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Lawrence City Commission candidate Sven Alstrom live chat

Wow. I'm so glad that I won't be here to see this train wreck. I won't be a bit surprised if he is elected. I feel like I'm in that Bugs Bunny cartoon where he is in the shack that fell off the cliff. At the last second, he steps off onto the ground and the shack disintegrates behind him. If you elect this incompetent fool to run your city, you get what you deserve. Good luck Lawrence...

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Lawrence police officer sent to hospital with nonlife-threatening injuries following assault during traffic stop

Thank you for your service Officer. I and my family wish you a speedy recovery.

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Lawrence school district weighs elementary school needs as it seeks bond issue for consolidation, updates

Go ahead and propose any bond issue you want. It will ultimately pass. Even if the vast majority of online polls and opinions are against it, it will pass. This town hasn't ever seen a tax increase it didn't like. There are way to many zero liability voters and ideologues around here. Oh, and don't forget... "It's for the children..."


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‘Me’ America

I would actually argue that the selfishness evident in our society is more a result of the liberal mindset. When my ancestors came to the prairie, they relied on themselves and the good will of their neighbors to get them through. Our nation thrived. Over time, people started relying on the government to be the solution to their problems. The ever expanding role of government created a diminishing belief in personal responsibility. Now people who aren't willing to help themselves look to the government to "help" them. When your neighbors push their snow into the street, they are saying "oh well, the government will take care of it."

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‘Me’ America

Well Don. This libertarian leaning, tea-party supporter fired up his internal combustion snow blower last week and cleaned his driveway. I then proceeded along with the help of a neighbor to clear every driveway and sidewalk in my cul-de-sac. It's what neighbors do.

You solution would be for the government to require me to clear the driveways of the "have not's." Because after all, the only reason I have a snow blower is by exploiting all the poor folks. Not because I work hard and saved up my money to buy it knowing that a snowstorm would eventually occur.

Selfish folks are everywhere and part of every political affiliation. The concept of redistribution of wealth however is perhaps the most vile form of selfishness I can think of.

More snow on the way.

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Christina Aguilera messes up national anthem lyrics at Super Bowl

Perhaps if she hadn't been so focused on her own "artistic vision" of the song, she might have sang the lyrics correctly. I didn't hear her screwup. As soon as I realized she was re-interpreting the notes, and stretching it out like so many do, I walked out of the room.

Just sing the daggum song. We don't need your own personal vision.

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Allowing a banned user, and current city commission candidate, to return to

Fundamentally I believe in personal responsibility for your actions. By allowing this person to return, you have eliminated his personal responsibility for his previous actions. I completely disagree with your decision on a deeply personal level.

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Colleagues say Zenger ideal to restore integrity and trust at KU

Seems like a big breath of fresh air to me. Welcome home Dr. Zenger!

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Cancellations, closings and delays for Thursday, Jan. 20, 2011

Channel 6 has been listing Children's Learning Center on their crawler since about 8 o'clock last night but still nothing on either this website or What gives guys? Can't you guys talk to each other?

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Westboro Baptist Church members agree to not protest slain Arizona child's funeral

It seems possible to me that those vile, evil folks sensed that protesting that particular funeral might just send more than a few people over the edge. It amazes me that somebody hasn't taken them out already. (Not that I'm advocating it...) It actually gives me a strange sense of comfort in our society knowing that this hasn't already happened. That being said, protesting at a funeral for a 9 year old little girl born on 9/11 would be the last straw for somebody Perhaps they sensed that.

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