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Accident fatal on rain-slicked I-70

I was also on Eastbound I-70 when this accident ocurred. I saw the emergency workers going to the scene, but wasn't sure what happened. The rain at that time was a torrential downpour with winds that felt like they were going to literally send my vehicle flipping off the highway. I, along with most other drivers pulled to the side of the highway because there was zero visibility. I ended up pulling back onto the highway because the drivers that remained driving were going so fast that I was in fear that I would be hit if I stayed. I am sure the motorcyclists pulled over to seek refuge underneath the overpass. Most likely, the driver of the car that struck them has the same idea, but because of reduced visibility didn't see the bikes until too late and was sent hydroplaning in an attempt to stop. This is speculation, though.On my way back from KC, there was a tow truck present. I saw the 2 vehicles still there. Also, there were 3 motorcycles that had been hit. There was not a mention of the third motorcycle, so I am assuming that driver was not on the bike when it was hit.

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Sixth and Wakarusa loses another business

Zio's!! Yum!

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'Hancock' contest could pay off your mortgage

Deadline was July 6th.

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So, sue me

Owens Corning copyrighted the color pink on its insulation. No other insulation manufacturer can use pink.

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Inmate who died was facing sex charges

Or, he couldn't handle one more meal of prison food.

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Did Faith Kill this Kid?

This is a hard one to me. Although I believe in medical treatment, I can see where these families come from.The fact is, death is a part of life. A naturally occuring death is not anyone's fault. Just because we have developed techniques to keep people alive until they are past 100, who says that they were intended to live that long? These people believe in the will of God. If God chooses for someone to live, they live. (If that is what you believe.)It is sad though that death, which is natural, has turned into an event where someone has to take blame. It is either the parent's fault, some medical manufacturer's fault, a doctor's fault and so on. I would also like to add that there are plenty of instances where medical intervention causes death as well. So, at that moment, how do you know you are doing the right thing? Either way, when someone dies, there has to be someone to blame for it right? Death is meant to be. We don't always have to do things just because we can. If people choose to let life (and death) happen as it is meant to happen, they should not be charged with a crime.

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What was your favorite children's book?

When I was really young, I loved the "Gus the Ghost" and "Barbapapa" books. When I got older, I loved "Bridge to Terabithia".

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Douglas County in clear from severe weather; rain may persist

Right now the article title reads, "more than less than 100 customers without power". Nice.

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Are you relieved that gas prices are expected to only go as high as $4.15 this summer?

I like how they stick in the word "only" to try and bias people's answers. Luckily, it doesn't seem to be working.

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Kansas couple plan gay wedding in California

I find it amusing that there are people that do not realize that a company does not have to be publicly traded for someone to own stock in it. They may not go through the same processes, but stock is common in most large companies, public or private. It is a way to raise capital. Private companies have a need for capital as well and this is an option.Also, here is an article regarding Hallmark stock. http://content.benefitnews.com/retire... How can they be buying back common stock at this time and converting it to preferred stock if it doesn't exist in the first place?People should educate themselves before calling to harass people.Besides pointing out ignorance, I would like to congratulate Dave and Mike. I wish them the best. The acknowledgment from California will be a nice step. Hopefully, they will be recognized as any other married couple someday no matter what part of the country they are in.

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