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Do you have a favorite restaurant in Lawrence?

Mad Greek!!

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City helps resolve dispute over rural resident's target practice

I'm sorry if it sounds incorrect, but that is what happened. Fortunately, no one was hurt. The guy even verified they were his slugs once we showed them to him. I can't explain it, but am just relaying the facts. Our house sits much lower, which may account for the difference. We have since fixed the interior holes, but there are a couple of slugs that are still lodged in the exterior of our home. I just hope the correct decision is made in the issue relating to this article and was just relaying what happened to us.

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City helps resolve dispute over rural resident's target practice

Not BS at all, and we were very surprised as well. In fact, the guy didn't think so either until we showed him a slug, then he knew they were his. (I don't know different types, but it was a slug about 2 inches or so in length.) Ironically, he was getting ready to go in to the military to train to be a sniper (don't know if he did or not). Their house also sits higher than ours, and ours is a large house. I'm just telling it like it happened, even though it sounds far-fetched. Once I realized how close it came to hitting one of us, and could've hit one of my children or one in our area, I was close to hysterical when I called 911. It is no BS, and I just put it out there to point out the dangers, even when safety measures are put in to place. I wish them good luck in this issue.

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City helps resolve dispute over rural resident's target practice

We live in the country, and several years ago, a young man was target shooting towards the west (where there aren't any houses) towards a berm mound with a wooden target in front. We live a mile to the north and my father an I were standing in the yard talking. Three shots, that we know of, hit our house, and one went 5 feet from us at heart level. That one went through our double-car garage, through my front room and finally rested between a double-paned glass door. I believe that one would have been lethal. He thought he was doing the right thing, but the wooden target caused the bullets to ricochet in our direction. My children were in the house at the time and fortunately were in the basement, so they were safe, but it was a very scary time for us because we didn't know where they were coming from at first. My point is, even though this gentleman is on his property and thinks he's being careful, you cannot control the bullet once it leaves the chamber.

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Lawrence summer road construction will come to an end — sooner or later

Ok, thanks! But, do you know when the rest of the work will be completed? The daily commute is a bummer through that area!

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Lawrence summer road construction will come to an end — sooner or later

"• Kansas Turnpike, down to one lane in each direction for three miles east from the Lawrence service area northeast of town, for pavement replacement. Expected completion: By Thanksgiving. Lane-blocking work on the turnpike’s Kansas River bridge for traffic heading west is expected to be done within a couple weeks."

Maybe I'm missing it, but when will the construction on the I-70 bridges (and either side) be totally complete? That can't be done in a couple of weeks, just the current one-lanedness going west, correct?

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No serious injuries after crash west of Lawrence on I-70

You know, we were cut off by the guy in the Camry coming out of Lawrence right before the accident. (We almost rear-ended him, he cut it that close.) He was whipping in and out of traffic, which there was a lot of yesterday morning. He was going so fast that by the time we got to the accident scene, the guy in the Saturn was already out of his car and on his cell phone. We noticed the guy in the Camry was also on his cell phone by the time we got up there. I truly hope that he and everyone involved are alright. Due to the way he was driving we weren't surprised it happened, but we are glad it wasn't worse. (And glad it wasn't us that he hit.) To those who drive I-70 everyday like we do, please be careful!! It's better to get there safely than not at all. (Stepping off of the soap box...)

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