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Opinion: Let’s talk about ‘black on black’ crime

The solution is simple: get rid of the awful police. They commit more crimes than any other group of people anyway.

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Opinion: Go ahead, GOP, impeach Obama

The thing is, the GOP likes to abuse power just as much as the Dems, so they can't impeach Obama for his abuses of power lest they be held to the same standard.

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Letter: Angry at results

" He would like to privatize everything, so that someone is making a profit from our tax dollars."

Tax dollars means it isn't privatized. Only free choice to buy or not buy means privatized. Once again, all I see is that you differ on the details, but once again, agree with Brownback on almost everything.

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Letter: Angry at results

Well Mr. Cooper, my point was that it really isn't a debacle for you. Mr. Brownback and the republicans of Kansas agree with you on almost everything, just to a slightly different percentage. To an anarchist like myself, you guys look the same to me. You see, if two politicians argue about whether to wipe out 30% of the population or 35% of the population, they both are genocidal maniacs. At least to me, they would be. Whether Brownback loots the citizens for X amount or some lesser amount, he's still a criminal leading a massive criminal organization.

You see, it's about morality, not a Laffer curve. The State is immoral because initiating force is immoral.

As for being "there" for people, you mean helping out those in need? There are people who are deserving, the mentally and physically handicapped for example, need help and people will always help them. Then there are those who are not deserving, people who make bad choices. We have no moral duty to prevent them from experiencing the results of their bad decisions.

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Letter: Angry at results

So you want those things funded at X amount of dollars, and Mr. Brownback wants to fund them at some smaller % of X. You only disagree on the numbers, not ideology. Brownback still believes in transferring wealth from taxpayers to others just like you do, but at a different amount. He believes in government education, government roads, government security and arbitration and many other services provided by the government, just like you do. You only disagree on the amount of money to be looted and transferred from your neighbors. The only difference between yourself and folks like Brownback is mere percentage points.

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Opinion: Scottish independence vote is epic

Of course, if Abe Lincoln was the Prime Minister of the UK, he would invade and kill civilians by the thousands if Scotland voted to secede....

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Plans for Walmart Express in Baldwin City tabled after protests

Mr. Ford, Wal-Mart did not put that store out of business. The customers chose to stop going there because they found it inferior. Propping up inferior businesses is why the economy is in the tank right now.

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Editorial: Gun grandstanding

Oh, I knew it alright. When people vote, it's just like that scene from 1984 where the guy screams, "Do it to her! Do it to Julia!" You're just hoping that they turn their evil on the losing faction instead of aiming it at you. You're wrong, of course. Everyone loses no matter who wins.

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Editorial: Gun grandstanding

LOL, I haven't voted in years. Why vote for a different mafia leader? I would rather no mafia at all.

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Editorial: Gun grandstanding

MerriAnnie, government is a criminal gang. Don't fall for propaganda that they indoctrinate you with in government education centers. That's the fairy tale version where the State is not full of violent insane people.

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