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KU journalism professor Guth placed on leave as school reviews comment he made on Twitter on shootings

I can't believe they put this professor on leave. This is outrageous. Who hasn't wished that death and horror befall the children of those who have a difference of opinion about a particular part of the constitution?

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Editorial: Verdict is in

Can we just all go back to the simpler times of judging people based on their income?

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Letter: Multiple myths

Ha! I caught that too. Probably should read condescension, something this letter deserves.

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Opinion: GOP should let Obama go over cliff

Krauthammer assumes the republicans can do anything to stop the expiration of the current tax rates and the gutting of the defense budget. It's exactly what the democrats have wanted for the last ten years. It's going to happen because it's what the democrats want and they hold all the cards.

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Opinion: GOP should let Obama go over cliff

Aren't the democrats always harking back to the Clinton economic glory years (never mind the dot com bubble and sensible republican budgets)? Why would democrats care if all the Bush tax cuts expired and we went back to the Clinton tax rate schedule? True, it would raise taxes on everyone. And aren't democrats always going on about cutting the defense budget? The other half of this fiscal cliff, sequestration, would really gut the defense budget.

For republicans, it's a fiscal cliff. For democrats, it's a return to the glory years. Seems like we'll soon find out in January which one it is. Either way, it'l likely to happen.

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Boy Scout 'perversion files' reveal offenses of Kansas men

...because child sex abuse is so funny.

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$20 million gift to help build new business school

What's up with that car in the picture? There's a sidewalk running right through it.

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Analysis: GOP recharged by Romney’s aggressive debate

You might have a point there. Bush and Obama are both Harvard grads and it's been a disasterous last 13 years, the last three years particularly. Unfortunately, Romney's a Harvard grad too.

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Analysis: GOP recharged by Romney’s aggressive debate

I'm looking forward to the debate on foreign policy. Hopefully Obama can be pinned down on the failures at Benghazi. OBL may be dead but Al Queda is alive and well and just as deadly.

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Do you think it is important to get a flu shot?

As long as all of the rest of you get flu shots....I'm good.

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