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All parties sign settlement in city's lawsuit against Oread hotel

Anyone other than Fritzell would be in jail if they committed fraud and racketeering! He's been given a pass by our city commission for far too long!

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Brownback seeks $24M to ban guns at state hospitals

Dorothy, many people are very much against any kind of "registration" (either of firearms or ammunition.) Historically, quite a few places (Nazi Germany is one) had total registration of guns and when they decided to confiscate everyone's means of self defense, they knew who had what! And who would have ammunition if they didn't have a gun to put it in? Register the ammo, you may as well register the gun. You may trust our government implicitly, but I do not.
And regarding the "police can do no wrong". I do not believe that. Police are citizens, and even though they (usually) go through rigorous background checks, a small number are still going to screw up or are simply rotten. Like the rest of the population.

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Brownback seeks $24M to ban guns at state hospitals

Phillip, why don't you ask the folks at Virginia Tech? If you can find a way to guarantee that no bad guys will attempt to do harm to others, on college campuses or elsewhere, I'd agree we don't need guns. But until you can come up with a solution, some folks will want to have the option of defending their lives, and not just stand in line waiting their turn to be killed!

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'Significant tax increase' on Kansas Legislature's agenda, state senator says

A tax increase is the only way to get the State back on sound financial footing. However, I'm sure the Governor won't allow any tax increase unless it only hampers the middle class. He won't allow his 1% cronies to be hampered by paying their share. He's a sad sad example of a "leader" and can't leave Kansas soon enough!

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Lawrence City Commission to review new amenities and partnership intended to make golf course profitable

Perhaps if the City added a nifty plastic ice skating rink!

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Letter to the editor: Stop bullying

Did "Justice Matters" read the Black Lives Matter-Lawrence playbook?

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Aging Lawrence High School would receive bulk of bond issue funds; a look at most pressing needs

And 6 months from now, the city will want a bond issue for a multi-million Police station. (I do agree a new police station is needed but sheesh people, can't you wait long enough for taxpayers to catch their breath before you have your hand out again??)

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Senate confirms Trump pick Neil Gorsuch to Supreme Court

So it's okay when the left doesw this type of thing, but not the right?

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Kansas House refuses to debate concealed-carry measure

",, there's absolutely no way to prevent anyone from bringing a gun on campus, at any time." but they have signs prohibiting such things!

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Kansas House refuses to debate concealed-carry measure

I believe most of the convenience stores that have been robbed recently, had the state approved "no guns" decals on their doors. See how well that works?

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