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Opinion: Out of jail, but not yet free

Pitts is, of course, not telling the whole story. Alexander did not flee to the garage to escape the fight, she went there specifically to retrieve the gun, passing the front and back door on the way. Additionally, the police found nothing wrong with the garage door and no reason why she couldn't get out that way. The man was in the living room with his TWO SONS when she came in and threatened them and fired the gun AT him, missing his head while his TWO SONS were in the room. The three of them fled from the building and HE called 911, while she stayed there and she did NOT call 911. Her husband's account of the incident changed a few times, and it is implicated that she got him to change his account and coached him on what to say since she continued to have contact with him after the judge ordered her not to, and his story had changed in his deposition from what he originally told police. Then changed again.

I'm not saying she is guilty or innocent, but just that Pitts' story leaves out some parts which, when you take them into consideration, makes one see why a jury could reasonably find against her.

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Letter: Rights have limits

Amateur Constitutional lawyers should learn a little history about the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. The purpose of the Bill of Rights was to assuage the Anti-Federalists who feared the centralization of power into the Federal government. They argued the Bill of Rights was necessary to prevent abuses of power by the government. The Federalists argued they were unnecessary because the Constitution created a limited government with specific powers listed in the Constitution. They never granted the government the power to ban guns or prohibit free speech, hence putting amendments in preventing that power seemed pointless. The Anti-Federalists countered that they mistrusted power and wanted the limitations in there anyway.

History has proven the Anti-Federalists to have been correct.

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Senate passes bill approving Keystone XL oil pipeline

The oil is already coming, just by train. Pipeline is actually safer and cheaper. Know the facts.

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Letter: Deficit trends

Actually this LTE does not tell the "whole story" either. He's talking about on-budget deficits, not about the total liabilities accumulated. And of course, all the government has to do is move more of the liabilities off the budget to make the volk feel better. Looking at the CBO's long-term fiscal scenario, it is clear that the government can never make good on its liabilities. The only question is when will the crisis hit?

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Letter: Climate politics

The problem with that is that it is ex post facto and is not what was predicted. The entire crisis is based on predictions of a dire future, and if the predictions so far have been inaccurate, on what basis should we cripple our economy. Additionally, why is the only solution seem to always been increased taxation and regulation?

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Letter: Tax truth

The marxist theory of labor has long been disproven. Workers are paid based on their marginal productivity. Profit does not come from stealing the workers' excess productivity but is instead based upon the natural rate of interest of invested capital.

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Letter: Climate politics

Big Warming's predictions have been consistently inaccurate for many years now. The gap between the predicted warming and what has been observed continues to grow. Normally in science, when your predictions continue to fail, you accept that your science is wrong.

Now if you truly care about your descendants' futures, then you surely wouldn't want to cripple the economy and leave them in poverty over junk science.

And FYI, the conservatives are not worried about debt any more than the liberals are. They both support fiat money and the federal reserve banking system.

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Letter: Climate politics

And you think the global warming cabal has acted honestly?

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Crews demolish buildings on the site of Berkeley Flats apartments, in the 1100 block of Mississippi

"I'll bet they could have been reused to repair windows of poor people"

Unintentionally hilarious. Thank you.

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Opinion: Europe gets the joke of Fox News

Methinks the pot is calling the kettle black.

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