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Top Democrat, Kansas governor's staff spar over court choice

Sen. Hensley is right that the prior nominating process was better but he's way off base on the idea that experience as a trial court judge somehow better qualifies one to be an appellate judge. The skills necessary to be a good trial court judge are quite different from the skills necessary to be a good appellate judge.

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New steak and seafood restaurant slated to open at Sixth and Wakarusa

Sells before the ship sinks: sounds like he gets it right every time.

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City Hall report finds firms with tax abatements exceeding expectations

You mean pay the property tax that was otherwise discounted, right? A tax abatement is a property tax discount for the company. What the company "receives" in a tax abatement is a discount below what it would otherwise be required to pay in property taxes. It's not unreasonable to suggest that the discount should be forfeited for failure to comply. But we need to be careful with language because many many people do not understand that an abatement is a tax discount -- not a cash payment to the company.

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Statehouse Live: Eudora woman says she will run for state insurance commissioner

Maybe the Democrats should groom Sandy.

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Keegan: West, South play one for ages

Good point Clickker. No doubt the 13-year old boys who played in this game care much more deeply about whether Keegan was there than the magic that they experienced on the field. Fifty years from now I'm sure they'll be reminiscing with their grandsons about Tom Keegan's golf game.

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Opinion: In defense of America’s 47 percent

50yr -- the size of the group you think Romney is referring to is nowhere near 47 percent. And that is Pitts' point I think. Clearly Romney was referring to people like "Michelle" because if he.were not, then there is no way to count 47 percent.

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Initial plaintiff in remap case submits legal bills

Especially since it should be spelled "Plaintiff."

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Kansas doesn't allow political signs by highways

This article discusses signs in the public "right of way," which is another way of saying that if you put a sign on KDOT property it will be removed. Signs on private property that adjoins a right of way are OK provided they comply with other law (e.g. safety and line of sight restrictions).

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Kansas tax act most regressive in nation

+1 thank you professor.

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27 want to join Kansas redistricting lawsuit

“I really hope that the court is prepared to handle this.”

What a calculating jerk. The court regularly hears cases with way more parties than this. And federal judges do not take kindly to run-of-the-mill political one-upsmanship. The judges have lifetime appointments and Mr. Kobach does not.

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