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Battle forming over Brownback's plan to scrap earned income tax credit

OMG - I am of the working class - am not stupid - am underpaid and get earned income. My EIC - all of it, state and federal, goes into a savings account and is used when my paycheck does not cover all expenses. My EIC puts tires on my car so I can go to work 5 days a week, fixes plumbing problems, pays for clothes and shoes for my child, school trips, school lunches, class fees, school pictures, graduation, doctor appointments and medication, the list goes on and on. Is the state EIC large - not compared to federal - it does pay to get my child enrolled into school and put money towards school lunches. Am I wasting that money?

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Man accused of threatening Tonganoxie principal appears in court

Ok so the dad is an idiot - sometimes parents feel like kicking in doors at their children's schools. Bullying at schools is huge and the schools are turning their eyes away so they don't have to get involved. It happens daily and it is wrong. The schools need to stop protecting the bulllies, start suspending and see how nice a school day could be. A lot of the bullies that are protected are protected because they are athletes. If you are a bully then you need to be punished. A bully in high school usually turns into a bully in life. We are not doing them any favors by letting them get by with their actions.

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Two juveniles detained in connection with arson at vacant Lawrence house

OMG - telling a kid that his mother is worthless is a crime. I bet if you are bold enough to give the excuse that he was with his worthless mother to all of us here then you probably say that very thing in front of this child. Wake up Dad and Step Mom - listen to what you are saying - stop and beg this child's forgiveness for bashing his mother. Shame on both of you and thank your lucky stars this did not go any futher than it went!

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Man arrested after allegedly threatening Tonganoxie High School principal

There is bullying in every school and if you, as a student report it , you have to have proof of bullying more that one person - this is according to my daughters school. If only one student is being bullied - according to the school - nothing will be done.

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Clamor erupts over teen’s tweet about Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback

OMG - Brownback stepped into this one!!!! He is a bully and I for one am embarrassed as a Kansan by this. Brownback and his staffers are the ones that should appologize. If this had been my daughter I would have stood by her not Brownback and his crew. Shame on the principal. I do like the fact that Brownback keeps showing his true colors!!!! Freedom of Speach!!!!!!!

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Delays expected on southbound Kansas River bridge on Friday

As all the other posters have said - traffic has been slow for quite some time. WOW 10 minutes to move 1 or 2 car lengths - is this really the end of the construction on that side of the bridge. I will not believe it until I can drive across the bridge like normal. I am really tired of driving 6th street to get to work. As I have said before - you can get out of Lawrence rather quickly but getting into Lawrence - WOW really slow. Embarassing.

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Wheel Genius: Road work planned this week

OMG - when is the bridge going to be done! Pretty amazing that anyone can get out of Lawrence very fast - trying to get into Lawrence from the North - get in line and wait 10 to 20 minutes to go a car length or two. How embarassing for the City of Lawrence. You can certainly leave very easy - getting across the bridge - be prepared to wait and wait and wait. That construction company working on the bridge - don't really seem in a hurray to get the project done. Sad - very sad.

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Lawrence City Commission approves gender identity ordinance

OK - if I am reading this right males dressed or professed to be transgenders can go to the women's restroom or vise virsa. What am I suppose to tell my female employees who object to going to the restroom with a man. Transgender or not - men in the women's restroom cause issues ------- Way to go City Commissioners - you just made my job a lot harder

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Officials identify body found in creek as 21-year-old Lawrence man

Jakson was a wonderful young man - he will be missed. Rest in peace young man. My heart goes out to his family.

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Lawrence school district teachers seek salary increase

Come to the private sector - try to find a job????? There are none out there. Ohhhh wait - maybe you could work fast food!!! Be grateful for the job that you have!!! Raise and bonuses, I have not had one in 2 years and probably won't get either this year - I have a job that pays the bills and I am grateful. Look in the LJW - see if there are any jobs to pick from.

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