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Citywide election on proposed $25 million recreation center not likely

This project could be a huge plus for Lawrence. This is exactly the type of pro-community development that was envisioned by the electorate when we passed this tax in the 90's.

The original passage of the tax was directly tied to the construction of a large fitness/health facility for the community - which was eventually set aside due to mass hysteria created by a private gym owner on 6th Street.

It's about time that Lawrence move forward, think big and strive for greatness.

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Letter: Fluoride evil?

The "studies" cited by nyscof are highly questionable, so much so that no reputable scientific organization in the world sites them as anything but pure gibberish. Used in controlled levels, there are no proven side effects to fluoridated water.

Gus is right...fluoridated water has been around for decades and, if there were any clear side effects, they would have shown up in a consistent basis among the tens of millions of people who have been drinking it for years. Of course, there are no such side effects.

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