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First bill calls for repealing reporting requirements for asset forfeiture

Um, Laura Kelly is a Democrat. "Sen. Laura Kelly, D-Topeka" That's what the "D" stands for.

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Partisan ‘bubbles’ and polarization: A pre-election conversation with a KU expert in political psychology

How do you know so much about him? You're not even registered to vote in Douglas County, so why does it matter to you? (Well, no Gene or Eugene Douglas is currently registered.)

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City commissioner raises question about how city is defining affordable housing

It's okay to give a tax abatement for a project that the city already has two of? (Restaurant + Brewery) Which were developed without incentives? Or was the abatement granted solely on the affordable housing unit? That part isn't clear to me.

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Challengers draw sizable financial support in area legislative races

Why is Lawrence United PAC (ostensibly formed a few years ago to support "business-friendly" city commission candidates) branching out and providing social and financial support to Meredith Richey? What do they want from Topeka? Was last year's specific targeting of #LFK with two bills not enough?

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Incumbents voted for voting laws they now oppose

No. The program we have now is nothing like what Kobach promised. Had nothing to do with any future campaigns.

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Voter Guide: Kansas Senate District 2 — Marci Francisco

Meredith is most definitely a Republican. She's been the Vice-Chair of the Jefferson County Republican Central Committee and Precinct Chairwoman of Kentucky Township for over two years. She just never advertises that she's a Republican. Instead, she likes to present herself as an "Independent" voice for Senate District 2. I haven't seen the word "Republican" on any of her campaign materials or social media sites. That's not fraud. She just doesn't want to publicly associate herself with the likes of Trump/Brownback/Kobach/Senate Leadership. Especially in this Senate District.

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Richey calls out Francisco over 'pass' votes in Kansas Senate

"In her statement Wednesday, Richey said that means Francisco voted against a resolution condemning the Westboro Baptist Church's picketing of military funerals."

I kind of looked at it as her attempt to keep separation of church and state in tact. I prefer living in a state where its people "largely embrace a true message of love for one’s neighbors, rejoicing with those who rejoice and weeping with those who weep and that Mr. Phelps and his followers do not reflect the true spirit of the people of Kansas." Why does it have to be a "true RELIGIOUS love"? Just askin', Meredith.

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Letter to the editor: Choosing abstinence

Judge not, let ye be judged.

Sorry, too easy.

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Amid unfounded accusations of 'rigged election,' Douglas County clerk says no bias in mailing advance ballot information

Also, Peter, could you please ask for their stats? And what she means by "over-represented?"

"Ammel also said voters in the 2nd Senate District, currently held by Democratic Sen. Marci Francisco, were over-represented in the mailing."

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