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Jury finds McLinn guilty of first-degree murder

Not much mention of the drugs she was using. Anti-depressants mess with your brain. Look at a lot of the school shootings and you'll see these brain-bending drugs as part of it. But, if the FDA says they are safe, I guess that can't be it.

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Letter: Federal dysfunction

The author misunderstands the purpose of the government. It exists solely to serve itself--the people who make up the government. They are doing just fine. The distractions are just that and nothing more.

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Opinion: Poverty a social, not economic, issue

In the Free Market there isn't lions and gazelles, we all work and trade together for mutual advantage. The free market is win-win.

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Opinion: Poverty a social, not economic, issue

"George Will is convinced that there is something inherent in men that makes them founts of stability, wisdom and strength."

It's not in men, but in fathers that stability, wisdom and strength is found. Marriage and fatherhood have a civilizing effect on men. Additionally, children need fathers. The statistics are too overwhelming to even be doubted.

"Make your own decisions in your own way and do not allow yourself to be intimidated into making one that is wrong for you."

If you made the decision to have a child, then I could care less what's right and wrong for you, it's all about that child. And it overwhelmingly clear that having the father in the child's life is better for that child.

"Single parent homes...are not broken"

Unless one of the parents has died, then yes, it is broken. For the child it is broken. The death of a parent is LESS traumatic for children than divorce. And it's obvious why single parents cannot do as well. They have less time since they have to do the work of two people--earning money, cleaning, cooking, shopping etc. There's just mathematically less time for spending with children when there is only one parent. Kids need attention from their parents, they need quality time.

Women initiate the vast majority of divorces, and you know the number one reason? Dissatisfaction. They are destroying their children's lives because their husband just doesn't do it for them anymore. And they do so because of the generous welfare state that allows them to financially to do so, and because of people like yourself who tell them that it's completely OK to be a single parent and to do what's right for her.

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Letter: All-out effort

Independent of society? I'm the one trying to help my fellow man, not send him off to be killed. You're the one who is contributing nothing to society but instead trying to drain resources and lives of others. The free market IS society, and that's what I'm about. You are about dominating society and forcing people to your will, I'm about peaceful trading and living together in harmony. You are better off in some jungle where you can dominate no one while me and society live together and trade in peace.

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Letter: All-out effort

A draft? You mean kidnap young men and force them into the middle of mass murder?

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Opinion: Giuliani comments are indefensible

"I have no problem with anyone refuting logically what he says."


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Opinion: Giuliani comments are indefensible

That's right Mr. Pitts, keep spouting your message: it's Us vs. Them, it's blacks vs. whites, it's good vs. evil, divide and fight against each other.

Why do they try to get us to fight against each other? Because if we didn't then people might realize the real enemy is the State.

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Letter: Failed state?

When people say stuff like what's in the LTE it just makes me laugh. The republicans and democrats are 99% the same. They agree on almost all the same policies, and mainly just differ on the details. When the GOP sets the education budget at X they are horrible misanthropes, but the Dems budget of X+1 makes them enlightened saviors of society. When the Dems set the tax rate at X they are bleeding the rich and stifling growth, but when the GOP sets tax rates at X-1 they are letting the rich get away with paying practically nothing!

Folks, it's all a show. Wake up.

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Letter: Education future

People can argue that teachers are paid too much or too little, but there is no real way to know in a socialist educational system like that in the US. Only in a private system where prices and wages are set by the market can you tell what the correct wage would be.

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