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Anger building in McCain's crowds

Ha! Check out what some nutty evangelical said before a McCain rally in Iowa!"There are millions of people around this world praying to their god-whether it's Hindu, Buddha, Allah-that his opponent wins, for a variety of reasons. And Lord, I pray that you will guard your own reputation, because they're going to think that their God is bigger than you, if that happens," said Arnold Conrad, the former pastor of Grace Evangelical Free Church in Davenport.

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Anger building in McCain's crowds

Interesting how none of the conservative posters have denounced the actions of their peers at these rallies. Could it be that this is how they feel too? And then these people boo McCain! This is their guy! And they're booing him for saying Obama is a good guy! And the whack jobs saying they are truly afraid of an Obama presidency!? Am I missing something? Are we in a dictatorship now? How much power do they think the president has??P.S. Mizzou is going down!!!!! Wooooohoooooo!

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Anger building in McCain's crowds

Oh, and I forgot to mention...although I have a new found respect for McCain, I have a new found disrespect for the conservative base. Absolutely classless.

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Anger building in McCain's crowds

I have gained a new found respect for John McCain. He seems like a truly good guy. The Republicans are upset that he's not playing dirty, but I don't think he's like that. If he had picked a good VP, I may have voted for him.The woman that said Obama was an Arab, now that is classic. Looks like all the emails and radio talk shows have done their job, stoking the fear.

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Biden, Palin square off in vice presidential debate

First of all, I didn't watch much of the debate at all. But from the parts I saw I sure didn't think Palin looked comfortable, and her answers seemed rehearsed. Biden was likely rehearsed as well, but at least he had some inflection in his voice. She kind of sounded robotic. Just like the presidential debate, I find it amusing the HUGE difference between analysts reactions on Fox and CNN. I took the advice of some fellow LJW posters and watched some of the post debate coverage on PBS, and it was much better!

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Debate the Debate

Kind of off topic, but I'm looking forward to the VP debates next week. I haven't really heard much from conservative posters on here about Palin's interview with Couric. I didn't see it personally, but I heard from several liberals it was terrible. I'd like to hear what conservatives thought of it. Does anyone else get the feeling that she's going to embarrass herself? I mean it's just amazing to think that about a month ago, all she had to think about was governing Alaska, and now she's going to be debating on national television about the economy and foreign policy! I know she's a "bulldog", but I'll bet she is scared out of her mind!

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Student starts charity to aid S. Africa

Marion Lynn (Marion Lynn) says:Why do these people not try "making a difference" at home?----------------------------------------Well, according to the article, this particular person took a trip to South Africa and saw some incredibly poor living conditions, and she felt the need to help in some way. As for the "people" that you refer to in this question, I'm not sure. You don't really believe they hate America, do you?----------------------------------------Do they hate America that much?----------------------------------------Also, I'm sure you didn't mean it Marion, buy you seem to imply that this girl hates America. Personally, I think we should praise anyone that gives to charity. I think this student is a great American, do you Marion??

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Debate the Debate

I think they both came off as very well spoken and extremely intelligent. I know I'm biased towards Obama, but for what it's worth, I felt that Obama seemed to be very composed. I thought McCain did much better than expected (by me anyway). There were a few times where he seemed to mumble, and go off track a bit, but overall he did very well.I found the bias of Fox (viewers anyway) and CNN very amusing though. I watched the debate on CNN (I know, liberal biased) and according to their panel, most give a slight edge to Obama. And when I turned it to Fox to check out the coverage afterwards, 85% of the viewers said McCain won. I know it's a lot to ask for, but I would sure like a truly unbiased news network!

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Student starts charity to aid S. Africa

Ha, you guys are amazing! I figured there'd be a lot of positive comments on here...but noooo, the negative nannies have come out of the woodwork. God forbid someone try to make a difference in the world. If this student would've started a charity for poor Americans, we'd be hearing comments about how she's just encouraging them to continue being poor. "Don't give 'em money! They'll just ask for more!"I usually think that some of the posters get treated very poorly on this site, but when you guys say things like what you've said on this thread, you deserve all the crap you get!!

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Books are for reading, not for banning

Oh come on guys....this is typical political stuff! I mean did you REALLY think the dems would just let Palin's "book" question go? Sure, it was seemingly harmless since it was just a question, no actual book banning, but it makes for some good political fodder.But you know, I think the republicans are bringing this on themselves. If they'd let the poor woman talk, she could probably provide some sort of an explanation. Just my opinion, but right now I bet Palin is wishing she hadn't accepted the VP nomination. It seems to me they're making a fool out of her with all these photo ops. I saw one clip on the terribly left skewed CNN, where she was meeting with one of the foreign leaders, and a reporter asked her a question, at which point all reporters were escorted out of the room. She looked humiliated.

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