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Opinion: Explaining white privilege

I do not agree. Revisionist history selectively demeaning a race is racist and yes minorities can be racist.

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Opinion: Explaining white privilege

Through out this thread the existence of "white privilege" is assumed. First define it and then provide proof for such a broad charge. Yes there are aspects of our world where minorities take hits and we should address them. "Band ids "that are not color coordinated just reduces the real issues to ridicule. Find another term that is not disparaging of whites!!!

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Opinion: Explaining white privilege

I never argued we were done. I did argue that blaming "white" people for the normal course of events is unjust, morally bankrupt, extremely self serving and truly despicable! Not much more to say.

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Opinion: Explaining white privilege

I have been aware of this reality since I was a kid and people looked down on me because my father was a soldier. At that time the military was notionally integrated - but not really. I grew up partially in the South. I knew the obvious.

I did not grow up with privilege and have rarely experienced anything approaching it. In my world minorities got pretty much what I got. I Really do not need elites throwing around a poorly defined term about one group of us getting privilege. We are all privileged in some aspects and penalized in others. Should we require the NBA to extend privilege to short white guys?

I wonder if the Appalachian poor feel privileged??

How about we stop making idiots of ourselves and address real issue (not band aids)_

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Opinion: Explaining white privilege

I am sorry I do not think so.

We are all part of a culture. Play the game or get penalized. Are you really suggesting that a business that works with the public change its standards to allow employees to use Ebonics with white customers or that white customers should learn it??? If I did that I would also be penalized - whose privilege is that??

If you really define that term so broadly we are going nowhere except in college towns where they haven't figured out that in the real world there are rules and consequences and costs matter.

And as to band aids the majority of us are white and the business that produces band aids are playing to the majority. Of course there are increasingly products that offer band aids that are not flesh colored (white) with choices of many colors or even no color.

When I was a young man my high school was integrated at the point of the bayonet. Now we have a minority president and minorities in many other high value roles. Great progress has been made. Instead of acknowledging it we now want to argue about the color of band aids. Go figure.

Are there not more substantive issues other than your implied notion that the majority must become like the minority or we have privilege. Common sense seems to have gone out the windows.

Did the Canadians not try this drill by mandating bilingual government activities. Perhaps we can mandate that all our government activities be done in Ebonics and every other conceivable language..

You know that if we wait a bit there will be no majority and the color of band aids will become a rainbow (some already are)!

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Opinion: Explaining white privilege

Than why call it white privilege if it was transparent to most of us. And of course there are exceptions of which we all are anecdotally aware. I know minorities that did as well as their peers because they dressed like their peers, talked like their peers and were clearly educated and trained to hold the professional level jobs of which I speak How I do I know that my example is any less valid then yours.

Oh, by the by, I can not walk into the board room of a big company and expect to be given the job I desire. For me as for almost everyone in our world there are invisible fences we can not cross (did not go to the right schools, did not join the right organizations, just are not smart enough or cultured enough). The kinds of discrimination that are used to generalize this issue seem to me to a greater or lesser degree experienced by all of us. Perhaps a more neutral term that recognizes that all of us are discriminated against although not to the degree facing minorities.

Unfortunately some people are using the "white privilege" term to suggest that there is culpability for whites and that they owe something to somebody - even to the notion of financial restitution. If it was not deliberate there is no culpability and we should be seeking alliances to work the problem and not getting bogged down in fault finding or name calling/

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Opinion: Let’s talk about ‘black on black’ crime

Regular jury trials are unfortunately affected by public opinion. The advantage of a "secret" grand jury is that the members are lass likely to feel that pressure than when someone is publishing their names, home address and cell phone number for all the world to use. How many death threats does it take to vote "the right way"??

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Opinion: Let’s talk about ‘black on black’ crime

wHOOPS. It did not address the "out of place" issue it acknowledged it and assumed it away. I do not.

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Opinion: Let’s talk about ‘black on black’ crime

No it did not. It compared minority and white crime within a precinct but did not look at the demographics of the precinct compared to the city. A large minority precinct would likely yield a much larger number of incidents (more population and more police). We then used the population of the city at large and we all know that city is not homogeneous. As I said it may not have changed the outcome but may well have made the numbers less stark. We will never know.

I mentioned the same issues when you first brought up the study. I did not move the goal posts.

Yes the NYPD was even more imbalanced at that time. If however the smaller percentage of officers who were minorities acted in concert with the larger number of white officers that would suggest that racism was not the issue (some other issue would be driving such as expectations).

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Opinion: Let’s talk about ‘black on black’ crime

If you commit a crime you have committed a crime!!!! Now if we have so many laws that we have the highest incarceration rate in the industrial world – maybe we should look at that and not yell racism. Where spitting on the sidewalk drew social censure now it can draw a misdemeanor conviction. Tell me just why can someone not resell cigarettes individually – why should that be a crime?

Look. I recognize that our society is based on a family unit that aggregates into tribes (formal and informal) that aggregate further. WE show loyalty to our “tribe” and are less than enamored with those not part of it. Totally eradicating our preference for those in our “tribe” has and will continue to be difficult. Yelling racism may be satisfying and even accurate but as a tool to improve things I am not convinced.

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