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Spirit Halloween store under fire for Native American-themed costumes

Now, you've gone and confused me, Bob Summers.

So you can't live in peace because there are other cultures with their cultural mores that you don't share?

You sure are an easy one to P.O.

Why not look inside YOURSELF for the peace you value?

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Spirit Halloween store under fire for Native American-themed costumes

Going along with you on that one, Beth. Yes, the Native American culture has done just about zero to harm society, yet the ones in the penguin suits seem to have harming others at the top of their lists when they get up every morning.

Nobody in their right mind should want to emulate them and their ways of dressing.

But, emotionally, I'm still fighting that old war where native lands were taken and native lives were expunged deliberately and cavalierly by Europeans.

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Spirit Halloween store under fire for Native American-themed costumes

It's not a matter of not caring, Chamequah. I care very much. We are very proud of our family heritage and culture.

I'm simply expressing my confusion that others are so strong in their dislike of these Halloween costumes when my own family has never expressed any dismay at them. They wore them too.

I have to wonder how this awful problem other Native Americans have had with the costumes has escaped my ever hearing about it before this (and I'm 73 years old) when I am very much a progressive and always have been.

It's an interesting thing to learn that I've been in the family of Potawatomis for 51 years and have studied the culture and embraced it that entire time, and I've been called a libtard so many times I now laugh at it.... and yet I've never, until this article, heard anything about the awful pain and grief it is causing other Native Americans.

Why has it been such a secret that even living/participating in the culture has not once exposed that pain and suffering to me and my family?

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Spirit Halloween store under fire for Native American-themed costumes

Gotta say here... maybe I'm wrong, but EVERY costume is meant to represent some specific kind of person or animal or thing. EVERY costume. Like cowboys, for instance. Nobody ever says anything about that.

I won't push my thoughts on it because if anybody is hurt then it's not good.

But my entire family (except me) are on the rolls of the Citizen Nation Potawatomi tribe in Shawnee, Oklahoma. And when my two kids were young girls I dressed them up in beautiful white Indian dresses, with feathered headdresses. They were.... lemme say... adorable little Indians. That was in Little Rock and people kept holding them up from Trick or Treating to take their picture. I can guarantee you our use of Native American costumes was not meant to be mocking Indians.

When the youngest was born in Picayune, Mississippi the fat little doctor came into the room after she was born, holding her across his tummy. He had a measuring tape around her head. Her major fluff of black hair and big dark eyes (precious looking) and he said, "Stick a feather in this tape. Here's your little Papoose." That's exactly what she looked like. A beautiful little Indian baby.

So, okay, our fellow Indians (my grandson who is also very proud of his Native American heritage, insists that saying Indian is not an insult because it's not meant as an insult - so he calls himself Indian), please forgive me if I am hurting you, but I don't understand how those adorable little Indian maiden costumes are in any way insulting.

And (laughing here) don't call me stupid for this... I have 3 college degrees. I may be wrong but I'm not precisely stupid.

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Brownback says media not reporting good economic news. Here's why.

Second article I've read today that seems as if it's trying to convince Kansans that Brownback's Trickle Down is okay.

Anybody here follow everything Brownback said here... understood why he think's it means his tax cuts are working?

I read it twice and I have a masters degree plus. I'm not precisely stoopid, and reading comprehension hasn't typically been a big problem for me... but I didn't follow precisely how (in a proven and clear way) his Trickle Down strategy is working.

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Bond debt in Kansas more than triples over 2 decades

This story, as written kind of stinks of Republican bias.

Note how they give Sullivan the last word, for instance.

And how they do not discuss WHY debt rose during the Democrat's term.

Also this same story by the Associated Press at goes much further into the details and explains that debt increases are not always the fault of the governor. It is, in fact, a strong indicator of legislature mismanagement.

We've had this Republican led legislature for a very very long time in Kansas.

A Democratic governor's hands are tied on many levels when she or he has to deal with a far right legislature.

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U.S. elections chief recommended by Kobach left behind scandal in Kansas

A criminal. A cheat. A bully. And the woman he was boffing in his office for hours was allowed to browbeat his employees? Two of a kind, I'd say. And he was married, too.

Hang'im high.

Does anybody other than me see a resemblance of his face to Kobach's face? Are they related? The funny thing is that I know a man who also looks just like them and he's in prison for beating his wife severely.


This is Brownback and Kobach mentality. Do whatever YOU want and don't worry what it does to other people.

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Opinion: GOP must recover its moral compass

One big difference in the R and the D parties is that the D party's candidate will not nominate another Scalia to the SCOTUS.

That's major, Randolf. And that's not the only difference. Roe v Wade. Gay rights... these things are D positives that R's do not have.

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Opinion: GOP must recover its moral compass

Richard, who pays for the debates? Do you know?

Wiki says:

"The Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD) is an independent nonprofit corporation established in 1987 under the joint sponsorship of both the Democratic and Republican political parties in the United States.[2][1] As a non-partisan political organization, the CPD sponsors and produces debates for US presidential and vice-presidential candidates and undertakes research and educational activities relating to the debates. It has run each of the presidential debates held since 1988. The Commission's debates are sponsored by private contributions from foundations and corporations.[3]"

That might answer your question about why they don't allow the Green Party, the Libertarian Party, nor any other party except Dem and Reps in the debates.

If the other parties could come up with their share of the cost of the debates, then they'd have a right to be included.

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Opinion: GOP must recover its moral compass

I like your comment, Randolf.

I'll put this one thought out there, however.

Only one person at the top of the Democratic Party was found to be shutting Bern out. She had to go. But that wasn't the beginning of her demise. For some years true Democrats at the top have been wanting to get rid of her. They finally got to do that.

We would not have a Democratic Party if they had not gone along with the wealthy guys as much as they did. You can die for your ethics, and the party would have died because a poor man can't run against a man backed by all the Koch's wealth. It has always been a "cut off your nose to spite your face" idea that we can't take Wall Street's money because it's what we hate so much about the Republican Party.

What we need is, by hook or by crook, to get Democrats running Congress and the Oval Office and THEN get Citizens United overturned, while at the same time, severely limiting what a person can give to politicians. I would like to see it go to public funding only. That would be a huge task and I don't know if it could ever be accomplished. But I want to see us go as far as we can in that direction. Meanwhile, we must be reasonable about Democrats. We can stand with idealism all we want to, but we'll die for that.

Hillary could not have gotten this far in this election if not for money. Bern was not a Democrat. He had left the party because he did not accept what the party stands for. Therefore, the Democratic Party owed Bern no loyalty at all. But many of us loved him anyway.

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