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Nonsense takes center stage as city honors art movement

Greetings from Brooklyn, NY.

I came across this story on the internet -- what a hoot!

Your mayor seems like a brilliant prankster to me. He found a way to expose just how humorless the reactionaries really are by appropriating an art movement that hasn't been controversal since WWI... Anybody who actually gets worked up over something as innocuous as Dadaism is somebody who's long overdue for a heaping dose of it. LOL

Kudos on you, Mayor Boog. Just when we all thought it was time to give up on the Red States for good, you threw us a curveball and gave us hope.

There's still glimmers of intelligence and humor in the heartland. Awesome.

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Dada distraction

>OK, we can take a joke.

You guys sure about that?

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Mayor says it's time for nonsense

Greetings from Brooklyn, NY!

Wow -- I just stumbled on this story on the internet. Just when I thought it was time to give up on the Red States entirely, you guys throw us a curveball. What's the matter with Kansas? Nothing a little good old Dadaism can't fix.

Epater la bourgeoisie? mais oui!

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