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Kansas waitress’ message to Brownback goes viral

She doesn't want him to "tip the schools" out of his own money, though. She wants him to steal more from her neighbors, her boss, her friends, her coworkers, etc. and give it to school administrators for their pensions.

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Letter: Gun concerns

Mr. Conrad is just pointing out the hypocrisy of the American Right. When it comes to matters like private gun ownership, they talk about minimizing government intervention. But when it comes to foreign policy, the American Right is all for government intervention.

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Letter: School access

"Placing police cars at the schools would teach children that the police are there to protect them."

You mean indoctrinate them in that belief.

Regardless, I drive my kids to school because I like to spend just a little more time with them and they prefer it.

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Letter: History ignored

Thank goodness for English law that protects property from such wanton destruction.

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Letter: Bill’s impact

Ownership of all property comes from private hands. The government does not produce anything, it must confiscate property from private individuals. I meant return that property to society, not return to some past point in time.

BTW, Native Americans were not communist or anything of the sort. They may not have practiced a British common-law style view of private property, but it certainly was the case that if a family had farmed a certain plot of land, the others recognized that it belonged to them and no one else.

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Letter: History ignored

Those dastardly white immigrants, with their English Law, free markets, vast creation of wealth, individual rights, Western Civilization, the ending of slavery, amazing advances in technology, the English language, etc. How awful that they inflicted all of that on poor you.

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Letter: Bill’s impact

Mr. Warrick is right, no more publicly funded anything. Return society to private ownership.

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Opinion: Legislators must focus on what’s best for Kansas

Just cut the budget and sell off government assets. Doing so is not only moral, but will benefit the poor and middle class far greater than increasing the looting of society for the benefit of the political class.

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Opinion: U.S. in dire need of election reform

It's pretty simple: power corrupts. You give the government all this power and then, what, are only angels supposed to get involved? Of course the wealthy want to direct that power, and so do the poor, and so does everyone else.

You want elections with less money? Take power away from the State and watch how much cheaper campaigns become.

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Letter: Money talks

Look, the government is just a gun. Everyone wants to get a hold of that gun and point it at someone else. Instead of wanting to just get rid of the gun called "The State," all you're asking for is to have it pointed elsewhere. Guess what? Those people you want to point that gun at aren't just going to sit around and take it, they're going to fight back. Stop trying to point guns at people and start living in peace with your neighbors via the free market.

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