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Community tries to recruit more primary care providers

Actually the article should have been written to say, "a problem that could be worsened if, as expected, the Affordable Care Act results in many doctors leaving their practice". This is what's taking place.

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Proposed recycling service leaves future of private curbside recycling companies uncertain

This is a bad deal! Where's all the Pro-Choice folks at! Another one-size fits all government program! I have recycled for years and have done so for far less than this program will cost. Plus, as the article indicates there are at least 3,500 customers already paying for a recycling service. For those that recycle, their trash already does NOT go in the trash query. So why do those of us that recycle have to subsidize this program? I’M PRO-CHOICE!! IT’S MY RIGHT TO CHOOSE MY RECYCLING PROGRAM! This right is mine just as my right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is.

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Federal budget cut coming Friday could cost KU millions in research funding

This is not really a cut. This is a reduction in the annual 7.some percent increase that is already built into the budget. No big deal. We need to live within our means. People are better managers of their money than the government.

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Letter: Unchanging God

Amen Ann!

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Animal rights advocates call for end of carbon monoxide in euthanizing animals

"The Humane Society says that a direct lethal injection is the most humane method of euthanasia available." It's a tragedy that our society that strives to enact laws to humanely euthanize animals does not recognize the inhumanity of enacting laws that authorize using a vacuum cleaner and other chemical solution injections on women to kill their living human babies by ripping them to pieces limb from limb, babies that are able to feel pain and whom are unique individual persons! Lord have Mercy on us!

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Letter: Unfair criticism

Very well said Patrick!

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Largest wind farm in Kansas to begin operation soon

Most people don't realize that wind generators are the most expensive means there currently is to produce electricity. So if you wondering why your electric bills, your food cost, and for that matter the cost of most everything else are going up..........

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Letter: Violent culture

Joe, did not mention the most frequent act of violence performed, the killing of our children through abortion. This voilence is killing our families and in reality killing the mom's and dad's who give their children over to this violence. Lord have mercy on us!

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Huelskamp's uncompromising positions well-known in Kansas

So Scott, what's your point? Am I to infer from your comments that you believe our politicians should sit their values (living within our means,,) aside to make a deal or be afraid to speak the obvious truth(energy from wind farms is the most expensive source of energy we have and the most unreliable when we need it, so why promote it)?

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Decades of dishonor

These instances of child abuse are indeed horrific. These instances are increasing in occurrence in our schools, church’s and society in general. When we as a society promote sexuality outside of God's plan, these are the fruits. Sex outside of marriage between one man and one women; Contraceptive use by women and men even within a marriage relationship results in each person in the relationship looking at the other as an object for fulfillment of selfish desires; Sexual actions with oneself, viewing pornography lead to an ever increasing desire for more extreme actions and situations. Our society says this in freedom when in reality this is enslavement. If you can't say "NO" to an action, then your "Yes” means nothing. True love is to make a free give of yourself to another for the good of the other according to God's Will. Making this gift is impossible for you to give on your own. But, with God's grace, all things our possible. I know, because I was once enslaved. God’s grace will give you the power to have dominion over your sexual desire and orient them according to God’s Will. Pray to God for this grace if you are struggling.

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