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Simons' Saturday Column: Commentators spur concerns about upcoming vote

To everyone that says, "well Bush lied too"


"well look at the deficits Bush ran up too."

You're half way there by recognozing that lies and deficits are bad.

But Bush isn't running for president, the current liar, deficit spending individual is.

That may not tell you who to vote for, but it tells you who not to vote for.

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Families line up for food at kickoff of United Way's 2012 campaign

These kind of stories are as uplifting (in the generosity of people) as they are depressing (in this country's situation). I work across from a church that gives out food every day and every day I see at least 100 or more people come to recieve food. This country's economy is a lot worse than most people know and it's not going to improve anytime soon, in fact it'll probably get worse. We can't rely upon the government, we have to be kind to one another.

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US identifies man responsible for inflammatory film

Just go on Youtube and search for "Burn Koran" or "Draw Mohammed day." There's plenty there to set off muslim riots for several decades. Or take Bill Maher's Religulous, totaly mocks islam as does South Park, etc etc etc. What about Obama and Biden traveling around the country spiking the ball over kiling OBL? There's no dearth of material for muslims to riot over.

It's stupid to focus on this video. It's disturbing to see the US federal government take this guy into custody the way they did. He's facing a technical parole violation, i.e., getting on the internet. They take him into custody with cameras blaring like he's public enemy #1. Disgusting.

November can't come soon enough. .

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How should U.S. respond to violence?

Good point. Our economy is going from stagnation to the tank and our credit rating just got down graded...again. The administration is a disaster on the economy. On foreign affairs Obama's sole claim to any competence was the Seals taking out OBL. However now he announces possible criminal prosecution against the very same Navy Seal who risked his life to take out OBL. November can't come soon enough.

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Report: Sebelius violated politicking ban

Faux outrage over faux outrage. Too funny.

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Media bias

Missed one Merrill

This THIEF ENTITLEMENT The Tea Pot Dome Scandal. Harding engaged in letting oil reserves to oil companies for ridiculously low price without competitive bidding, The greatest and most sensational scandal in the history of American politics.There still are oil companies in this country! http://www.outofdatebiasedlink.com

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Progressivism tied to college football

"a black Obama?" You race baiters are all a few race cards short of a full deck.

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Sister delivers a powerful message

I watched the convention and also listened to the talking heads and I took away that the liberal pundits thought Clinton gave a great speech, but the conservative reviewers thought it only the best speech of the convention. That's not necessarily praise for the speech from the right wing. But in the end, they're all just speeches. We don't live in a high school debate class.

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Progressivism tied to college football

I thought it was going to be an interesting article on the parasitic relationship between football and higher education, but it took a weird turn pretty quick.

The best part of this article, I now have something to spend all my collected BN gift cards on: “The Rise of Gridiron University: Higher Education’s Uneasy Alliance with Big-Time Football” (University Press of Kansas). Sounds like a very good read.

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Obama: Recovery path hard, challenge 'can be met'

GM killed Osama Bin Laden! Booyah. USA USA USA

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