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Letter: Money talks

Look, the government is just a gun. Everyone wants to get a hold of that gun and point it at someone else. Instead of wanting to just get rid of the gun called "The State," all you're asking for is to have it pointed elsewhere. Guess what? Those people you want to point that gun at aren't just going to sit around and take it, they're going to fight back. Stop trying to point guns at people and start living in peace with your neighbors via the free market.

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Opinion: Good or bad, ‘Government’ is us

Ok folks, clearly Pitts is trying to tell you that anyone who dislikes the government is probably a murderer like McVeigh. Got it?

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Letter: Who knows?

"That is typical of most gun nuts."

Any proof?

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Letter: Who knows?

You mean these professionals?

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Letter: Sad time

You do know that the average hours per week they work is 15, right? And I certainly would love more time to spend with the family, but you keep stealing from us to give to the people who only work 15 hours a week. Why don't you tell them to work more hours instead of supporting theft?

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Letter: Sad time

If these people feel it is too undignified then they don't have to take the loot, err, handouts.

"we most certainly do not want “these people” or their children to receive a single pleasure from life"

I work 60 hours a week and my wife works 50 hours a week. We take great pleasure in being able to provide for our family with our hard work. I suggest these people give it a try.

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Letter: Feel safer?

There are two parts of your brain. The emotional part tells you that guns=danger and that you should be afraid of them. The rational part tells you that more guns in the hands of law-abiding citizens actually makes you safer.

Whether you "feel" safer or not is irrelevant.

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Jury finds McLinn guilty of first-degree murder

Not much mention of the drugs she was using. Anti-depressants mess with your brain. Look at a lot of the school shootings and you'll see these brain-bending drugs as part of it. But, if the FDA says they are safe, I guess that can't be it.

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Letter: Federal dysfunction

The author misunderstands the purpose of the government. It exists solely to serve itself--the people who make up the government. They are doing just fine. The distractions are just that and nothing more.

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Opinion: Poverty a social, not economic, issue

In the Free Market there isn't lions and gazelles, we all work and trade together for mutual advantage. The free market is win-win.

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