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Brownback touts economic growth for rise in February revenue

"Personal income tax is just robbery by the government...."

I need a downvote button.

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What color is "the dress": white and gold or blue and black?

It's a picture of an ugly dress taken with a potato camera. Draw no more conclusions than that.

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Kansas bill limiting sex education material advances with no debate

The ball's been dropped on this one.

But it's okay, those with the least knowledge about sex always make the best decisions about sex, right?

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Effects of Kansas business tax break more widespread than estimated

"But Revenue Secretary Nick Jordan said Tuesday that tax relief for owners of small businesses should not be blamed for budget difficulties."

But... that tax policy actually is the cause of the budget issues we're having now. Saying otherwise isn't going to change that.

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Lawrence superintendent testifies against a bill to repeal Common Core standards

"Common core appears to be innocuous."

Can you list parts of common core that you disagree with, are real, and explain what those things are? No? Then PLEASE stop talking. You're helping no one.

The problem with Common Core, education standards in general, is the class of ignorant people who cannot help but cry foul. You guys are on a witch hunt.

Honestly, if you have a problem with common core, and your complain actually leads to the standards, But none of your words offers an honest critique of reality. You create dragons that you can oppose.

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Kansas Senate approves proposed ban on abortion procedure

I believe that last sentence is a reference to "the walking dead."

Nothing else Fred has said anywhere in this article's comment section makes any real sense beyond simple trolling.

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Bill restricting sex ed moved forward by Kansas House panel

Why is it that we consider sex to be a topic where only the most ignorant of us make the best decisions?

Where does that make sense.... anywhere?

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Public can comment online about Kansas education standards

The problem is one of ignorance. The people who are unhappy with Common Core standards are ignorant of what the standards are about. The lawmakers writing bills to ban it certainly have no clue what they're talking about.

Given the widespread ignorant angst on this issue, I think it's to everyone's benefit to go and actually LOOK at the standards in question before getting up and angry about things that aren't actually happening.

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Kansas Senate approves proposed ban on abortion procedure

Honestly, depends on what other things civilization is doing.

Is education free and high-quality, and ensured for the future? Not in Kansas, therefore, it's uncivilized, backwards, and barbaric. Is SEXUAL education free and high-quality?

Is healthcare free and high-quality for pregnant mothers and all children? Is this ensured for the future? Not in Kansas, therefore, anti-choice is uncivilized, backwards, and barbaric.

Leslie, all of the pressures that might make a pregnant woman consider abortion are only getting in this state. Fix that problem first.

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Kansas Senate approves proposed ban on abortion procedure

This isn't about a particular method of abortion, it's just another yard line on the football field that is abortion as a political issue.

Unless there's a rock-solid safety net, the simplistic "pro-life" ideology brings more suffering in the long run than it cures. Think "starving kids."

The fact that these anti-choice types are always one breath away from denouncing any social welfare programs is completely disgusting.

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