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Editorial: Gun control an uphill battle

Joe, FWIW there is a lot of "ignorance" out there about many firearms. For example, many consider the AK-47 to be the most evil, destructive weapon there is. However, it's no more powerful than a 30-30 round used in grandpa's lever action deer rifle.

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Lawrence Motel 6 murder defendants will face jury as a group, judge rules

I do believe that under the law, if you participate in a FELONY crime in which someone is killed, you are complicit in the murder even if you didn't fire the shot!

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Letter to the editor: More guns needed

So because he doesn't subscribe to you way of thinking, he's demented? Paul, you are so predictable. Seek professional help, please!

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Letter to the editor: More guns needed

..."Fortunately he likely won't be a member for long."
What an insensitive thing for you to say. I won't hold my breath, however, waiting to see your posted apology!

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Kobach claims Kansas law halted thousands of noncitizen votes; ACLU argues it disenfranchised thousands more citizens

"He's prosecuted and had them found guilty a whole 9 people, 8 of whom are white male Republicans..." HAD THEM FOUND GUILTY? Just how did he do that?
You give him way too much credit (btw, I'm NOT a Kobach fan)

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Judge tosses lawsuit challenging federal marijuana laws

That's the nice thing about living here.....if you don't like it, you are free to go.

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Editorial: NRA in schools is a bad idea

Dorothy, I personally don't have any problem with a requirement for gun education prior to the issuance of a concealed carry permit to a person. I don't personally agree with no requirement for either the training or the permit. But that's just me. (and yes, I've had a lot of gun safety education! and training)

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Editorial: NRA in schools is a bad idea

Any time Dorothy reads about a tragedy like an "accidental" shooting, she screams from the rooftops that gun safety should be a priority. Training! Safe gun handling! Unless it furthers her agenda to change lanes, of course.

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Chief probation officer who was mysteriously absent from work no longer employed by Douglas County District Court

It would sure be interesting to know why they carried her on the payroll for so long.

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Authorities: Scared student in Salina brought gun, knife to school after seeing threat

Good point. Where in the world did an elementary school student get a gun? Where are his parents in all this?

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