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KU officials clear McCollum Hall, say suspect in gun incident is believed to have left campus

Actually the text we received said "Police are searching McCollum Hall for armed suspect." Not sure where you are receiving your information.

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Power pole down across Sixth Street, portion of street closed

Does anyone know if the power has been restored yet? I live in that area, but am stuck at work and cannot run home to check.

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Rape or consensual sex?

Jafs -

if you read my post I clearly state in the beginning that "I belive based on the situation given and the law neither the man or woman were able to give consent because they were both intoxicated".

Therefore if both people are intoxicated neither can give consent. However, if one person is clearly intoxicated, and the other person is not... That is when they should pay attention to the signs.

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Rape or consensual sex?

Why is it always the woman's fault for putting herself in the position to get "raped". Why as a society do we not teach our boys to respect women and that just because you are drunk doesn't mean you can have sex with anyone or everyone.

I belive based on the situation given and the law neither the man or woman were able to give consent because they were both intoxicated. However, this is a situation that happens a lot in this town. Many times it is very clear to the male that the female is intoxicated however they don't care. Happened to a friend of mine, I explained to the guy (whom she knew very well) that she was wasted and that she wouldn't remember seeing him in the morning and to not do anything stupid. Oh yeah he was SOBER. Come to find out like a week later that he had sex with her. She had NO remberence that it had happened. Lucky for him, it was too late to get evidence of sexual battery.

These posts are rediculus in blaming the woman, or putting all of the responsibility on the women to protect themselves from the big bad men. NO, instead we need to teach our young boys and girls how to respect one another. And that no matter what when you are intoxicated there are and will be consequences.

This particular case is difficult to point fingers as who is to blame in the courtroom, mostly because they were both unable to give consent. However, sleeping with a woman who gives consent when she is intoxicated is RAPE, as long as the man was aware of her intoxication. I'm sure many of you will give the argument of "how is the man supposed to knwo she is intoxicated". Well there are clear signs when someone is intoxicated, all you need to do is pay attention.

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One person killed, two people injured in serious K10 accident

To all of you out there... specifically COMPMD and CLICKKER... Ever think that maybe the people who knew the person who died are grieving too? That those people will miss this poor young man. It was an accident. YOU could cause an accident too by writing down those license plates, compmd. No one deserves to die, and no one has the right to decide who dies and who doesn't. I feel absolutely terrible for the young woman out for a test drive, my heart goes out to her family. I will pray that she recovers and can forgive the young man who hit her. But his life is over, done, I believe that is the final and worst punishment anyone could ever receive. He doesn't deserve to be put down anymore, he no longer gets to wake up in the morning, or go to class or see his friends. The simple things we all take for granted. I agree SLOW down and buckle up. Life is precious, we can not take it for advantage. Please do me a favor and be respectful to everyone including the families, friends and everyone involved with this accident.

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