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Opinion: Views of football may be changing

Sigh. Why does the media think this is a story? Do they not remember that Joe Theisman broke his leg on Monday Night Football while millions watched? It's as if injuries were never part of the risks of the game until just recently. Guess what, the stress of being a lawyer causes a lot of them to drink. Some roofers fall and get hurt. Police officers and soldiers have dangerous jobs. Ever see Deadliest Catch?

Some jobs have risks of getting hurt, and pro football is one of them. It's also the highest paid of all the jobs listed above. This isn't a "story," quit thinking that you're telling us something we don't know.

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Letter: Conservative climate

There's the simple fact that changing climate poses little danger to first world, highly industrialized societies. Climate related deaths have fallen dramatically. Energy is the key resource to unlocking that ability. Of course, the dangers of not using fossil fuels are real. Millions of people would die without the energy used to power our modern agricultural techniques. AGW models don't have predictive ability. It's basically a guess. So we have the real danger that you crazies pose, and the fake danger that your computer games claim.

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Letter: Conservative climate

Yeah, but we know that burning fossil fuels isn't going to impact the climate as much as it helps to improve the lives of billions of people.

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Letter: Conservative climate

"The key to developing a more comfortable lifestyle for these folks is to develop low/no carbon technologies for producing electricity and heat"

Why? Carbon emitting fuels are plentiful and work really well. Nothing else comes close.

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Letter: Conservative climate

Yes, let's evaluate all the risks. If we were to curtail CO2 emissions as suggested, how many hundreds of millions of people would die of starvation? You see, the only way we can grow as much food as we do is because of the machinery and farm equipment we have which all runs on fossil fuels.

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Controversial Kansas sex-ed poster lives on as lawmakers debate prosecuting teachers

Why would money be an issue when there are so many low priced and free educational tools using today's technology? The notion that only the wealthy could afford a quality education without the government is completely false.

So what's the real issue? The real issue is all those people living high off the taxpayer's money don't want to lose their gravy train.

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Controversial Kansas sex-ed poster lives on as lawmakers debate prosecuting teachers

Greg, I was writing in response to the main article which says nothing about STDs or pregnancy rates. The issue was the offensive poster and a proposed bill which aims to do something about it. In a free market, any educational business that offended its customers (the parents) would lose customers to businesses that didn't. Employees (teachers) that were offensive would be fired.

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Free State student says flying Confederate flag not meant to be racist; others weigh in as petitions to ban it circulate

"despite statistics showing minorities do not commit crimes at any higher a rate than anyone else"

Not quite. Blacks and hispanics commits crimes at a higher rate than whites, asians and jews. For example, the black murder rate is 7 times higher than the white murder rate.

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