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Letter: Kasold ‘diet’

I understand and synthesize with our lawgivers but maybe this time money should not drive. There are plans to add 400 apartments near Alvamar off Bob Billings -a few block away. The North West is not built out and we have added our new Rock Chalk facility. I find the projected usage highly suspect.

By all means commend the staff for suggesting novel ways to save money by adopting federal guidelines but why create a choke point on a road that runs 4 plus miles??

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Lawrence engineers recommending lane reduction for stretch of Kasold Drive

True. If our planning is correct we just pay less

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Lawrence engineers recommending lane reduction for stretch of Kasold Drive

Know that. Happens because of federal dollars available because w e follow their guidelines.

That said I pay federal taxes too!! A lot of them!!

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Lawrence engineers recommending lane reduction for stretch of Kasold Drive

It reads as if the real issue in this proposal is access to Federal Funds not pedestrians or bike riders as heretofore argued. If we do it as the feds would recommend we will save a million dollars. Despite my skepticism that the estimates are sound they are the best we have. It would be foolish of our lawgivers to proceed any other way.

My real issue is with federal funding of local roads. We have a national government that cannot meet its obligations to its veterans but finds funds to inject their concepts on road construction techniques throughout the land. Maybe our national government could direct some of those funds toward the refugee crisis in Europe, addressing violence in our major cities or any of a myriad of other unfinished needs. Maybe our Congressional Delegation should focus accordingly!

Now if I were in charge I would interrupt Harvard at the bottom of the hill forcing the cut through traffic endangering those living along Harvard Road on to 6th Street or Bob Billings Parkway. That would eliminate the need for redesign of the intersection (there would no longer be one) and allow us to just repair the existing Kasold roadway.

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Editorial: Kasold questions

Excuse me but I have never advocated anything with respect to roads (or for that matter just about anything else in town). I do like to poke holes in stupid, thoughtless, self centered and pejorative ideas on here.

I think it is wonderful that more people want to ride for exercise and in some cases to commute. We did just that when we were younger. Now for a number of reasons we are road bound but we do our part with hybrid vehicles. I do note the latter drops of when the weather declines.

Like many people my age in my time I did not own a car of really have access to one until I graduated college and went to work. I also did not own a bike as my money such as I had went to pay for my degree - we did not have low cost loans or broad ranging grants to cover our schooling.

And before you compare costs please look at inflation and costs of living. My income was as proportionally lower as was the costs of tuition not to mention the limited choices in course work (many fewer professors, a lot less in research and never a grad student teaching.)

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Editorial: Kasold questions

Mostly. Frankly it is insane to create a six block stretch on a residential portion of a road that runs for many miles and represents one of two North South through streets on the west side of town!

So your point is that we should redesign all our existing streets to favor bikes?? We already have sidewalks most places for pedestrians. I would be strongly supportive if more than 50% of us commuted on bikes - but they do not!!~

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Editorial: Kasold questions

At corners with stop signs like they do everywhere else in town.
Drivers have to look in four directions at Harvard( and only one at 9th street Most of the blocks are pretty standard except for the one just south of Harvard. That one is longer but not inconsistent with other places in the city.

Frankly I use that road daily and have never seen a pedestrian or a bike. In fact the only pedestrians I normally see out here are runners or within my community walkers for their health. It is rare to see anybody walking to go somewhere.

I suspect that on the downtown side there may be a lot more foot traffic. Younger people and lack of parking not to mention people who walk for their health contribute.

Understand that on the east side the city is laid out in a rectangular grid meaning there are many ways to go east west or north south. Out here except for Kasold and Wakarusa virtually no streets go through (N-S) and most are curved and we have many dead ends. Confines travel to a limited set of choices.

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Editorial: Kasold questions

We are not designing Kasold. It already exists (warts and all). What we are doing is inserting a different traffic model into a half mile stretch of a major traffic way that runs for many miles.

What is the purpose of our roads? Is it to move traffic or encourage bike riding??

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Editorial: Kasold questions

OK, you have to be kidding me. There are sidewalks. Unless the cars are going to chase people down they are as safe there as anywhere.

The bikers are as safe on Kasold as on any other major traffic way in Lawrence. Are you now advocating for major roads just for bikes?.

Is this another case where "we will have to read the bill to know what is in it"??

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Editorial: Kasold questions

Is this another case where we hear volumes from advocates of change who will benefit from the change and nothing from those who are impacted by the change because they are not advocates of any approach??

Makes decision making by our lawgivers difficult!

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