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Opinion: Giuliani comments are indefensible

"I have no problem with anyone refuting logically what he says."


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Opinion: Giuliani comments are indefensible

That's right Mr. Pitts, keep spouting your message: it's Us vs. Them, it's blacks vs. whites, it's good vs. evil, divide and fight against each other.

Why do they try to get us to fight against each other? Because if we didn't then people might realize the real enemy is the State.

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Letter: Failed state?

When people say stuff like what's in the LTE it just makes me laugh. The republicans and democrats are 99% the same. They agree on almost all the same policies, and mainly just differ on the details. When the GOP sets the education budget at X they are horrible misanthropes, but the Dems budget of X+1 makes them enlightened saviors of society. When the Dems set the tax rate at X they are bleeding the rich and stifling growth, but when the GOP sets tax rates at X-1 they are letting the rich get away with paying practically nothing!

Folks, it's all a show. Wake up.

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Letter: Education future

People can argue that teachers are paid too much or too little, but there is no real way to know in a socialist educational system like that in the US. Only in a private system where prices and wages are set by the market can you tell what the correct wage would be.

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Opinion: Line between real, ridiculous is blurry

I don't get why people always act surprised that politicians play on people's greed and fear. They seem to not realize that is how it has always been.

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Letter: Civil service

Mr. Bryce, The GOP are not supporters of the free market. Never have been. All politicians, left and right, claim to support the free market. Don't you believe it one bit!

Also, the free market is all about regulation. Prices are the biggest regulator of them all. Prices tell you what you should and shouldn't do, and that doing something you shouldn't will cost you a lot. Property rights are regulators too. They tell you what you can and can't do just as much as anything else.

"It is only Their Greed that keeps this from happening. When Man cannot control himself..."

Goodness! And you want to give some of these people POWER over us? If people are so greedy and lacking in self-control, how is giving them more power going to make anything better? The businessman may be evil and greedy, but the only way he can stop me from shopping at his competitor's is to offer me lower prices, better quality or both.

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Letter: Civil service

Well, you just told me you haven't been paying attention. I see you have stored up a response to some republicans, but that's not me. Good luck.

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Letter: Civil service

"if the middle class doesn't have the money to spend on products"

Money has no actual value outside its use as money. It is simply a placeholder, something to facilitate indirect exchange. If you make shoes and want eggs, without money you'd have to find someone who has eggs and wants shoes. With a money economy, you can trade your shoes for money, then trade money for eggs. You are indirectly trading shoes for eggs, money is just a placeholder for the value of what you made. Thus it's not about how much money people have, but the purchasing power of that money. If you got paid $1 an hour, but a house cost $100, you'd be better off than if you got paid $100 an hour and houses cost $1 billion.

"Your Laffer theory does not work"

The Laffer curve is about maximizing tax revenues. The idea is to find the tax rate which squeezes the most loot out of society. This is a horrible idea as every dollar handed over to the government is a sword that can be used against us.

When you say stuff like this, it tells me you are not actually reading what I say, thinking about it or responding to the points I make. You are regurgitating canned responses. My preferred tax rate is zero. I want to minimize the amount of money the government has, the Laffer curve tries to maximize that amount. 100% different.

"Our country had free market at the beginning of the industrial revolution and we had child labor, unsafe working conditions, and lots of poor people. "

Yes, because society was very poor prior to the free market, and thanks to the economic wealth created by the free market, those things have gone away. You cannot just legislate poverty and child labor away. You have to create wealth to make that happen, and only the free market has ever done that.

"And now look at us. The rich are getting richer and the poor poorer."

Yes, because we have more and more government.

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Letter: Civil service

In the last paragraph the author incorrectly states that the middle class "is both the reflection and cause of a strong economy."

The cause of a strong economy is a free market. The freer the market the stronger the economy. Countries with a market towards the freer end are places like New Zealand, Canada and Switzerland. Countries that are far from free economically are places like North Korea, Cuba and Haiti. Private property rights, stable money, low regulation and low taxes are the keys to success for an economy and the proof is in the pudding.

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Saturday Column: Congressional debates reflect lack of trust in Obama

Is there any legal difference between being conquered and losing an election?

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