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5 people shot in downtown Lawrence; 3 dead

Fred, it has been pointed out to you many times on this forum.....the 2nd amendment is also there (main reason in my opinion) to protect us FROM our own government! It's not about hunting or grocery stores.

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Man shot by Topeka police officers dies; Lawrence police investigating at request of Topeka

What did Topeka give us in return? Occasionally they send raw sewage down the Kaw to us!

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Judge seals affidavit in Lawrence motel murder case

They just want to whine, because some believe they have a right to know everything, about everyone! The lame excuse that "the people have a right to know"......isn't always true.

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Man misses own jury trial for 2nd time; Lawrence case stemming from harrowing head-on collision drags on

He'll eventually kill someone.....perhaps then the system will get serious about him.

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One person killed, two injured in North Lawrence motel shooting

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Letter to the editor: Blind to hardships

A long time ago, when the question of a "new" city hall was being raised, a city commissioner was quoted in the LJW as saying the city was going to build it, regardless of how the citizens of Lawrence voted. So your point is correct. Our votes apparently don't count for much. Thanks, elected officials!

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Profile picture of animal shelter director giving the finger raises questions

Isn't this trying to create a story where none exists? Slow news day, eh LJW?

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Trump pardons ex-Sheriff Joe Arpaio over federal conviction

Clara, several on here are apparently of the opinion that, unless you agree with THEIR opinion, you are an inferior lifeform. Nothing you say will ever change their minds.
Theirs is the only way.

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