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Gunman opens fire at high school near Houston, killing 10

Why didn't social media catch him before this ?...........because social media works the will of corporations and politicians to sell you something or trick you into voting for someone who really represents lobbyists, nut bag groups or the rich with no common sense about anything but making money, who could give a rats _ _ _ about the violence in this country because fear is a great distraction that serves to make the eyes look elsewhere or to pass lies for believable news .

Those who pay $ to be involved are not the average daily user and the advertisers or those with an agenda do pay to play a social media system that focuses on their need

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KU researchers say 'intolerant' attitudes, not economic anxieties, fueled Trump's 2016 victory

So, I guess that there are no longer US problems with North Korea, Iran, Isrealis and Palisinians, Russia is out running the board by doing their own thing everywhere, The Saudies Vs Iran, China, the EPA is being deliberately destroyed, Mexice isn't paying for whatever ( who would have guessed that fixing the world wasn't a first 90 dayer ) and Trump won't get the reality of global warming ( DUHH? ) until parts of Moron La Go are under water or collapsed due to salt water entering the fresher ground ground water aquifer systems below killing trees or simply shooting out of the ground spontaneously killing the grass on the lawn .

Save for a tax cut scheme which endangers the country with deficite spending and getting rid of OB care ( with no promissed replacement in place ?......a man of his word ? )........oh, yea, .......he has fired allot of people whom he chose to hire in the first place for various disgracefull reasons........ and paid a porn star to keep quiet, that he then lied about to the public ( not the first or last lie,.......as he does lying compulsively ) .

Yes,.... we were saved from Hillary .....BUT AT WHAT A RIDICULOUS PRICE ?

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Colyer signs bill enhancing benefits of ABLE Act accounts for people with disabilities

Why the " fetish " with the age of 26 ?

If one was diagnosed before 26 but you are now in your 40s ( not me ) can that person still qualify for such an account ?......aren't the disabled, the disabled ?,.....at any age ?

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KU researchers say 'intolerant' attitudes, not economic anxieties, fueled Trump's 2016 victory

The Trumpster played the nations fears like a pro .

Fear of a Nuclear North Korea, Fear of a Nuclear Iran, Fear of China in general, Fear of Globalism, Free Trade & Trade Agreements where the US may or may not be getting the short end of the stick ( Transpacific, NAFTA, Etc ), Fears of future potential Arabs and Israel Outcomes that are negative, or are not seen as religious victories for Judaeo-Christian religious groups over Islam, Fear of Terorists in general and their supporting nations, Fear of Mexico and Central Americans taking over the US by simply showing up illegally, Fear of a Botched Healthcare System that both parties created ( as opposed to a single payer system and the right to Medicare to negotiate drug costs )and The High Cost Of Drugs, Fear of What Government Can Cost Businesses Thru Socially Responsible Agendas ( like global warming and localized pollution limits via the EPA ), Fear of Everybody Else such as Lying Ted, Little Marco, Crooked Hillary, Islamics and Mexicans, The Evil Clinton Foundation .

But he really sold his voters on the idea that he could solve all of thes issues ( real, blown out of proportion or invented )in what would be his first few months in office and that they were going to love it all to pieces ! ! !

To do TRUST and DISTRUSTS ISSUES is human .

BUT WHO KNEW THAT THINGS COULD BE SO COMPLICATED.......or not be solvable in just a few months ........without long term repercussions ?

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Douglas County voters reject controversial countywide sales tax; leaders say jail project will proceed after public input

I bet that a mental health initiative on a future ballot would pass .

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See renderings for LMH's nearly $100M west Lawrence project, complete with rooftop terrace and amphitheater

Do they have hospitals or healthcare buildings in O.P or KCMO with roof top terraces or amphitheaters ?.........and what will it cost to maintane it all ?

I guess that we are going to one up those turkeys from elsewhere........because they just don't get it ? right ? .....and their patients are going to drop them all like a rock ! ?

Will they have a bar on the roof top and a band ?.....maybe some outdoor printed " wine label " umbrella tables with seating and waitresses ?

Imagine old people who often have balance, neuropathy or visual issues outside on a hard surface to exercise.......what could go wrong with that ?.......what happens to London Bridge in the song ?

I understand that we need expanded healthcare systems in Lawrence.....but this is over the top .

Maybe they need a two tiered medical billing system.......Basically, a higher bill for those who want this extravagance and a lower bill for those who can live without it .

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Kansas Gov. Colyer signs letter backing Trump for Nobel Peace Prize

Colyer must be bored ? or maybe he is pandering to the " Kobach For Whatever Club " ?

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