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Government opposes request to shorten sentence from ex-KU employee convicted in ticket scandal

Yes. Tom and his compatriots care much more about protecting Lew than they care about protecting themselves, their families, and their liberty. That is the real reason why they have never told the real truth about what Lew did.

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City votes in favor of banning camping trailers, large vehicles from spots near South Park

Jack: Compton and Fritzel are exactly like Tanner. They pay millions in local taxes to fund our police, fire, library, etc. and provide hundreds of jobs to hard working people, just like Tanner.

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The Real Sin of Sodom

Reasonmclucus, you harm your cause by either (a) intentionally implying, (b) unintentionally implying, or (c) believing that the following two rhetorical questions are functionally synonymous, when in fact they are not:

"So why do Christians in the Republican Party encourage this sin by supporting low taxes for those with high incomes? Why do Christians support Republicans who don't believe in helping the poor?"

Low taxes for the rich are not a sin. Failing to help the poor is.

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Free State High School's Lynne Renick named as Lawrence Secondary Teacher of the Year

Kudos to USD 497 for recognizing greatness. Thank you Mrs. Renick.

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Ticket case’s legal aspects unclear

The story reports that the PD has come clean on the fact to the DA's office and the FBI. The idea that the facts have been hard for you to come by does not mean that they have been hard for the right people to come by.

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Douglas County judge orders release of sex offender Christopher Saemisch, who has served his prison sentence

Wrong. The judge did not put on any evidence in this case.

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Many honors

Employers and college admissions boards.

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Jeff Withey bears down

Aaron Miles was nowhere close to Taylor in terms of skill or potential. He would not start on the 2011-12 team. Sherron was better than Aaron but does not have a good enough head. He is short but might have made it in the NBA if he would have bothered to try hard enough. Tyshawn has the best shot of the three in the NBA because he is taller than Sherron, but he needs to keep a cool head and work hard. All of these guys should take a few cues from Jacque -- a great head can take you far in the NBA.

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