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Efforts continue at blocking Common Core in Kansas

Thank you, Optimist! There are indeed concerns about Common Core! It appears that Peter Hancock and many of the other commentators here did not do their homework! First of all, parents are extremely concerned because the standards so far are NOT working for their children. How silly to say they don't want standards! Of course they do! But standards that work! These standards are NOT working! Moms and Dads are seeing that their children are NOT learning and they are afraid for them! If you didn't like No Child Left Behind, you will not like Common Core! It is worse! Never been tested even! Don't believe ME, check it out! Also, Mr Hancock is wrong about the program originating in the states. Not so. It came directly from the feds in the form of financial incentives to the governors. An untried program! Do we smell a rat here? FIVE states rejected Common Core right off. SEVENTEEN other states have rejected it since or are in the process. People, go online and find out what this program actually does. Would hundreds of thousands of people work to de-fund Common Core if they thought it was good for their kids? Really?

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