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'Extremely dangerous' inmate escapes from Wyandotte County Courthouse

The KASPER site said he'd been released since 2006.

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Lawrence police seeking young adults caught on video spray-painting downtown buildings

Er, sold by ARWM in Dallas; ARWM is
Arrow Magnolia International, Inc.
you can visit

The container says "works on hard non-porous surfaces..." but it still works on wood, cement, bricks, painted surfaces, everything.

The tub dries out between uses, due to the meth. and the butyl. and the amyl acetate, but the fourth ingredient is water. I just add a cup of water every six months, and it's been strong as ever and two tubs have lasted me years and years. I keep one at home and one at the store.

I don't even have to repaint afterwards. I've never even had to add elbow grease. Also, they are great for wiping your hands and arms off with after you've been painting, with latex or oils.

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Lawrence police seeking young adults caught on video spray-painting downtown buildings

I'm a downtown merchant too, and I don't see what all the fuss is about. Buy this:
Champion Graffiti and Paint Remover Towels.

They wipe it right off.

Made by ARWM in Dallas Texas

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Buried History

Thanks for the info, Leonard.

Also, the big floods we've had in our river towns of Lawrence and Eudora could be a reason merchants bricked over their basement doors and windows.

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New studio a sound move for KJHK

Yes, they've been there since the 1970s.

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Blooming vision

He probably just doesn't know what to charge. He's one of "The" Dillons, from Hutchinson, of Dillon's grocery fame.

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After slow start, holiday shoppers pick up momentum

That's a terrible photo of that woman! First thing I saw...

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Doctors blaming rising obesity rates on farm aid

At daughter's party last weekend, we ordered 3 pizzas from Pizza Hut --

Super Supreme.

Grilled chicken with cheese and vegetables.


Two fattest kids turned up their noses at it all-- each one said they ate nothing from Pizza Hut but pepperoni pizza, or cheese sticks, and that's it. MIL said "too bad." And they didn't eat it! They just continued to stuff themselves on chips, soda and candy. ICK!

So if Fat Brats won't even eat vegetables, even when they're draped with cheese and sitting on fatsy bread -- what do we do? Pizza Hut's far from healthy, but dayem I couldn't believe how spoiled and unhealthy they were. They both seemed a bit "slow," too.

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Joe's Bakery closes, future plans uncertain

Godot, that was the old Aztec Inn.

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Owners fall for their fainting goats

They are pretty good meat goats.

Myatonic, or "Fainting Goats," are really muscle-y in their upper legs. When they get scared or excited, these muscles lock up, and they seize up and fall over.

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