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6-year-old Lawrence boy shoots self in foot while playing with gun, police say

I'd rather be raped than have one of my kids either shoot himself or someone else.

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6-year-old Lawrence boy shoots self in foot while playing with gun, police say

Follow this child into adulthood.

Is he going to remember how easy it was to get the gun and shoot himself?

Or is his family's lack of good sense going to be his mindset too? Will he insist he has every right to have loaded guns laying around his house?

It has been many long decades since I had kids in the house and I still won't put prescription pills down on a bedside table for fear one will visit and I will forget the pills are there. The last time I had a kid visit was over 10 years ago.

I wish everyone valued children enough to consider all the possibilities.

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Brownback: Tax cuts are working, but economy still needs help

41 comments and nobody has yet defended Brownback?


Well, don't expect me to do it.

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Unity push draws in Kansas backers for Sanders, but not all

I loved Sanders. I had his stickers on my truck and I sent him money. I haven't done those things for Hillary. But she gets my vote because we desperately need non-far-right nominees to the SCOTUS, and if she's there 8 years she is likely to nominate up to 5 of them.

OR we Sanders fans could sulk in the corner at losing and allow Trump to make those nominees with the guidance of the Tea Party.

If Sanders fans can't see that being childish about a loss at this point is going to make them feel better just let them wait until the SCOTUS is so far right we lose Roe v Wade, and gay rights, and Citizens United never gets overturned.

I have little sympathy for losers who jump off the cliff rather than work with the best we have. They hurt us more than they help us.

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Judge: Kansas must count disputed votes; 'There is no right more precious to a free country'

Happy to see I agree with everyone above so far.

I can read his mind while he sits there looking down at his paper. He's thinking, "Okay, then I'll just find a way to rig the voting machines so it can't be tracked... again."

But this story isn't over yet. The judge will come back in September to tell us the final verdict for the November election. This decision just gets us through the primaries. And that, my friends, really doesn't get us much. If, as Kobach seems to think, most of them are Democratic voters, then for Kansas we have to remember that up to now there has been few Democratic candidates in our elections. This decision just says those 17,500 can, if they are Democrats, choose between two different Democrats on the Democratic ballot for the primary. We likely have few positions with 2 Democrats vying for the spot.

The big decision here comes in September, and it may not include that he has to keep the names on for this November election. Kobach has promised to take higher in the courts. This judge's decision in September may not be to force Koback to count those votes in November. I'd like to believe he will force Kobach to count those votes in November too, but he hasn't given any clue yet of that.

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Opinion: Trump espouses dangerous doctrine

And you might remember, as well, that the deleted emails were like when YOU or I delete emails. I do that all the time. EVERY SINGLE DAY. I get a lot of emails. I wake up in the morning to maybe 50 of them. I just go through and delete most of them, read the rest and then delete them too.

Some of them are personal business and some are junk mail. Hillary had the same right YOU do to delete old emails.

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Opinion: Trump espouses dangerous doctrine

I doubt it was a joke, Armen. It's very common for some people to have no idea how venal an idea is and to propose it, and then when he's faced with it, says, "I was just joking."

It was some heck of a twisted joke if it was a joke.

But he followed it up with this today: Russia is willing to hack our government business for Trump to help him win the election but he wants Trump, if he wins, to lift sanctions on Russia that were put there by the US and our European allies because he invaded a sovereign nation and annexed them into Russia (Crimea). He also wants Trump, if he's elected, to break ties with our allies in the European Union. (a story you can find at

When a reporter asked Trump today if he'd do that, he said he'd consider it.

So in one breath the man says he was just joking about the hacking, but in another breath Trump said that he'd consider giving Russia's neighbors to Putin if he wants them without any interference from the US or its allies -- if Putin would hack the US Government's business.

Does this sound like a man who should be in charge of our government? It doesn't to me. One thing for sure we can know... Hillary wouldn't sell her country out just to get help from Putin on a personal goal of hers.

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Letter to the editor: Jail practices

I wonder if the people who believe in "if you can't take the unfair jailing practices don't do the crime" ever read a book about debtor's prisons in the old world... before civilization (being civil to your fellow man) evolved.

My mother used to say, "Two wrongs don't make a right." I must have heard her say that a million times while raising 5 kids.

Brother: "Mama, Sissy hit me!"

Sissy: "He hit me first, Mama."

And Mama's response? A very wise, "Two wrongs don't make a right, Sissy."

So what's wrong with doing wrongful things if you're doing it to someone who has been charged with a crime?

That person, for one thing, has not been convicted of a crime. That's one of the things that makes America great, Republicans. We don't punish people for crimes for which they have not been convicted.

Democracy isn't perfect, but it's the best we could hope for. People with the power to do so can get around democracy, sometimes. This is one of those times.

Don't you appreciate the democratic principles we built this great country on?

Then why is it okay with you to punish people just because someone thinks they committed a crime? What if they came after you for a crime you didn't commit, and they charged YOU for their time in doing so? And what if someone refused to believe you could be innocent if you were arrested and charged with a crime, so they didn't care if you had to pay them to do that?

America is still great... but many of its people have forgotten how to think and be reasonable.

[A place I recommend for people who live in Lawrence if you enjoy talking about things like this:

Join us there.]

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Kansas denies firing clerk not attending office Bible study

If they paid rent to have church services in this building that belongs to all taxpayers (Muslims, Jews, atheists....) then that rent should have been recorded in the books somewhere as rent money received on the building.

There needs to be an audit of the books to see if the rent was paid and what account it was recorded to.

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US elections head, formerly of Johnson County, used political ties, then curbed voting

I have no doubt Kobach has higher aspirations (or should that be lower aspirations).

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