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26 years after Topeka man wrongly imprisoned for rape, DNA databank finds match to potential suspect

It's apparent you guys have helped him, but as someone unfamiliar with the story I didn't realize that at all until I had read the full article. The headline and the tagline with "person identified" are misleading.

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26 years after Topeka man wrongly imprisoned for rape, DNA databank finds match to potential suspect

It's too bad there isn't a 'suggest removal' link on their picture.

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26 years after Topeka man wrongly imprisoned for rape, DNA databank finds match to potential suspect


When I logged onto the website and saw the headline, I thought that the man in the picture is the one who is the DNA match. The subtitle doesn't even make it clear that this is the man EXONERATED years ago. If it were me I would be livid. I can't imagine how upset it would make someone whose life has already been defined by being mistaken for a rapist.

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At Kansas senators' request, committee will not consider Steve Six's nomination to the U.S. Court of Appeals

Here is what I sent in.

Dear Senator Roberts,

I am writing to let you know I greatly disapprove of the overwhelmingly partisan stance you took by blocking the nomination of Mr. Six. I am further angered by your inability to express your reasons for this block to the people who elected you. You answer to Kansans, but either you know you acted unethically and don't want to illuminate that fact, or you have forgotten the idea that you represent the people of our great state.

In one single action, you encompassed everything that is wrong with today's politics; you were biased in your partisanism, cloaked in your reasoning and you won't answer to your constituants.

You, and politicians like you on both sides of the aisle, are going to keep our country's turmoil running at a fever pitch. I wish you would try to find a common ground, solve issues and realize that you answer to your constituants.

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Lawrence man, owner of Fatso's, dies during hike in Grand Canyon

He made it half way down and then turned back. He was almost back to the top.

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Free throws didn't cost Kansas the 2003 NCAA championship: A convincing argument

Here's my take - we lost due to lack of minutes for Keith Langford. Take a look at the points per minute he was putting up in the games leading up and in the short span he played in the championship game. He stays out of foul trouble, he leads us to a victory. 19 pts in 23 limited minutes.

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Posterized: The best dunks in the Big 12 this season

Eric - get a replay of EJ's dunk late in the game against Texas Tech. I know nothing was on the line, but if you are judging purely by the dunk and not the situation, you have to give that one some talk as a great dunk - I would vote better than Marcus's since his was against a tiny, overmatched opponent.

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Electric fire at Target prompts evacuation

No mention of the fearlessness with which the leader of the Target team calmly yet firmly took control of the situation? Whatevs dog. Whatevs

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The cutting edge: Kansas inventor’s Knork makes way to Lawrence

I think I am missing something about this thing - does it have a sharp edge to it? If so, why would I want to put it in my mouth? If not, how does it work any better than a regular fork?

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