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Opinion: Campaigns free of election controls

Pay to play is the whole purpose of government. The State takes wealth from the many and redistributes it in the pockets of the few. What other point does the State have for existence than this?

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Labor department reports weak job growth in Kansas

It isn't because they changed the way they report unemployment in the to push the numbers down. They simply defined unemployment in a way so as to exclude people from that category. You can see this for yourself. In April of 2000 the U-3 was 3.8% and the employment rate was 64.7%. In April of 2015 the U-3 was "5.4"% but the employment rate was only 59.3%. So how is it that 5.4% fewer of the population has a job, but the unemployment rate is only 1.6% higher? Like was said, you have some explaining to do.

All data from

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Letter: Deregulation


a nation or territory considered as an organized political community under one government.
"Germany, Italy, and other European states"

synonyms: country, nation, land, sovereign state, nation state, kingdom, realm, power, republic, confederation, federation
"an autonomous state"

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Letter: Deregulation

The problem is that we have socialist money. The State controls the money supply, prints the money, forbids anyone else from minting money or anything else from being used as money, and they control the interest rates (time value of money). So, of course, socialism causes all kinds of economic woes, and naturally the government has to regulate all the side-effects that come out of government-controlled money.

So we can't just deregulate in pockets here and there, but instead have to deregulate away from the socialist money completely.

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Opinion: Wreck highlights infrastructure needs

You'd think that such people would be more ashamed of their greed.

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Opinion: ACA now a sturdy 5-year-old

"But the negative fallout would extend beyond President Barack Obama to millions of beneficiaries."

And the positive fallout would extend beyond the hundreds of millions of victims of this law.

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Opinion: Wreck highlights infrastructure needs

Yes, you selfish old folks who are the richest group of people in the history of the world demand poor working people to give you even more. When you folks bought a house it was $10,000, now that same house costs $150,000 thanks to the inflation you've saddled us with. But you selfishly demand even more. You want free medical care, free money, free everything, and you'll vote for whoever promises you the most. Who cares what kind of terrible situation of debt you leave behind, as long as you got yours, right?

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Opinion: Wreck highlights infrastructure needs

"Pity those poor billionaires, they might have a little less money."

You don't understand how things work. You have the socialist view that the rich have a big plate of spaghetti and the poor have a plate with only a couple of beans. The rich do not consume all of their wealth, they invest it in capital assets which increase production and provide jobs and the goods and services which make our lives better. By stealing from the rich, you are not taking some of their spaghetti and doling it out, you are destroying jobs and production. Your view is selfish and envious and based purely on emotion, not facts or logic. If you truly want to create a wealthier society, for everyone, then you should support zero taxes.

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Opinion: Wreck highlights infrastructure needs

Dorothy, we pay FAR more in taxes than any generation in US history when you factor in inflation and debt, which is nothing more than a promise to tax in the future. And what's worse, those younger folks who are footing all these bills won't get anything back out of the system because it will completely fall apart by the time it's their turn to collect. The older generation is selfishly sucking this country dry.

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Letter: School attack

The trend is going down, it's only getting worse. How can you support such miserable results? It's child abuse.

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