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City commissioner says some travel expenses by former Mayor Jeremy Farmer have drawn questions; city expected to release details today; Soden talks about pending appointment

I'm gonna go out on a limb here and assume the city is following statute:

KSA 25-2117. Vacancies in certain elective city offices; appointment by governing body. Whenever any vacancy occurs in any elective city office, and no other provision is made by law for filling such vacancy, the vacancy shall be filled by appointment by the governing body of the city, or the remaining member or members of such governing body. A majority of the members of the governing body then in office shall be sufficient for approval of any such appointment.

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Editorial: Voter purge

It seems that everyone is forgetting how this mess got created to begin with. There was supposed to be new software that would seamlessly interact between the DMV and SOS office. That didn't happen...the software still doesn't work correctly. So we shouldn't assume that all the people in "suspense" didn't provide their proof of citizenship...a lot of them probably did at the DMV, but it didn't go anywhere. We need to demand that the software get fixed and the process working properly.

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Kobach opposes specialty meat shop in rural Douglas County; chef says his proposal is being mischaracterized

Everyone who has concerns about this issue should read the packet material for the County Commission meeting Wednesday. You can find it here:

And if your support Brian, try to show up to the meeting.

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Commission adds housing money to city's $207 million budget

Dear City Commissioners: Hastily robbing Peter to pay Paul AFTER the public hearing on the budget has been closed does not inspire confidence or trust. I'm sure I'm not the only one who had concerns about what you were doing and would have appreciated the opportunity to express them in a more constructive manner than yelling at the teevee last night. Process, people. Process.

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City's debt, spending levels raising concern

I'm curious. Did you vote for any of the three new commissioners?

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A potential danger zone for Lawrence's public transit system; restaurant expansion at Sixth and Wakarusa

Thanks, Chad. Now I'll be humming "Danger Zone" from "Top Gun" for the rest of the day.

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Commissioner credits his 'poo' jokes for bringing attention to sewage leaks

"No wonder people all over the state have no respect for Lawrence city government."

I wasn't aware of this. Can you give some examples?

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Talk of new police facility stirs up controversy at study session

They needed a sexy headline, Michelle. Nice summary, BTW.

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