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Lawrence voters approve $18 million library expansion

Jessibean, do you pay taxes? Do you own a home? Do you work? $18 million for a library at this juncture is RIDICULOUS. Yes, libraries and puppies and rainbows are nice, but NOW is not the time to raise taxes for something that is NOT necessary. Our library is fine. All this did was get the downtown bums nicer (and more) computers to work on.

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Lawrence voters approve $18 million library expansion

Couldn't agree more Jayhawker07. What a waste of time, money an effort. What has happened to Lawrence?

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Lawrence Humane Society seeking donations for dog's hip replacement surgery

"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated." ~Ghandi

Obviously some of you have the greatness and moral compass of cavemen. What a shame your compassion is only for yourselves. Selfish and short-sighted.

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Teen taken to LMH after jumping from Kansas River bridge

Dude - get a grip. There wasn't anything remotely political about that comment. DUR!

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Wrong way driver killed, at least one other person injured, in accident on K-10 between Eudora, De Soto Monday night

WHY DO THEY LET THE OLD PEOPLE DRIVE? It's ridiculous. It's as bad as driving drunk in some instances. If you cannot handle being in control of your vehicle, then you should not be allowed to drive. And I think people over a certain age (no, I don't know WHAT age) should have MANDATORY testing EVERY SINGLE YEAR. This is just tragic.

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Star style: Lawrence salons share favorite celebrity hair requests

WOOT! Go Marci! Best stylist (and Salon) in town! :)

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A crowning achievement: FSHS homecoming opens new door

CONGRATS OWEN!!!! I've known this great kiddo for 8 years and he truly deserves this honor. And to the students who helped make it happen, you are amazing and we all feel you share in the celebration! SO COOL!!!!! :)

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Thousands expected at annual Downtown Lawrence Sidewalk Sale

UGH... I HATE the sidewalk sale! Such a pain if you work downtown.

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Douglas County to consider ‘jaw-dropper’ property tax increase of 16.6 percent

What the he**? Wait... because THEY can't stay within their budget, WE have to pay more? And even though they realize OUR paychecks are getting smaller or eliminated all together? Why is it WE have to be responsible, but they don't? No wonder our government (local, state AND national) is going down the crapper.

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