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KU profs support evolution skepticism


You defy logic when using ID to support your position. Questioning authority or a theory is good provided that the questions or arguements raised are valid and truthful. ID just isn't a valid arguement against evolution on many points it tries to raise or tries to refute.

Theology is belief by faith, not by scientific method. You cannot prove the origin of the bible. You cannot prove who wrote the bible first. You cannot prove which bible is the true bible to follow. You cannot prove the existence of G-d. The evidence to support these questions doesn't exist to support a scientific answer to these questions. Evolution does have this sort of overwhelming evidence.

Evidence of evolution surrounds us and can be used to show the validity of evolution through scientific method. ID cannot and has not been successful in stating a valid arguement or provide evidence that a vast majority of scientists can say is a good question, good theory or good proof. Religion cannot be proved by scientific method, only debated by scholors as to its' origin and its' meaning. That is where your stance has a fatal flaw.

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KU profs support evolution skepticism

How can there be a debate of evolution using ID?

No scientist worth their salt objects to debate of current thinking. Science educators fit into this catagory as well. The only objection to debate of evolution by the science community is ID must be a VALID SCIENTIFIC theory that can be backed up with real evidence to the contrary. The ID community does not have any valid scientific evidence to support ID theory. They only have evidence in their mind they feel is valid ( And I would even debate they really believe what they say!). Almost the entire scientific communtiy agrees that there is no debate of evolution in science. There is only debate by those who wish to pawn this junk science on everyone else that does not have a backround to make an informed and correct conclusion to get creationism back in the classroom through the back door.

Case Closed.

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KU profs support evolution skepticism


Wish I could have been there to see it, too! I'm so glad to see that scientists and educators are standing up to this nonsense. Finally, these ID quacks are being put into place by those who have reason and knowledge to do so. Funny how the overwhelming majority of scientists don't buy into this, yet those ignorant of science buy into this scam hook, line and sinker. When will the public get it? Probably about the same time they understand what this administration and the republicans are doing to science in general!

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KU profs support evolution skepticism

Funny how this has come to light so soon after this...


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Attorneys in I.D. case spread message

Looks like the "creationist crew" is out to lunch today... Well... make that everyday. :)

I love the backpeddling and lame excuses the ID people are making now. I guess it coincides with their theories too, eh?

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Judge strikes down intelligent design

Hey Wendt,

Where are the rest of the ID lunies? Haven't heard from hardly any of them...

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Judge strikes down intelligent design


Also like the thirty centers created... Thirty centers? He really should have used clubs or interest groups. Just as the article he points to states.

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Judge strikes down intelligent design

An interesting tidbit:

The Discovery Institute filed two legal briefs in the case. During a six-week trial that preceded the judge's ruling, two senior fellows at the Discovery Institute testified on behalf of the school board: Michael Behe, a Lehigh University professor whose own biology department chairman declared his work "simply not science"; and University of Idaho microbiology professor Scott Minnich, whose involvement in the case prompted the university's president to forbid teaching intelligent design in science classes.


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Judge strikes down intelligent design

Talk about denial... Oh, Brother!

Dembski: Life after Dover
Should be titled "Think I'm Going to Disneyland"

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Judge strikes down intelligent design

Gotta love BigelowBanana!!

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