exist in such cut'n'dried ways, while faithfully ignoring common scenarios that challenge their world view.

Child support collections can be complicated by a huge variety of events, most of which can't be boiled down to "deadbeat." At least, if we're being honest with ourselves.

Damn thing is, an educational campaign isn't going to fix most of those issues. Most people know they haven't paid that set of bills. I mean, a debt that increases by $300 a month when you're making $900 a month at wal-mart really isn't something you forget about. Particularly when the custodial parent starts using that fact to limit contact with your kid.

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Kobach opposes specialty meat shop in rural Douglas County; chef says his proposal is being mischaracterized

Seems like Kobach's attitude towards zoning laws seem to mirror his attitude towards voting laws.

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Kansas ends $25 cap on cash benefits from ATMs

Oh, noes, how will we keep the poor people off the cruise lines?

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