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Kansans split over questions about Melania Trump speech

Of course the big difference is that women slept with Donald willingly, while Clinton was a serial rapist.

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Opinion: Police are not the problem; we are

You are being racist, Bob. You think black people are children who are not to be held responsible for their failures. And I have in no way been dishonest or wrong about the facts. You need to check your racism and start to hold black people responsible for their own lives. When you treat them like children, you doom them to forever suffer from their failures, instead of recognizing them and begining the move towards real solutions.

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Opinion: Police are not the problem; we are

Bob, facts aren't racist.

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Opinion: Police are not the problem; we are

What Pitts really means is that white people are the problem. It's white people's fault that black people commit crimes in higher numbers, do poorly in school, manage their money poorly, can't get a job, get aggressive with the police etc. Everything is white people's fault.

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Letter to the editor: More violence

This whole issue shows how little impact statistics have on people's thinking. Anyone looking into the issue can readily find that statistics show blacks are much more likely to commit crimes in general, violent crimes in particular, to attack police officers and to commit murder. Blacks are much more likely to be killed by other blacks than by police officers. Now if Black Lives Matter really cared about black people they would be admitting these facts and coming up with solutions to help the black community. Where are the BLM community watch groups? Where is their help for keeping black families intact?

To fix the problems you have to first admit the truth:
1. White racism is not the problem
2. Government intervention is not the solution

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Letter to the editor: Beyond reason

"To watch national headlines is painful."

As someone who lives outside of Kansas I can assure you, no one else is paying attention to what goes on with the budget in Kansas. Sorry, but it's true.

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Letter to the editor: The full truth

Look, Ken, he was saying it's probably 28, 29 or 35 and that he's heard even 42. They called it a lie because the official government stats say it''s much lower, not because he didn't get an exact figure.

Regardless, I'm not going to debunk every last one. Look through the list and you see some things that are just opinions and others that are repeated myths and other things where he's just wrong about something. These aren't lies. Like I said, any public figure who has a lot of speeches and interviews will make some mistakes and say something wrong here and there. The site is bogus because it claims that it knows the % of lies politicians are telling when in fact the ones they list aren't even lies and they cherry pick quotes in the first place. That is my point, and the fact that I can even find one non-lie on the site proves my point.

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Letter to the editor: The full truth

Thanks for sharing the link Ken. So here we have even more dubious claimed "lies" of Trump. For example, Trump talks about the phony unemployment numbers the government puts out. In 1994 the government redefined unemployment in order to make the numbers lower so that it would look better. According to, the actual number is closer to 23%. So what Trump says is accurate: the 5% figure is phony, and it's actually much higher. This site politifact calls it a lie because they essentially believe the government always tells the truth, and thus anyone who disagrees with the government's numbers must be lying.

Once again we see that the site is bogus. Thanks Ken!

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Letter to the editor: The full truth

Another "lie" accredited to Trump is that he said he was invited on John Oliver's show. Now it is the case that he has never been invited on John Oliver's HBO show. But Trump has been invited to be a guest on the Daily Show, a show which Oliver used to work for. Now is it the case that Trump was lying and that he isn't a truthful person, or did he mistake one show for the other?

Regardless, these are the "lies" that Trump is supposed guilty of, while Hillary lied about things regarding national security. But liberals don't care, and they will pretend it doesn't matter as long as she promises free stuff.

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Letter to the editor: The full truth

The "truthfulness" of that site is pretty bogus. One of the "lies" they credited to Trump was that he said in 2012 that Romney couldn't win. You see that is a "lie" because technically Romney could have won. Another thing most people don't know about their "truthfulness" ratings is that they only select a small sample of quotes to look at. They aren't going over everything the person says. So of course any public figure who has made lots of speeches is going to have plenty of things they said that are incorrect that politifact can cherry pick and pretend that you're just lying all the time. It's bogus.

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