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Letter: Wrong repair

The city demanded the crew that poured new concrete at 23rd and Iowa cut out the parts that cracked and re-do it properly. Why didn't they feel the same way about Rock Chalk park?

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Letter: Wrong repair

Boycotting them won't do any good. The City of Lawrence will continue to throw them enough bones to keep them going. That contractor has sidestepped rules and regs for a long time now, and the city doesn't seem to give a rat's backside about it, and they're not likely to change their ways any time soon.

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Letter: Humble opinion

"....They are very arrogant, and insist they are always right, even if it's obvious that they are wrong...."
Just like some Democrats I know.

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Brownback announces $280 million in allotment cuts to fill budget shortfall

The Kansas legislature has been robbing (and underfunding) KPERS for years and years. Even under Democratic governors. Just like the feds robbing social security to pay for other programs.

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Brownback announces $280 million in allotment cuts to fill budget shortfall

As they will tell you, just because they MAKE the laws doesn't mean they have to FOLLOW them.

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WOW announces companywide layoffs

WOW's service couldn't get any worse than it already is....yes, sell and move on!

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Peaceful march kicks off week of Ferguson-related events at KU

Leslie, there wasn't a shoplifting. It was dispatched as a robbery. When you take something by force or threat of force, it's not shoplifting. Shoplifting is a misdemeanor-robbery is a felony. And how nice that you are clairvoyant enough to know what a white police officer was terrified of. Perhaps he wasn't terrified of a young black man but of a person much bigger than he who was trying to take his weapon-trying to beat him senseless. I believe the officer would have reacted the same way regardless of Michael Brown's skin color.
Wouldn't you have to wonder about the mindset of anyone who would try to attack a uniformed police officer ?

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Editorial: Guard duty

The (majority of) Kansas Legislature has never cared at all for state employees. They always wait to consider pay for state employees after all other bills are paid and all other appropriations considered. State employees have always been the last thing on their minds. Why would anyone think they care at all for state workers?

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Letter: Another project?

Part of this is because some folks seem to think we're Johnson County!

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Grand jury won't indict Ferguson cop in shooting

It was unfortunate the officers didn't put a screen up to shield the body from onlookers. It may have appeared insensitive to some. But they can't move the body until the medical examiner says so.

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