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Editorial: ID concerns

Actually there are thousands of improper votes.

There are a lot of non-citizens that vote in US elections. We wouldn't have Obamacare if Al Franken hadn't won his Senate seat, and his election was close enough that, had the illegal votes not been cast, he would have lost.

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Letter: Lesson of history

All right. Let's say there are two jars of M&M's, each with 100 in them. In one jar there is one poisoned M&M and 99 regular ones, and the other jar is all just regular M&M's. Which jar do eat out of? Well, most sane people don't eat out of the jar with the one poisoned M&M, even if there's only a 1 in 100 chance of getting poisoned.

Most of these Syrians are not terrorists. Maybe 99% aren't. Maybe 99.99% aren't. Do you want to eat out of the jar with the one poisoned M&M in it?

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KU plan for diversity training worries some GOP lawmakers

Your logic is impeccable. Clearly if I cite an essay on the liberty fund website it means I endorse everything that cite promotes as well as everything one pair of donors promotes as well. It's just like how when I cite the FBI website or the IRS website it is because I fully support everything they do.

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KU plan for diversity training worries some GOP lawmakers

To the contrary, I care about the Forgotten Man, someone for which you have no empathy.

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KU plan for diversity training worries some GOP lawmakers

Mr. Carson proves my point. As anyone right of Lenin knows, going to college and being outspoken about your beliefs is swimming against the stream. He has no empathy for those people at all. He could care less about those who are unjustly called racists or have their motives called into question because they see different solutions to social problems. Diversity means Mr. Carson's kind of diversity, which is a lack of real diversity.

See his post below for more proof of his lack of empathy and caring for others.

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KU plan for diversity training worries some GOP lawmakers

You'll notice that this diversity stuff only goes one way. If anyone were to propose that KU needs to make sure that half of all professors are conservatives they would be quickly shouted down.

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Letter: Cruel move

They say an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. It was US foreign policy that caused all the turmoil in the Middle East, upsetting long-standing dictatorships that, while certainly cruel themselves, kept their problems contained. Step one is to stop intervening in other countries' affairs and creating these sorts of problems in the first place.

Now in a free society, every property-owner would be able to decide for themselves whether or not to accept a refugee into their homes based upon their own free will. But we don't have a free society. When people demand that the US accept refugees, they are demanding that we be forced to provide for them through the welfare state. The difference between charity and theft is that one is a voluntary, consensual act and the other done using force or threats and does not involve consent on one party's behalf. Theft is immoral, no matter what use the proceeds are put towards. Make a free society and then those who disagree with Mr. Brownback can show their disagreement with their own property.

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Editorial: Naive thinking

Not an argument. You aren't using logic, and you haven't rebutted my points.

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Editorial: Naive thinking

You sure forgot about a lot of the negative factors. What about the fact that immigrants use welfare programs at a higher rate(1) than native born citizens. Isn't that a problem when the government's budget is already heavily in the red? What about the fact that immigrant children will put a greater strain on the public school system, spreading resources even thinner because of their different language needs, thus lowering the overall quality of public education? What about the fact that these immigrants in particular don't share our cultural beliefs in things like separation of church and state, women's rights, and the Western Tradition of the right to life, liberty and property? Does that enter your calculation?

You know, the reason why America and the Western countries are so great is because our ancestors stood up and fought for these things. There were wars fought for things like religious freedom and the right to self-govern. Most of the refugees fleeing Syria are younger men. They need to fight to fix their home, not come here to live off the taxpayer.


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Editorial: Naive thinking

"The sole purpose of terrorism is make people mistrust their government. "


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