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Ad agency Callahan Creek thrives in Downtown Lawrence

I am not impressed. Where is the Callahun Creek promotional project for the future of Lawrence business expansion? A number of years ago I went to to the Lawrence Chamber of Commerce representing a highly qualified company that could do that kind of promotion. I was ignored even though I brought excellent examples of their video work to their reception desk along with my request for an apointment. On the third visit I was expessing my frustration to the receptionist when she told me chamber members are used before outside vendors. When I called the city manager to complain he said the city contracts with the chamber to do business pomotion work and that is where the decisions are made! No wonder we are listed so low on the Milkin Institute perfomance poll in the article in todays paper. When people who can do something actually step up and make an effort we might see some movement...and we have made some small gains without them really trying too hard...or not at all....but...without leadership and action we will continue to lose to other Kansas City Metro communities.

July 14, 2013 at 7:43 p.m. ( | suggest removal )