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Three new members of Kansas Board of Regents bring wide array of experiences

When you put ringers in line of power, what do you get? Predetermined responses that does NOT necessary have the best interest of the majority!

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Judicial commission chair denies that politics had anything to do with bypassing Stegall earlier

Why when I hear something isn't political that these people can say it with a straight face? Why do politicians think we are morons?

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Brownback, Schmidt, law enforcement team up to call for quick fix to 'Hard 50' law

do they give thanks if they get rid of brownback?

August 7, 2013 at 1:53 a.m. ( | suggest removal )

Bob Dole, Eisenhower’s granddaughter join Brownback’s re-election team

Yea, I had a lot of respect for him. Bob, you messed up, lost all respect for you!

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Problem of voter registrations in `suspense' likely to continue

I am afraid you are so right! I am sure a portion of this 13000 are angry that they have already provided the information once to the DMV, that they have to do it again.

Why should they, they did nothing wrong! Why are they being picked out for harassment? That is the questions that I would be asking if it happened to me!

What you get when you vote in idiot right wingers, you get corruption!

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Advocates for those with developmental disabilities urge attendance at upcoming hearings

I can't believe the people in Topeka who just don't care about Kansans anymore. Don't they have trouble sleeping at night?

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Editorial: Rising rates

What do the people on fixed incomes do? Is Westar going to help those people out, let them die off?

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Westar Energy's proposal would increase rates for homes and small businesses, but decrease rates for big businesses

It is just another way for big business to make more profit on the backs of every one else! I would like to see an investigation into who sets these rate goals, how much big business is winning & dinning Westar to come up with these proposals! I wonder how much money is flowing under the table?

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Labor, community groups plan to rally against Americans for Prosperity

Our politicians listen to the AFP, so who is being hurt, every Kansan that is making $25 grand or less. The poor pool keeps getting bigger, so who is prospering? Not 75% of Kansans!

July 9, 2013 at 4:07 a.m. ( | suggest removal )

Should teaching licenses from other states be honored in Kansas?

They keep cutting money for schools, I would actually recommend hiring teachers from other states. In a few years, Brownback will have Kansas a 3rd world entity because so much money have been cut to schools by the republicans, graduating from a Kansas school will not be top notch. It isn't the schools fault, they just won't have the money to provide a good education!

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