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White nationalist rally, violence rock Virginia city; 1 dead

And the beat goes on!!

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Opinion: With Trump, subtlety the greater sin


By all means people should read these books. Yes, the German people did hand Hitler the keys to the kingdom. Yes, the German people marched off to war willingly. Yes they remained loyal well into the war. And yes, by the time they lost faith Germany was losing the war. If Hitler had been winning would they have hung in there with him???

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Editorial: Grocery needs

What are we arguing here?? Dillon's opened a store not far from downtown. It is at a distance consistent with food store in relations to my home.

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Letter to the editor: Carbon fee

I agree but Senator Sanders bill went nowhere.

And the carbon tax as so far envisioned does not reallocate resources between heavy carbon users and light carbon users thus punishing people who through no fault of their own use a lot of carbon.

Yo are missing a key component of my argument - that reallocation!!!

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Letter to the editor: Carbon fee

Grid is not ready to do that yet. WE need investment in the grid. Some is happening but perhaps not fast enough to balance needs if we kill coal too quickly.

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Letter to the editor: Rural vs. urban

The original comments are not irrational. They do not demonstrate an aversion to homosexuals, blacks or what have you. They reflect no hatred.

I would suggest that your comments show an irrational fear of someone who may not agree with you - the devil is in the details.

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Letter to the editor: Rural vs. urban

wow the word irrational has no meaning to you. You use that word as a weapon against anyone who does not pass your litmus test. Careful or people will start wearing it as a badge of honor - kind of like being a deplorable.

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Letter to the editor: Rural vs. urban

Barb you live on the edge of hypertension. My comment addresses identity issues - not race, origin or the countless other false issues that get bandied about - by you!

It is only identity issues that have changed or are undergoing change. Personally I do not care. I even accept women in the men's room at public functions where the women's room is back up. But some people do care and they also have rights.

Demanding that a women who self identifies as a man be able to use the men's room may just be a step too far for some.

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City asked to financially back outdoor rec center at Clinton State Park

When we provide public funds to a business are we any different from a bank?? Banks share in the profits! Maybe we should?

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Kobach, without evidence, supports Trump's false claim of 'millions' of illegal votes

Ever been to El Paso or other major crossing sites? There already is a wall.

My understanding of Mr. Trumps position is to deport criminals who happen to be undocumented aliens.

How about a solution that provides legal status for foreign laborers while working here to protect them from exploitation by the likes of the meat packing industry??

Is there not a compromise short of opening our borders to all who want to come??

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