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Lawrence man transported to hospital after strong-arm robbery

Yes, we North-Lawerencians go for walks and runs at night, and sometimes we go under the bridges...either the bridge over the Kaw, or the train bridge with a tunnel on either side. It's not that strange. Who are you people? I think some of the people commenting on this website had an abrasion on the head.

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Making it up as we go along: Female-filled comedy troupe Girl(m)Prov forms their own forum for laughs

Where is the rest of this article? It got cut off.

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Study: Being obese raises risk of sexual problems

If you're morbidly obese, sexual problems are the least of your worries.

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Lawrence second graders respond to "Nature vs. Nintendo" article

ughhhhh. can we please not politicize the writings of children? sheesh. so nitpicky. and yes, i don't capitalize on purpose.

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Gores separate after 40 years of marriage

Good point. 40 years is a long time.

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Lawrence second graders respond to "Nature vs. Nintendo" article

Only 10 minutes of TV at a time kids! Take Shezhanna's advice!

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Gores separate after 40 years of marriage

Tuh hee!!! Nice one WGO. Cyber-winers! Waaaaa....sniffle...sniffle...

Neo-cons come out of the woodwork to indict a liberal on ANY issue...even non-political ones...even ones that reek of the pot calling the kettle black. Sure, we made fun of Dub-Yuh for his "Bushisms", but they were valid criticisms since the were indicative of an overarching stumbling, bumbling, nature that permeated even his political decisions.

Can we just say: PCTKB from now on instead of spelling out POT CALLING THE KETTLE BLACK? It happens so often it's ree-donkey-less.

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KU AD Perkins speaks with reporters prior to Big 12 meetings in K.C., Mo.

Remember that photo a while back in LJW of Lew with his feet up on his desk, fat belly, chewing on a cigar? I always just sort of mentally refer back to that photo when I am trying to decide which class of weasel this guy is.

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Road-trip radio

I would also add WNYC's Radiolab podcast, Dan Savage's Savage Love podcast, and Chicago Public Radio's Sound Opinions podcast. All keepers. Nice again Phil.

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